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Since China's reform and opening up, Chinese manufacturing industry achieved great development, a large number of manufacturing enterprises grow, began to participate in international competition.But for a long time, our country mainly labor-intensive ma

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Under the background of China's economy into the new normal, China manufacturing began to strive to upgrade, there are more and more Chinese manufacturing enterprises, the vision aimed at the global market. With the advance of "2025 Chinese manufacturing strategy The Belt and Road" strategy, and implementation of the Chinese manufacturing brand ushered in the best time to go ".

Pay close attention to enhance the "made in China" gold

Since the reform and opening up, China's manufacturing industry has achieved rapid development, a large number of manufacturing enterprises have gradually grown up, and began to participate in international competition. But for a long time, the development model of China's manufacturing industry is mainly concentrated in the labor intensive, in the low end of the industrial chain. This has caused our country to become a truly "world factory", but there is very little in the world famous brand of manufacturing industry. In contrast, Europe and the United States, famous manufacturing enterprise brand is a household name in the world, even Japan and South Korea, Sony, Samsung, etc. in the international market resounding name.

The difference of this kind of brand influence, not only affected the cognition degree of the global users to the Chinese manufacturing, but also directly affected the interests of the domestic manufacturing enterprises. Apple iPhone profit sharing ratio is the best example: production and sales of the iPhone, the United States, Japan, South Korea respectively by means of design and technology obtained 49.4%, 34% and 13% of the profits into and is responsible for the manufacturing enterprises in China rely on production can only receive less than 4% of their profits into.

To enhance the value of China's manufacturing brands, which is simply to enhance the gold content of China's manufacturing. In fact, this has in all walks of life become the consensus, from this year, China's manufacturing 2025 strategy proposed to officially released, it serves to show the various determination to improve Chinese manufacturing gold.

The State Council issued the "China made 2025" this year. This is the first ten years of the implementation of the strategy of manufacturing power strategy in china. The Chinese manufacturing 2025 "put forward by" three steps to walk "the strategic target of powerful nation of manufacturing, also proposed to vigorously promote key breakthroughs in the field of development, the focus of the new generation of information technology industry, high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment and high technology ship, rail transportation equipment, energy saving and new energy automobile, electrical equipment, agricultural machinery and equipment, new materials, bio pharmaceutical and high performance medical devices ten key areas.

Industrial strategic escort manufacturing upgrade

In the interpretation of "made in China 2025" strategy, Miao Wei, Minister of industry and information technology said, which means by 2025, China's manufacturing industry level close to Germany and Japan to realize industrialization of manufacturing power level, the basic realization of industrial, to enter the world manufacturing industry powerful nation of the second phalanx. Miao Wei said that countries around the world in response to the international financial crisis, through positive and negative experiences and lessons deeply aware of, any time can not give up support to the real economy.

From an international perspective, all the countries in the world have proposed to boost manufacturing industry development strategy and planning; from a domestic perspective, as China's economy has entered a new norm, the manufacturing industry of our country from the previous long-term in the low end of the value chain development gradually to the high-end development forward. And to promote the 2025 strategy made in China, is in order to solve the problem of "how to lead and promote the new round development", "what" is the path of development, "in what areas to accelerate the development of China from the business make industry big country to manufacturing power transformation" and other specific issues to promote.

In fact, by the Ministry of industry and other ministries jointly launched the China manufacturing 2025 key areas of technology roadmap, has become bigger and stronger manufacturing enterprises, to enhance the competitiveness of manufacturing enterprises brand made a plan. For example, in a new generation of information technology industry and high-end CNC machine tools, robotics, roadmap pointed out that strive to in 2025 cultivate domestic enterprises with international competitiveness, and in the international market ranks.

"The Belt and Road" will become an important driving force

If the 2025 China manufacturing strategy is an important measure to promote the Chinese manufacturing brand to enhance the gold, then the "The Belt and Road is an important driving force China manufacturing brand" go out ".

High iron to become China manufacturing "going out" of the most dazzling star. Shortly after Prime Minister Li Keqiang and central and East European leaders of the 16 countries ascend from Suzhou bound for Shanghai high iron train; he was in November 23, with Malaysia Lee Naguib held talks, force to push the Chinese Railway "go out". Li Keqiang said that the Chinese technology and cost advantage with the Malaysian side infrastructure requirements, and actively explore the development of Malaysia - Singapore high-speed rail construction, Malaysia South Railway Construction projects. And after the dust settles in Thailand, India, Laos railway project, but also to the outside world to see to high-speed rail as the representative of China manufacturing competitiveness. In addition to high-speed rail, the smart phone as the representative of consumer electronics manufacturing companies are also eye-catching performance. Currently, HUAWEI, millet, Lenovo, one plus other domestic mobile phone manufacturers have gradually entered the international market, and in India, Brazil, and Southeast Asian market has made good sales. Millet, for example, 2014 to enter the Indian market after its sales in the Indian market, rising rapidly, to the second quarter of 2015, millet mobile phone sales have been compared to the same period in 2014 tripled, occupy the market share of about 4% of the smartphone market in India.

Lenovo in the international market performance is also impressive. Lenovo's latest earnings report showed that the second quarter of 2015, lenovo mobile phone sales in emerging markets rapid growth. Lenovo mobile phone market in China, the total sales rose 295%, sold 24 million 700 thousand. At the same time, Lenovo Tablet PC business is also a table

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