Carry on beidou mobile GIS Android mobile handset shock on the market

Such as urban management solution, the inspection personnel equipped with mobile handset, encountered in the inspection in the city public facilities damaged or affect the normal pedestrian travel, with a hand-held terminals of mobile GIS application send

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Mobile GIS, Mobile GIS) is based on the Mobile computing environment, under the condition of limited processing power of Mobile terminals, Mobile, distributed, neutral in the Mobile GIS geographic information services, is a collection of GIS, GPS, Mobile communication (GSM/GPRS/CD2MA) three technology in the integration of system.







It accomplishes by GIS a spatial data management and analysis, satellite technology for positioning and tracking, using professional mobile handheld terminal complete the data acquisition function, with the mobile communication technology of graphics, text, voice and data transmission.

As the desktop GIS, WebGIS after another new hot technology, it is GIS in the field of professional expertise to the public and the two major development direction of the integral technology.

The mobile Internet is highly developed and handheld terminal equipment the popularity of mobile GIS becomes a new mode of production and life, in people's daily life, mobile positioning, mobile office plays a more and more important role.

Current domestic mobile GIS, has been widely used in surveying and mapping, land, environment, water, agriculture, forestry and mineral resources in the field of traditional resource management and urban planning.

In emergency, public security, transportation, tourism, business, health and statistics fields of the national economy can be used, also in the field of communication, electric power, petroleum, petrochemical, coal, logistics and other business has also been more and more recognized and applied.

According to the China GIS association data, China's GIS industry in recent years, the size of the annual rate of 30% growth, the industry will reach 500 billion yuan in 2015. Mobile GIS as one of the main applications of the GIS industry.

Two kinds of the most important in the field of mobile GIS application: the working process of the intelligent management and data collection, need rely on Mobile GIS terminal assists for accurate data acquisition, fast data transmission and efficient data management.

In the field of intelligent management, mobile GIS can be widely used in digital urban management, enterprise safety production law enforcement and management, environmental protection, mobile police enforcement and other fields.

The mobile GIS technology sontek Beidou Android handheld mobile terminal a tiger with wings added

For example in urban management solution scheme, inspection personnel equipped with mobile handheld terminal, in the city inspection meet public facilities by damage or affect pedestrian normal travel, by incorporating a mobile GIS application to handheld terminal information sent to the city management center of the server, to management mechanism as soon as possible to make a deal, inspection personnel through mobile handheld terminal real-time receiving from the supervision center of task assignment.

In the traditional industries of data acquisition and upload, mobile GIS can be widely used in the National Geographic National Census, pipeline inspection, forest survey, water conservancy survey, power inspection and other fields. Through the GIS program installed in the mobile handheld terminal, the staff can use mobile handheld terminal equipment remote real-time acquisition, upload data to the server database.

This method is convenient and accurate, and it has strong real-time performance. Has changed the way of paper record in the past, greatly improved the efficiency and accuracy of the work. These applications need to locate the mobile GIS terminal fast, timely, efficient transmission.

In order to better promote the development of Beidou layout of globalization, and promote the industrialization process of the Beidou system, master Teng Technology launched a a series of professional maturity of compass products, such as industrial grade three proofing tablet, high precision RTK measurement and so on, are subject to industry wide acclaim. Rock S50 HUGEROCK is a scientific and technological innovation launched support Beidou Positioning Android mobile handheld terminal.

It is based on the Android operating system, the Beidou +GPS dual mode positioning, to ensure that the star is sensitive and stable, even in the field of serious occlusion, but also to ensure rapid and accurate positioning.

"HUGEROCK S50" industrial grade three design (IP67), high damage resistance and high durability, strong and durable. Dual core CPU, large capacity memory, high-capacity lithium battery power supply, to ensure that the device runs more smoothly. 4.5 inches high definition touch screen, super wide viewing angle, 8 million pixels rear camera, support for panoramic shooting, video call. Built in 3G communication, RFID, Bluetooth, WIFI, through a variety of wireless connections to enjoy voice calls and data high-speed download and transmission.

HUGEROCK S50 can be widely used in the industry of professional data acquisition and intelligent data management, as the industry's first support Beidou Positioning Android industrial grade mobile handheld terminal, HUGEROCK S50 to professional ability of data acquisition, intelligent human-computer interaction experience, defines the new standard of "universal data acquisition and intelligent data management, creating Android Applications in industry of new era.


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