SOTEN Industrial tablet pc has drew people’s attention on Shenzhen internet innovation exchange meet

The Shenzhen Internet Innovation Exchange Meeting is held on today (December 24, 2015) at Shenzhen Software Park Longhua Sub-Park (Longhua New District, Qingxiang Road, No. 1 Pohang Science and Technology Park Sunshine Hall),Soten,as the leading manufacut

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        On the exhibition, our staff were enthusiastic to explain what’s rugged tablet pc and the industrial use , performance and configuration and so on.

        硕腾工业三防平板电脑        硕腾工作人员向客户介绍产品

       In the past five years,Soten has gain lots of reputation from the product in high quality  and competitive price,we will carry with the “have a faith forward,honest to the long-term”all the time,with the hope to do business with people from all around the world.

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