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NFC is a Near Field Communication, also called near-field Communication, is a kind of short of high frequency wireless Communication technology.

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The acronym of NFC is Near Field CommunicationúČAlso known as the short distance wireless communication,it is a short distance high frequency wireless communication technology, between electronic equipment allows for non-contact point to point data transmission (in 10cm) and to exchange data, mainly use in mobile phones and other handheld devices. Because the near field communication has the natural security, therefore, the NFC technology is believed to have the very big application prospect in the field of mobile payment and so on.

Technical advantages of NFC
As with RFID, NFC information is through the electromagnetic induction coupling radio frequency spectrum in the part of the transfer, but there is a big difference between the two: first of all, NFC is a wireless communication connection technology provides an easy, safe and quick, the transmission range is smaller than RFID, the transmission range of RFID can reach a few meters, even tens of meters, because the NFC adopts a unique signal attenuation technology, compared to RFID, NFC with short distance, high bandwidth, low energy consumption; Secondly, with the existing NFC contactless smart card technology has become the official standard compatible support for more and more major manufacturers; Third, NFC is a short distance the connection agreement, provide a variety of equipment easy, safe, fast and automatic communication. And the wireless world other connection compared, NFC is a close intimate communication mode.Finally, the RFID more is applied in production, logistics and tracking, asset management.The NFC in the field of access control, bus, mobile payment plays a huge role. At the same time, NFC is better than infrared and Bluetooth transmission mode. As a consumer oriented trading mechanism, NFC is faster, more reliable and much simpler than infrared, which is not required to be strictly aligned to transmit data. Compared with Bluetooth, NFC for close range transactions, suitable for exchange of financial information or sensitive personal information and other important data.
NFC in the tablet PC industry development prospects
Some analysts said, NFC will be the future of a new e-commerce model, it can be directly for consumers to deliver effective business information, and the rapid formation of consumer behavior, advertising resources. It is said that in the past year, the 29 billion 300 million dollars revenue of Google Corporation, 96% are from various forms of advertising. In the face of such a huge advertising market, apple, Amazon, Alibaba, who do not want to share a share in the future mobile phone, tablet PC in the NFC module or become as popular as WiFi standard configuration.
Shenzhen SOTEN technology is the world's first R & D NFC rugged tablet of professional manufacturers, specializes in providing industry plate customized services according to the different needs of all walks of life. Early in 2009 will enter the tablet market, is one of the earliest a batch of mid tablet computer R & D design company,SOTEN has a skilled and experienced professional R & D team attention in the research and development of personalized networking solutions, and is committed to promote commercial wireless mobile internet terminal industry development.

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