RFID handset push electronic ticket management

Tickets for the traditional management is, in the scenic area entrance guard, the tourists in present purchase paper tickets to the scenic spot staff, staff according to check the passenger ticket information status, can only be confirmed after enter the

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 As people living standard is increasing day by day, more and more people choose to travel, loosen body and mind.Along with the rise of the traffic, the scenic area management also appeared a lot of suffering, such as tickets management lag, tourists stranded, affecting the service quality of scenic area.Therefore, active use of the Internet of things intelligent terminal, improve scenic spot service level and informatization construction is imperative.By using intelligent terminal, can simplify the working procedure of scenic spots, improve the work efficiency, so as to promote the ascension of visitors, brings to the scenic spot interest reputation double harvest.


Significance of the application of RFID handheld terminal

Chemical propagation

Traditional ticket management, in the area of access control, tourists queue in order to buy paper tickets to produce to the scenic area staff, staff according to ticket information for visitors to verify identity, confirm to enter the scenic area. The complexity of the process, affecting the flow of tourists and tourists travel experience. And the realization of information management, visitors to electronic tickets, in the access control by RFID handheld terminal automatic scanning, can enter the scenic area, the process of propagation for Jane, not only increased the tourists favor, but also to enhance the image of the area.

- burden

According to relevant statistics, October 1 to 7, into the country to monitor the 124 straight scenic spots were tourists 3169.2 million passengers, so the peak travel, using the traditional way of human ticket, simply can not achieve the efficient operation, if the RFID handheld terminal of the power, you can easily guide visitors orderly travel, reduce the burden of the scenic area staff, to Chinese and foreign tourists show good image.


Active RFID application handheld terminal, without any increase in scenic areas of human and material resources, increase inspection and inspection efforts and to prevent fare evasion leakage tickets and other illegal acts, prevent human ticket, ticket to ensure ticket taxes receivable, maintaining the order of ticket management, sharing scenic tickets "escape" and "leak" "false" concerns.

1 visitors holding electronic tickets or RFID travel year card

2 staff at the entrance guard hand held terminal scanning tickets or in the access control out of the installation of RFID handheld terminal to read tickets

3 background management system for data comparison and verification, the final output is through

RFID handheld terminal to electronic ticket management

RFID handheld terminal features

Electronic tickets with an integrated circuit chip, RFID handheld terminal can accurately read the identity of the chip, to identify the authenticity of tourists.

RFID handheld terminal can also achieve data encryption functions, only after the real contrast with the background database system experience, to show the ticket information to prevent the phenomenon of ticket theft.

RFID handheld terminal to read the distance can be achieved 1~6m, you can read the entrance guard, visitors to produce electronic ticket information, you can also read 6m far from the tourist information, no need to produce electronic tickets can be read.

This RFID handheld terminal because of its portability, so very flexible in terms of application. Staff can be fixedly arranged on the access control, automatic recognition of admission information, can also be by the staff holding this equipment, under the do not disturb the tourists, checks the authenticity of the tickets.

RFID handheld terminal to provide more flexible development interface for the user to develop two times, to meet the special needs of users.


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