The Internet of things: three tablet power urban underground pipeline intelligent management

So, one can waterproof, prevent fall off, shock, anti-corrosion of industrial is three tablets naturally become important for urban underground pipeline data acquisition terminal, three tablets can help achieve tube well fast data acquisition, the daily m

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With the acceleration of the process of modern urban construction, the scientific and intelligent urban pipeline system is an important guarantee for the public life. In order to maintain the normal operation of the urban pipeline system, need to relevant departments regular supervision of urban pipeline, whereby found pipeline damaged by corrosion, intrusion of groundwater, waste water discharge, plant roots and broken tiles debris invasion, and try to solve. However, due to the underground environment of the wet and bad, normal computer in the ground is not working properly.

So, a waterproof, anti fall, shockproof, anti corrosion of industrial anti-corrosion tablet naturally become the acquisition of urban underground pipeline data important acquisition terminal, three proofings tablet can help achieve the rapid acquisition of tube well data, daily management of the maintenance and inspection of the automatic examination management, in all kinds of tube wells installed sensing covers information collection controller, water level, temperature and personnel intrusion information. Through the real-time communication GPRS and management center, in GIS interface to realize real-time monitoring, rapid alarm and remote control alarm switch function, to achieve the purpose of remote real-time monitoring and management.

Traditional underground pipeline detection and maintenance method is difficult to adapt to using more advanced devices is necessary for management of water resources, drainage, electricity and natural gas pipeline, in addition to the use of traditional services, also need to combine the application of geographic information system. Drainage system maintenance, including a series of complex tasks, the need for high-quality personnel and precision technology. If these conditions are lacking, the drainage pipeline leakage may lead to pollution of groundwater and soil, and result in harm to the human body and the natural environment. On the other hand, if there are defects in the pipeline to transport water, pollution sources are more likely to penetrate into the water supply system. Therefore, the sewage must first be treated in the wastewater treatment plant.

In order to maintain the normal operation must be continually cleaning and maintenance of the drainage system, and regular supervision and pipeline condition, whereby found pipeline damaged by corrosion, intrusion of groundwater, waste water discharge, plant roots and broken tiles debris invasion, and try to solve. Today, for the management, maintenance and quality control of the infrastructure, such as the large urban drainage network system is so complex, it is impossible to rely on scientific and technological equipment.

Water resources system cleaning and discharging operation in addition to pay attention to high quality, also more and more pay attention to high efficiency, and sturdy durable handheld three proofings tablets just to meet this demand.

1, outdoor work environment is changeable, need to resist the rain, dust and other attacks;

2, there may be an unexpected drop in the job, the equipment needs to fall resistant to fall;

3, a wide range of pipeline inlet, the device can be convenient to carry;

4, the keyboard night vision function to support the underground operation;

5, long life.

Modernization of the underground pipeline detection system by three proofings tablets and maintenance robot through a cable connected, a full set of equipment can be with the inspection car in each entrance mobile work. Maintenance instrument to collect the signal and transmit the image to the conformal flat computer real-time analysis and processing, also three proofing tablet can also be connected via WiFi or 3G terminal services, the underground pipeline returned terminal processing and preservation. Three proofing tablet as a data processing and display terminal, real-time display, processing data of underground pipeline, can also be connected to the printer through the analysis data is printed.

Underground pipeline maintenance system with configuration for inspection and repair one or multiple anti-corrosion Industrial Panel PC match multiple robots for the maintenance of equipment for underground data acquisition. Sontek three tablet computer solid, also can withstand test even in the most severe climate. Compared to other competitors, in terms of robustness, performance, display all aspects of quality and better battery life. With ambient light intensity adjustment screen and keyboard lighting function, and designed for real-time data exchange design strong networking ability, let the device has become the ideal choice for underground pipeline operations.

Believe in the near future, under the drive of industrial 4.0, to network for core technology of three proofing tablet mobile data acquisition terminal will become the lifeline of the city pipeline workers protection of urban underground pipeline is an important tool.


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