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Throughout the display terminal market, only the touch screen type industrial tablet computer terminal is suitable for driving the train right brain.In the drive train, the security and reliability of the control system for computer is extremely stringent

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With the rapid development of economy, the rapid expansion of urban comprehensive scale, the acceleration of the process of urbanization in China, the role of rail transport has become increasingly prominent. However, as the core part of the train control system, the performance of the display terminal is as good as the human brain, which directly determines the operation of the train.

Throughout the display terminal market, only touch screen type industrial Tablet PC terminal is the right brain to travel.

The safety and reliability of the special computer for the control system are extremely strict in the running train, but only a few manufacturers can do it at present.

Different from the general commercial computer, industrial Tablet PC series products according to the characteristics of the environment, with strong, shock, moisture, dust, high temperature, multi slot and easy to expand and so on. Is a variety of industrial control, traffic control, environmental control and automation in the field of the best platform for a variety of applications.

Industrial tablet for industry use, often used operation in the special environment, or a long time uninterrupted boot, such as production line automation equipment, telecommunications room switch data, monitoring equipment, enterprise network security server, navigation systems, etc., can do long time continuous and stable operation and not interrupt crash, so the performance is extremely stable to meet the rail transit train running safety and stability requirements.

Industrial tablet touch tablet type customized products for application in track transportation system, rail transit system operator or administrator to provide comprehensive control data, such as velocity, temperature, doors, windows and other monitoring information. Industrial Tablet PC has been applied to many track lines in China, it is proved that it can be fully compatible with the system, excellent performance, cost-effective.

In rail transit system, vibration and impact are inevitable, therefore, excellent shock resistance and impact resistance are essential to the track system. With waterproof performance and more sturdy and reliable connector for rail vehicles dedicated computer is very important. It can effective against vibration and shock, to ensure the safe and reliable operation of the system. Therefore, M12 or M16 connection interface is essential for vehicle applications.

Rail vehicles are often running in a variable temperature environment, which means that all applications must support a wide operating temperature. At the same time, the voltage is also facing the vehicle to start or stop when facing the sudden shock of the voltage challenge, therefore, all devices must support a wide power input. No fan design for application in harsh environment of the industrial computer is also necessary, it can effectively reduce the dust to avoid the system failure caused by.

Industrial tablet computer to meet the demanding needs of application of rail vehicles, the fanless design, good anti vibration, anti impact ability, guarantee in the narrow space still maintain a safe, secure, efficient operation, can satisfy the application of rail vehicles all the stringent requirements. Industrial Tablet PC more cost-effective, so that more customers benefit from.

In the future with the industrial Tablet PC performance continues to improve, industrial Tablet PC application in rail transport will be more significant, always help train running safety, for people to travel increased by a guarantee.


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