Rugged Tablet PC for Logistics and Warehouse

Teng industry to recognize three tablet boost domestic logistic industry

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       Modern logistics, warehousing, distribution cannot live without the information technology, especially for radio frequency identification (RFID) ,which as the representative one that has influenced this industrial so deeply.

The demand for warehousing has increased due to the development of China electronics, include cargo handling capacity, average inventory, turnover frequency etc,.,all of them owes to the achievement of warehousing technology.

The key factor is automation and information technology, like automatic shelves, identification and sorting systems,bar code scanner, RFID, GPS and other technologies,which have been known and practiced by more and more enterprises.

Beside, warehousing technology depends on the development of rugged tablet pc,which combined with radio frequency identification to reduce the workload while working.

You can image that it’s possible to integrate more Rf communication,1D/2D bar code ,scanning,,data collection into rugged tablet,so that the warehouse technology will be more prosperous in the future.

 Shenzhen Soten Technology has been focusing on warehousing and logistics solution for many years.the rugged tablet adopts RFID, bar code scanning, Beidou / GPS positioning, NFC and other data collection technology. It also comes with an active capacitance pen, which is easier to operate and draw while working, the storage, management, integrated operation can be in one-stop to achieve "efficient warehousing management" and "arrive on time” and other intelligent technology.




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