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With the progress of science and technology, industrial tablet touch screen technology is also experienced from low-grade to high-grade escalated and the development process.According to the system, can be divided into the android is three tablets and Win

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With the progress of science and technology, industrial Tablet PC touch screen technology has experienced from low-grade to high-grade gradually upgrade and development process. According to the system, the system can be divided into three Android tablet and windows three plate system. According to its working principle, it is generally divided into four categories: resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen and surface acoustic wave touch screen.

Performance comparison of touch screen

1, resistance type touch screen

The resistance type touch screen works in a completely isolated environment with the outside world. It is not afraid of dust, moisture and oil pollution. It can touch with any object, and is suitable for industrial control field. Due to the shortcomings of the outer layer of thin film composite plastic, too hard or the use of sharp touch touch screen mayscratch.

2, capacitive touch screen

Capacitive touch screen resolution is very high, light transmission rate is also good, can be very good to meet the requirements of all aspects of the common in public places is the touch screen. However, capacitive touch screen using in the human body as the electrode of a capacitor. When a conductor near the capacitance and with laminated ITO surface coupling between a large enough flow go current will cause the capacitive touch screen of misoperation; in addition, wearing gloves or hand-held insulating objects when there is no response to touch. This is because the increase of the dielectric.

3, infrared touch screen

The infrared touch screen is determined by the way of the infrared ray to determine the touch position, which has nothing to do with the material of the transparent baffle plate which is selected by the touch screen. Therefore, the selection of light transmission performance of the baffle, and to be anti reflective treatment, can be a good visual effect. However, it is limited by the volume of the infrared emission tube, it is impossible to transmit high density infrared, so the touch screen resolution is not high. In addition, due to the infrared touch screen to rely on infrared sensor to work, the external light changes, such as sunlight or indoor lights will affect its accuracy.

4, surface acoustic wave touch screen

Surface acoustic wave technology is very stable, and the surface acoustic wave touch screen controller by measuring the time axis in the position to calculate the position of the touch, so its accuracy is very high. Surface acoustic wave touch screen also has a third axis (Z axis), that is, the pressure axis - through the calculation of the attenuation of the received signal attenuation of the user can get the power of touch screen size, can be divided into 256. The greater the power, the attenuation notch on the received signal waveform is wider and deeper, in all the touch screen, only the surface acoustic wave touch screen has the function of sensing the touch pressure.

So how do we buy the industrial touch screen we need? Can be from the following aspects to refer to:

First, the need to consider the budget

The domestic market touch screen brand many, more high, medium and low gear, many of them high quality international brands, also there is no lack of affordable domestic brands. If the budget is enough, and major brands can choose international brands.

If you are very concerned about the price, the touch screen is used only when the monitor is used, do not often do control input. Then you can choose some of the cheaper domestic brands. If there is no extremely abundant budget, but also often use the touch screen input control, then you can consider the middle of a strong performance of Taiwan brands.

Two, a clear understanding of the needs

Touch screen general international brands, prices relatively accessible part of the product scope is narrow, generally only for their own brand products, and even their own brand series of products, unable to adapt to market other brands of equipment, so try to choose strong adaptability of the equipment.

Three, see performance and certification

To see whether there is domestic and international certification, it is recommended to try or find a special person or equipment to detect the performance of.

Four, more transparency

Transparent, it directly affects the touch screen visual effects usually said transparency is only the average transparency is, of course, the higher the better.

Five, more reflective performance

Mainly refers to the image overlap caused by specular reflection behind the light, such as figure, windows, lights etc.. Reflection is a touch screen brings negative effect, the smaller the better, which affect the user's browsing speed, the touch screen is an absolute coordinate system, to choose which directly to the point that, and mouse that the essential differences between the system of relative position is a place of intuitive.

Six, look at the absolute coordinates

Touch touch without each of its characteristics is a positioning coordinates and a positioning coordinate relations, touch screen in the physical is a set of independent coordinates positioning system, each data through the calibration data for the screen coordinates, this requires the touch screen this set of coordinates in which no matter in what situation, the same output data is stable, if not stable, so the touch screen can not guarantee the absolute coordinate location, no, this is the touch screen are most afraid of asking questions, the detection and localization, a variety of touch screen technology is to rely on their own sensors to work, and even some touch screen itself is a set of sensors. The respective positioning principle and the sensors used in the respective sensors determine the speed, reliability, stability and life of the touch screen.

Only with their own needs and the characteristics of the industrial touch screen combined with each other and control, in order to choose their own products with satisfactory industrial touch screen products.

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