Industrial handheld terminal parking fee management solutions

We should how to improve the utilization rate of parking Spaces, parking management services to upgrade, parking increase revenue, reduce the management cost and shenzhen teng technology has made the thinking, and put forward a solution based on industria

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 In recent years, the economy of China is rapidly developing, people's living standard has improved, the booming city commercial, China is rapidly into the automobile society, urban vehicle ownership rising, car consumption has become a new economic growth point.However, because of imperfect city hardware facilities, parking fee management system is not sound, often appear the road parking, motor vehicles and pedestrians hog phenomenon, backward charge personnel as well as non-standard, low supervision, backward technical support, service ability is weak, etc.


We should how to improve utilization ratio of parking spaces, enhance the quality of service of the parking management, parking revenue increase, reduce the management cost, Shenzhen Shuo Teng technology make the thinking, and based on industrial handheld terminal parking management solutions.

Two, the overall program profile

Traditional lane and parking fee management mode, in charge of personnel difficult effective supervision, unable to quickly find parking spaces, easy to cause the loss of parking fees, unable to realize the information of real-time interaction, is not conducive to the supervision service, resulting in traffic congestion and Zhandao phenomenon, easy to cause traffic accidents.

1, guide vehicles to find parking spaces. Shenzhen City Shuo Teng Technology Co., Ltd. developed production of S50 HUGEROCK, can grasp the road parking space information in real time, the integration of roadside public parking information, guide vehicles to quickly find free parking spaces. Improve the quality of the lift truck, saving the owner to find the time for parking spaces.

2, intelligent charging fees. Owners of parking, toll management staff holding S50 industry HUGEROCK handheld terminal entry owners of the license plate number information, and took photos of the owner of the vehicle, when the owners take the car and industry of HUGEROCK S50 handheld terminal automatic sub regional, sub time step method to calculate the owner should pay the cost of computing, avoid artificial calculation errors and also to the owners to print invoices. Collection of parking and charging information, real-time transmission through the wireless 3G network to the management center.

3, built Beidou module, can be charged for positioning management, supervision and inspection of the work of the staff.

4, the use of S50 HUGEROCK industrial handheld terminal, making the charge data is complete, the account is clear, greatly improve the parking management level, increase the income of parking management operators, reduce the cost of management.

5, can support the public card, bus card and financial IC card payment.

6, on the city Zhandao parking of vehicles parked for data analysis, and support the establishment of the state of pavement parking layer on the electronic map, provide the city static traffic management information for the intelligence traffic guidance system.


Three, the social value of the program to achieve

1, can effectively ease the downtown area, parking difficult problem, significantly improve the traffic congestion situation in key areas;

2, enhance the convenience index, enhance the image of the city and the city's competitiveness;

3, the effective integration of the parking resources, improve the utilization of parking spaces to ease the contradiction between supply and demand.

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