Teng handset wisdom to recognize fire management solutions

Hand-held terminals of the daily management of assets organic embedded into the asset management system, the implementation of assets involved in the daily operation process to the task, place, object, time to record information, and introduce text messag

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Along with the social demand for fire safety and fire control safety consciousness constantly improve, people becomes more and more popular application of fire control facilities in the building.These facilities personnel in the relationship between the construction of life and property safety, the condition of them are in good condition is serious.Fire industry professionals far cannot satisfy the needs of the current industry, the development of personnel are hard to find, methods, cost is too high, can't form a normalized management mode.Without the right tools, supervision cost is too high, not timely, not real data source, hidden trouble can't handle in time.


This condition of development of the industry, the sontek discusses an intelligent fire management solutions, main functions include: fire control geographic information function, notice notice function, risk management function, intelligence reports to the function, working to remind the function, supervision and inspection functions, online random function, fire protection organization setting, setting fire management personnel, fire division of responsibilities, asset fire management.

Wisdom fire platform of archives to implement dynamic fill, without too much labor, with a handheld terminal in the inspection process has been of the relevant units of information input. At the same time, the application of advanced RFID technology, 3G technology, Internet technology realization of information of authenticity and real-time. The manpower and material resources are saved, and the management of the fire fighting of the enterprise is convenient.

Handheld terminal the day-to-day management of the assets of organic embedded into the asset management system, realize to record the process of daily operation of assets related to the tasks, location, physical, time information, and the introduction of SMS alarm function, by the system achieve effective regulation of daily work, to ease the pressure on the daily management of the asset fire and save every year putting in a lot of manpower and material resources asset inventory and unnecessary allocation cost, avoiding the loss of assets as a result of various factors, improve the management efficiency of fire.


The application value of intelligent fire protection system:

1 with the ability to fire related personnel registration, the fire management fixed position, responsibility to the people and work process standardization.

2 notification function for the government regulatory authorities, units and technical personnel to provide a platform for mutual interaction of fire information, to achieve effective communication and cost savings of regulatory authorities, units and technical personnel.

3 regulatory units as long as there is a network of local enterprises can be implemented on the area of enterprise units of random checks, mobile office, convenient and agile, to save the time, manpower and material resources under the supervision of enterprises to check.

4 through the refinement of technology and scientific means to replace the extensive management of manpower.

5 by reducing the probability of occurrence of fire to reduce the responsibility of the management of the responsible person.

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