Military reinforcement tablets four development trend in the future

Military reinforcement tablets tablets usually refers to the industry, the industrial computer.Unlike commercial computer, military reinforcement tablets have to adapt to bad, the brutal war environment characteristics.

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Military tablet computers, which are commonly referred to as the industrial tablet, are used in the industry. And the difference is that the commercial computer, the military to strengthen the tablet PC needs to adapt to the harsh, harsh environment characteristics of war.

Military reinforced Tablet PC, like commercial computer, is also developed from the bulky computer, then called the reinforcement of the computer. But with the development of science and technology, reinforced computer gradually evolved into military reinforcement tablet computer, from a finite set of adaptation to the environment to adapt to the extreme environment, military reinforcement tablet computer also known as industrial tablet "fighter".

In recent years, under the impetus of the market demand, flat-panel manufacturers more and more fought of Millitary ruggedized tablet of R & D and design, strengthening military Tablet PC development momentum more and more fire, technical innovation is becoming more and more quickly, showing a four major trends.

First, the development of customized

In order to solve the problem of long period, high risk, high price and difficult to upgrade, the special system is developed. The United States military first advocated the use of commercial off the shelf technology and products to speed up the military to strengthen the tablet PC technology updates, shorten the cycle, reduce costs. But commercial off the shelf product changes quickly, and the long life of military equipment demand does not adapt. So as to take full advantage of the military demand, the use of advanced commercial tablet technology, customized development of the way to strengthen the military tablet computer system.

Two, to light and micro development

Military strengthening of the tablet PC in the arms and equipment which can occupy space is very limited. This requires the designer to reduce the volume of the military to strengthen the tablet PC, reduce its weight, and must constantly improve its performance to meet the growing needs. Modular design based on low cost, commercial off the shelf technology, interoperability and reuse of hardware and software modules, can greatly reduce costs, improve product performance. In addition, in a single chip achieve full electronic system integration, this system level chip has signal acquisition, conversion, storage, processing and input / output function, then implanted to adapt software, it can greatly reduce the cost, reduce the volume of products, improve product reliability, therefore it has been called "the future of millitary ruggedized Tablet PC based. Therefore, high reliability / high density of assembly design and assembly technology, field programmable gate array (FPGA) and chip system (SOC) design technology needs to be developed.

Three, the direction of the development of the network

Future war will be a network of war, any weapon, operational personnel are likely to be the network node, so the military to strengthen the tablet PC in the future battlefield is everywhere. Whether in outer space, or heaven and earth integration of networking, and ultimately the realization of the military through the information technology to strengthen the tablet PC networking. Mobile military reinforcement tablet computer network after will play combat multiplier, in battlefield reconnaissance, environmental monitoring, positioning of the personnel and equipment, personnel health monitoring, battlefield personnel access to information and force protection comprehensive ability will than the independent running of embedded computer systems are improved.

Four, to the functional integration of the direction of development

With the development of technology, digital information of weapon equipment is more and more high, military reinforcement tablet computer in weapon system is no longer an independent system, but other processing equipment and its application in the field of collaborative work, permeate each other, formed relatively close coupling and control relationship, such as with the sensor information fusion can significantly improve the sensing capability of the combat situation; in the field of military tactical communications, electronic warfare and radar, data processing and signal processing only through integrated processing system to achieve the coupling relationship more closely to achieve the system needs the ability to deal with real-time. Such as the four generation fighter integrated processing system, the joint tactical radio system (JTRS), the end of the data link is a combination of computer and communication technology products. To this end, the integration of flat plate and communication technology will continue to develop.

Military reinforcement tablet development trend: the future trend of miniaturization, lightweight, emerging applications blue ocean increasingly broad, and ultimately gradually transition to the field of industrial applications, toward the industrial 4.

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