How to maintain long life of Industry rugged tablets?

Collected some industry today is three tablets and maintenance tips, the hope can help you!Industry is three tablets, how to maintain the tablet computer maintenance and maintenance of common sense

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      Collected some maintenance tips for rugged tablets today, hope it can help you!
how to maintain the tablet computer maintenance and maintenance of common sense.

     1. Ensure the battery and charger to achieve the longest service life
     ★Battery charging shall not exceed 10 hours in a row, overcharge may reduce battery life.
     ★The battery will gradually discharge capacity when you have not in use for a long term.
     ★Need to disconnect the power when charger sit idle.
     ★The battery can only be used for designated purposes.

     2. Use of equipment between at 30 ℃ and 55 ℃ temperature range 
     ★If the tablet is placed within the airtight vehicles, because the internal temperature of the vehicle can be as high as 80 ℃, so the devices may be an explosion.
     ★Do not use the equipment exposed to direct sunlight for a long time, such as on the automobile instrument.
     ★The battery should be store in 40 ℃ to 80 ℃ temperature range of environments.

     3.Touch screen reaction is slow or not correct
     ★Click on the device screen. Please ensure that the finger is dry and clean.
     ★Restarting equipment to remove any temporary software errors.
     ★Ensures that the device software has been upgraded to the latest version.
     ★If the touch screen is scratched or damaged, please send it back to change screen.

     4.Do not store equipment with metal items such as coins, keys and necklaces
     ★This equipment may be deformed or malfunction,if you store equipment with metal items.
     ★If the battery contact with metal objects, it may cause a fire.

     5. When using the device:
     ★By direct speak into the microphone.
     ★The position of built-in antenna,please do not touch,touch the antenna position will reduce the call quality or cause the device to transmit more than the  required radio frequency.



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