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The rapid development of information technology, and promote the informationization of logistics, NFC is three industrial tablets, the RFID intelligence in warehousing logistics warehousing logistics management increasingly prominent.

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The rapid development of information technology, and promote the informationization of logistics, NFC rugged tablet and the RFID intelligence in warehousing logistics management increasingly prominent.With RFID technology is widely used, industrial tablet are get rid of the traditional logistics and supply chain management mode.Traditional logistics mainly depends on artificial management, the disadvantage is that transparency is poor, management of the entire warehouse storage condition is not very understanding, the lack of real-time tracking management.

Using advanced RFID data collection practices, can achieve all the key work in the warehouse management system: inbound, outbound, inventory, collect data quickly and accurately, ensure the timely and accurately grasp the inventory of the enterprise real data, provide effective basis for business decisions. RFID intelligent warehouse logistics management system can shorten work time in warehousing logistics, reduce the error rate.So RFID with industrial tablet can improve the efficiency of the warehouse work,and NFC barcode can make work more rapid, efficient and accurate. To improve the logistics and supply chain management, so as to achieve effective optimization of resources, improve the enterprise's core competitiveness.

SOTEN independent R&D HugeRock T80 7.85 "inch android tablet using the MTK Quad-core ARM CortexA7 processor. The tablet is equipped with NFC module and very portable mobile terminal equipment, it has a very powerful data processing, information management and electronic commerce functions, combine the RFID technology and industrial tablet applications, not only keep the function of rich application of tablets, but also to be able to more efficient use of RFID technology applications. To make full use of the tablet’s cabinet/ convenient/easy operation/ wide screen display features, also can provide rich resources of application software and hardware interface at the same time. Based on the industrial tablet RFID acquisition device can convenient operation personnel, greatly improve the efficiency of field work, to provide users with convenient and efficient business mobile processing pattern,it is the development direction of modern data acquisition, electronic management.

Shenzhen SOTEN Technology co., LTD. is a rugged terminal solution provider, over the years the company carrying out the“Have faith forward, honest to the long-term”service concept, try the best to meet customer demand. Also SOTEN is a first professional manufacturers to R&D NFC rugged tablets, specifically for different demand from all walks of life to provide industry tablet custom services.As early as 2009 to enter the tablet market, is the earliest one of a number of R&D design MID tablet company, has a skilled and experienced professional R&D team to focus on the research and development of personalized Internet solutions, and is committed to promoting the development of commercial wireless mobile Internet terminal industry.


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