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Established in 2011,Shenzhen SOTEN Technology Ltd., company ,is an innovative enterprise specialized in the research, development and production of the military rugged terminal, industrial handheld and mobile IOT device. Company is located in Nanshan District, Shenzhen City Baimang R & D Building, Building A, 10th Floor.

The core members of SOTEN are veteran business elite from communications equipment field. And it has accumulated a wealth of experience in the reinforcement of hardware structure design, such as drop-resistance , shock-proof , waterproof, dustproof, explosion-proof, and adapting in harsh environment and so on. Meanwhile, SOTEN have multiple platform of industrial-grade hardware, it has GSM/WCDMA/TD-SCDMD/HSPA/4G LTE communicating solutions resources, we could provide customers from ID design, mold opening and manufacturing, software and hardware development, production, giving customer support and one-stop solution.

Our SOTEN is always driven by self-developed research and innovative technology. Follow lean manufacturing as foundation, continual power comes from good quality, and good after-sale service as rule, Hi-tech products as core competition. Our manager team is a young and knowledgeable, advocating science and standardization, and also with strong innovation consciousness and sustainable craftsmanship spirit.

After many years' persistent efforts and innovationúČour enterprise has gained in the initial stage of industry, the high-speed development period, the mature period. The R&D technology of our products become mature, we had successfully developed rugged table, reinforced handheld terminal, handheld terminal with ID card, vehicle mounted terminal, high-precision measuring terminals and other 20 kinds of products. Our products had passed 3C, FCC, CE, ROHS, MA,ATEX explosion-proof certifications etc., which contain domestic and international ones, and also with more than 50 intellectual property patents. Besides, product sales and service in nearly 100 countries and regionsúČhave established nearly 200 strategic partners. Our projects from all the customer and partner, covering network communications, industrial control, energy, medical, precision instruments, aerospace, automotive electronics, consumer electronics, financial, power monitoring and control, digital education, security surveillance, government, business, military, service and other fields. Forming a global market distribution and widely recognized social, has a high brand recognition and industry reputation.

Our SOTEN inherit the idea of í░Have faith forward, honest to the long-termí▒, and is determinate to be a professional, industrial-grade worldwide, and military rugged IOT device one-stop provider. We aim to improve the R & D strength, focus on user experience, create the brand by high quality, efficient service and innovative technology, in order to provide customers with professional integrated customized service solutions and do little contribution to the society.

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  • Address: Nanshan District, Shenzhen City, 100 W & D Building, Building A, 10th Floor, Block A
  • Cellphone: 18948790930
  • landline: 0755-61885156
  • fax: 0755-61885156
  • Email: sales@soten.com.cn
  • Technical support: fae@soten.com.cn

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