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Scientific reasonable collocation can satisfy the livestock and poultry feed normal nutritional needs in all stages of growth, development and production, it is each owners hope to achieve.However, actual real life there are very few farmers can do a litt

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Customer challenges and needs
Rational and scientific combination of feed to meet the various growth and development of livestock and poultry and the normal nutritional needs of the production stage, which is the goal of every field of the main hope. However, actual real life few farmers can do a little, for experienced farmers fortunately, may with rich feeding experience can match reasonable feed, but for just * * *, new farmers who lack of experience is indeed not a small challenge!
What can be done to achieve the optimization of farm feed mix, the maximization of the healthy growth of livestock and poultry, to help farmers achieve digital farm management?
Outline of the project
Integration of feed additive international suppliers AB Vista's sister company Aunir in order to make their near infrared analyzer (NIR) has a strong anti-corrosion industrial data processing terminal, they will be eyeing the Shuo Tang, Shenzhen City Science and technology. Infrared spectroscopy (NIR) scheme, sontek proofing industrial panel data acquisition terminal T70, and they NIR4 a portable near infrared reflectance (NIR) equipment collocation is used, can realize real-time analysis of grass silage. The technology and their scanning devices, the use is spectral device, automatic measurement of feed is the main component, through the sontek data acquisition terminal of OTG connection, USB data transmission in real time, will be collected to feed ingredient data transmission to terminal T70 Tablet PC for storage, and then use the customer aunir calibration app and ultimately provide real-time real-time and scientific data analysis results.



The perfect combination of the two will undoubtedly give the farmer a wise decision, whenever and wherever, as long as you want to. A portable handheld device can analyze feed without having to rely on someone else, which is completely controlled by you.
By simply scanning the feed, NIR4 will immediately display the results, allowing customers to adjust their distribution according to need. Not only that, WiFi after the T70 connection results will automatically upload the site, which means that customers can identify patterns and trends over time, using the results to maximize feeding.
Innovative technology and real-time results delivery, which means that customers can change today for tomorrow's feed to improve feeding accuracy. Through regular monitoring of the feed can be adjusted accordingly to ensure that the customer is given the right nutrition, maximize the opportunity to improve performance.
The sontek three T70 tablet computer application technology:



                                   Analysis                →          Optimized                          →           Maximizing

Because aunir is equipped with a T70 processing terminal, in the analysis of the customer's feed, can improve the optimization of rational and production. This unique technology gives customers more power to control feed, which means that customers can feed their livestock based on real-time analysis of the most effective quantitative.
Shuo Tang Industrial tablet computer perfect help aunir customers for the found solutions, help the EU digital farm management, to allow customers to quickly in industrial panel found their devices, systems, and our industrial plate coexistence of road.


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