Five industrial touch screen symptom diagnosis

Touch screen is often use electronic products, hard to avoid can appear problem, believes that many people in the use of touch screen, all cannot use the touch screen for a failure.So how do touch these common fault maintenance?

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Touch screen is a regular use of electronic products, it is inevitable that there will be problems, I believe that many people in the use of touch screen, have encountered a touch screen due to the failure of the situation and can not be used. Then touch screen these common failures of the how to repair it?

Touch screen repair need equipped with advanced detection equipment, equipped with adequate spare parts, including a large number of brands touch lens, LCD screen, circuit boards and other spare parts library, being a variety of technical information, for the user to provide fast, high-quality touch screen maintenance skills and maintenance services.

Touch screen is a kind of integrated display and touch control device, is widely applied to daily, industrial, service industry, military, circulation, municipal, mobile phones and other places have been large-scale application. Because touch screen man-machine dialogue bridge, users are more widely, and it itself is glass as the main body structure, fragile, fault and damage rate relative to other devices are also relatively high, touch screen repair skills therefore need to certain knowledge.

One symptom

Failure phenomenon: power DC24V, the screen is no light, the current is about 230mA

Repair process: touch the screen with the hand, the buzzer has a response, the program runs normally. The 12VDC voltage is normal, the control voltage of ENABLE is low and effective. Description of the fault in the high-voltage circuit or the tube has been damaged. Open the lamp head found have been black, replace the lamp still no light, check the high voltage transformer has also been damaged. There is no such high voltage transformer on the market, so buy a LCD with two tubes of high pressure, after the wire is fixed, normal power, troubleshooting.

Symptom two

Fault phenomenon: touch screen handwriting is invalid, the keyboard is normal, pointing rod mouse failure, external USB mouse can be used normally

Repair process: according to the previous repair experience, you can determine the touch lens is no problem, is the point of damage. After the replacement of the rod, the above problem can be solved immediately, because the guide rod is easily damaged. Fujitsu most series of touch screen to meet the above problems, you can replace the pointing rod to repair the fault.

Symptom three

Breakdown phenomenon: the screen after power is not displayed, the current is about 100mA

Repair process: touch the screen with a hand, buzzer no response, the program is not working properly. The 3.3V, 5.1V and 12V are normal in the measurement of several groups of voltage. According to the user, the user found that the touch screen after the failure has attempted to repair, in the course of power, there is a normal situation, but once again after the power off. Analysis of a chip pin weld, the bus error, which program can not run. Then with a hot-air gun of multi chip welding foot foot heating, while the chip is pressed with forceps, the foot and the tin re fusion welding. After the above treatment, re boot, the current rose to 470mA, everything is normal.

Symptom four

Failure: touch screen without response fault

First check the wiring interface is loose, and then check the serial port and interrupt number is a conflict, if there is conflict, should adjust the resources, avoid the conflict. Then check whether the surface of the touch screen cracks, if cracks should be replaced in a timely manner. You also need to check whether the surface of the touch screen with dirt, if any, use a soft cloth to clean. Observe whether the indicator light on the control box is working normally, when the indicator light is green, and the light is flashing.

Symptom five

Failure phenomenon: the use of the touch after the failure of the reaction

Some applications, due to poor grounding performance, because the control box shell is covered with a large number of static electricity, thereby affecting the control box inside the working electric field, resulting in the gradual failure of the touch. At this point with a wire control box shell grounding, restart can be.

Industrial touch screen diagnosis is mainly to industrial touch screen maintenance as the premise, usually daily life we should try to do a good job of industrial tablet computer maintenance, reduced touch screen repair times, and can prolong the use life of our industrial tablet.

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