Teng industry to recognize three tablets customized programs

Three tablets can be used in all kinds of bad environment and special environment which is three tablets.

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Industry is three tablet is used in all kinds of special environment and bad environment of three tablets.Design features: novel appearance, the whole machine 360 degrees fall prevention safety protection design, grip comfort, can meet the demand of human use, with IP67 level protection.


Design features

Meet the American Standard MIL-810G standard

Waterproof, dust levels to meet IP67 standards

Earthquake resistance, shock resistance, wide temperature

Wireless LAN, Bluetooth, GPS, WWAN (3G optional)

About 2.5 hours 90% rapid charge corresponding

Built in digital compass, accelerator, ambient light sensor

10.1WUXGA type liquid crystal screen (800cd/m2) with anti reflection and high brightness

Easy to operate, multi touch + digital conversion pen

Design concept

To customer demand as the center, market research as the foundation, the whole process to provide customers with services.

To communicate as a bridge, to understand customer needs.

To market feedback as the guide, the heart of communication as a bridge, to understand customer needs.

Pragmatic attitude, rigorous research, innovative ideas, to create a quality of the times.

Design team

Teng has an average working experience of more than five years of ID designers and structural engineers, with the domestic advanced design strength. The company has hired a number of foreign design engineers, to provide customers with professional product strategy and research, industrial design, structural design, brand design, marketing and production supply chain management services.

Shuo Tang Industrial design is a team full of passion and vitality, we know that creativity comes from life, designed for a service life of truth, so we attach great importance to the employees of normal life and work, high limit for employees to provide learning and innovative training and working conditions, let the designer in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for the customer provides the creative design better.

Core competitiveness

Shenzhen Shuo Teng Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2011, is mainly engaged in industrial anti-corrosion tablet computers and industrial handheld data acquisition terminal equipment design, R & D and manufacturing job, in strengthening the structure design, anti drop shock proof, waterproof, dustproof and explosion-proof has a rich experience accumulation, have multiple industrial hardware platform at the same time, rich GSM/WCDMA/TD-SCDMD/HSPA/4G LTE communication scheme resources can be for customers to provide from design, mold development and manufacturing, software and hardware development, product production, terminal customers backstage support such as a station type solutions.

We advocate innovation oriented, design for the king, the service is the first, adhere to the "design to change life". We in the continuous improvement of design ability, at the same time, pay attention to communication with the enterprise into each other and sustained cooperation. From the point of view of the market to carry out product design, to explore the domestic and foreign industry development trend and the prospect of the design, determined to create for clients can quickly win the market and products to meet the needs of the user.


 What we do
1.Development of Product Design Strategy
BIFOXS has accumulated rich work experience during cooperation with very famous domestic & oversea enterprises. We believe it"s too far away to fulfill only part appearance, function or cost, and request our designer to bear in mind with innovative ideas and make design strategy on base of whole industry chain from the beginning of product design.
Identify customers’ requirement(unscramble customer"s brand and marketing strategy )
Analyze the competitiveness of client‘s product(market research/competing goods analysis/product development trend analysis)
Make design strategy(product positioning/product planning.)
2.Product innovation design
BIFOXS designer faith is client-centered. With years practice, we summarize our own design pattern which can ensure part reliability, decrease the risk of product manufacture and satisfy customer"s demand.
Plan sketch design(client-centered design scheme, organize multidisciplinary personnel to take part in the ";brain storm"; meeting in order to collect as much as possible of innovative proposals)
Industrial design(including external modeling,color design,and visual psrts materrial and surface treatment choice,prototype making etc,to plan in advance,let users sketch visual experience design products )
The product structure design(including the Manual -machine engineering analysis, material analysis and application, mould process analysis, simulation analysis, prototype validation, etc.)
Product development engineers may not be professional in mold making technology and sometime, too ideal to realize the realistic technical process on tool. BIFOXS designers have rich experience in mold making and can participate in part design from the beginning and provide technical suggestion in mold making to avoid part defect, shorten design period and decrease the R&D cost.
The defects on special structure of plastic parts, we can use MOLDFLOW to analyze potential defects, such as short shot, deformation, air trapping, visual welding line. Regarding to self-defect product, Modification on structure must be considerated during design phase to reduce modifications afterward and decrease cost in part development.

3.Product manufacturing
In order to ensure design program accurately convert commercialized commodity, we can follow up and provide manufacturing services as below:
● Professional mold design and manufacturing
● Plastic Injection
● metal plate stamping and CNC processing
● Spraying shading
● Product assembly
● testing

4.Market promotion design
BIFOXS also can provide design services in package, posters, user manual brochures, sales brochures or exhibiting frame to assist customer in their marketing promotion.

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