Teng industry to recognize hand-held terminals in the field of electric power inspection application

Transmission lines for electric power enterprises ACTS as the role of blood vessels in people, the stand or fall of its management, operation stability, not only directly affects the safety of power grid, also affects the user's power supply, has had a h

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Transmission lines for electric power enterprises ACTS as the role of blood vessels in people, the stand or fall of its management, operation stability, not only directly affects the safety of power grid, also affects the user's power supply, has had a huge impact on the electric power enterprise benefit at the same time.However, with increasing the scale of power grid, the traditional manual inspection of the problem is increasingly outstanding, teng to recognize in providing customers with stable and reliable Internet of products of the enterprise mission, to launch new ideas and new mode of electric power line inspection.


Project overview:

Using industrial handheld terminal power infrared function, the staff can realization of power facilities of remote reading, information entry, the upload server through the network, the fault line can also take pictures and video features time accurate feedback. Regional management center can view the situation in the area and the working staff by electronic map. The security, accuracy, reliability and controllability of power inspection work are effectively enhanced, which can improve the quality of inspection and reduce the accident of the line.

Business functions:

1 management center through the electronic map management tower, view, modify details of the tower.

2 through the management center in the map of the two points can be calculated to calculate the actual distance between two points.

3 through the management center of the GIS platform to see the trajectory of the line, to understand the entire path of the line.

4 inspection personnel through the industrial handheld terminal to find, locate nearby companions, and through voice, SMS to achieve rapid communication and collaboration.

5. Patrol officers by sontek industrial handheld terminal information feedback system of electric power facilities, in the form of pictures or video transmitted back to the management center, to provide the most timely and detailed data line for the management center.

6. The inspection observations: by inspection personnel to return the front image, makes the management center to effectively understand power facilities, the Engineer may on line inspection personnel reasonable remote working instruction, inspection work to improve the scientific.

7 inspection and emergency handling

(1) when the inspection staff found that the emergency situation of electric power equipment, through the call function of industrial handheld terminals, through voice calls and other means to the control center alarm.

(2) after receiving the alarm, the control center can quickly determine the location information of the alarm prompt.

(3) the control center according to the GIS map query alarm area near the inspection personnel and vehicle location, arrange the nearest inspection personnel, emergency equipment to achieve the nearest reinforcements.


8. Inspection repair visual image: when the inspector found unable to independently solve the power equipment maintenance can not only through the realization of the terminal and the management center to contact, seek help, also more can through pictures will be on-site equipment intuitive returned management center, the management center of the experts can be more accurately provide approach, effective electrical equipment repair work, greatly improve the intuitive, controllability, scientific, safety of equipment repair.

9. Inspection repair treatment of rapid communication, greatly shorten the response time after the accident, a reasonable allocation of resources to effectively repair equipment, rapid completion of the repair work, fully demonstrated power industry "quality service, caring service" concept.

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