RFID can hand-held intelligent electric meter warehouse management solutions

Using teng RFID handset to recognize the ammeter scan electronic tags, electric meter can be random, the ammeter can not strict dust on the surface of the label.The RFID handset can scan the whole case electric meter electronic tag data at the same time,

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First, an overview

In response to the SASAC made by using RFID technology, reasonable and efficient utilization and management of state-owned assets and prevent the call of the state-owned assets loss and waste, the current electric power, communication, railway, iron and steel industry is the large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises are actively try to use RFID technology for management and technology innovation.

Modern storage management has been transformed into a performance center, its functions include: the traditional warehouse management, cross transfer / in the way merger, value-added service processes, returns, quality assurance and dynamic customer service.

RFID smart meter warehouse management system is a real time computer system. It can be in accordance with the operation of the business rules and algorithms, information, resource, activity, inventory and distribution operations are more perfect management, to meet the requirements of effective output and accuracy. The "storage" as mentioned here includes various types of storage warehouses and distribution centers in the field of production and supply.

The operation of traditional warehouse management including: receiving, shelves, replenishment, picking, packing and shipping. Under the current competitive environment, enterprises must continuously improve to meet the need of supply chain competition.

Warehouse management system in accordance with the general rules of the user to determine the priority, to optimize the use of space and all the warehouse storage operations. On, it through electronic data interchange (EDI) and other electronic media, with the enterprise LAN networking, the host of the receipt and order of the original data. On the next it through the wireless network, mobile terminals, bar code system and radio frequency data communication (RFID) and other information technology and warehouse staff contact. Interact, communicate instructions, feedback information and update the database, at the same time, generate the required barcode labels and documents.


Two, program introduction

When using the Shuo Teng RFID handheld machine to scan the electronic tag, the meter can be placed at will, the dust on the surface of the meter tag can not be strictly required. The RFID handset can also scan FCL meter electronic tag data, the scan is completed only after the whole data upload and check. Overall data upload and check in the network is normal can be first stored in the local computer, when the normal network to upload and verification work, so that you can arrive not affecting the storage of the progress of the work. Since the sontek RFID handheld machine can do FCL data acquisition so greatly, the meter storage time, to the greatest extent improve the efficiency of warehouse management.

RFID handheld machine can simultaneously read multiple RFID tags, the desired effect can be scanned at the same time more than one hundred electronic tags.

RFID tags are not subject to the size and shape of the size limit, do not need to read the precision and with the fixed size of the paper and printing quality.

RFID electronic label of drops of water, oil and chemical substances with strong resistance, the tag data read environmental requirements are not very demanding.

In the case of being covered, Teng RFID handheld machine can penetrate the paper, wood and plastic and other non metallic or non transparent material to read the information on the label, and be able to carry out the transmission of communication.

Because the RFID carries the electronic information, the content of the data can be protected by a password, so that the content is not easy to be forged and changed.

In recent years, Teng RFID handheld device for long distance reading, high storage capacity and other characteristics of the attention. It can not only help an enterprise to substantially increase the efficiency of goods and asset information management, also can let the sales and manufacture enterprise Internet, thus more accurately receive feedback information, control information needs, optimize the whole information system management process.

Three, program design


The competent department according to the distribution of the specified number of electricity meter distribution. Meter serial number assigned by the competent authorities to the electronic tag supplier. Suppliers according to the coding to label printing and information writing. Printed electronic tags from the meter manufacturer in the production line to paste. The electric meter which is pasted with the electronic label is delivered to the corresponding power supply bureau warehouse. Thus entered the Power Grid Corp RFID warehouse management information system. On the need to put in storage of the meter can be carried out through the RFID mobile handheld terminal storage data acquisition.

When pasting a meter of electronic tags through the scanning equipment, antenna in microwave communication and electronic tags were bidirectional data exchange, from the electronic label read related information (read information with the existing barcode content the same), and the data real-time transmission to the data center.

1, code allocation

The code of the electronic label of the electric meter needs to be assigned by the superior department. In charge of the higher authorities to plan the good meter electronic tag code sent to the electronic label printing department. Started the first step in the warehouse RFID management.

2, electronic label printing, information writing

Electronic label printing, information writing work can be done by the RFID tag supplier to ensure that the correct tag information. Can also be completed by the electricity meter factory printing work, so save the flow of electronic tags link to reduce the operating costs of the system. The electronic label printing needs to be completed by a professional RFID printer, while printing the meter code into the electronic tag data storage area. Electronic label surface can be selected according to the needs of fonts and icons. In addition to the electric meter need to paste the electronic tag, the Power Grid Corp's electric meter turnover box also need to paste a box of electronic tags, the work needs to be completed by the Power Grid Corp himself. Box electronic tag is mainly responsible for the bundled meter data information, for the management system behind the work of the link to increase convenience, to provide operational efficiency.

3, electronic label paste

Meter electronic label paste work must be completed by the meter manufacturers more convenient. Electronic label suppliers to send good to the corresponding electric meter manufacturers, meter manufacturers in the production line at the end of the meter for the meter to carry out electronic label paste work. Electronic label paste work must ensure that the correct coding of the matching, so as to avoid the power grid storage management confusion. Electric meter manufacturers to paste the good electronic label meter shipped to the warehouse for storage, verification and other work.

4, the meter storage

The Power Grid Corp warehouse receives the production factory meter to need to carry on the warehouse management the normal work flow. The storage of the electric meter which is pasted by the electronic tag need to be used as the sole data source of the management system through the RFID professional scanning equipment. Meter storage can have two modes: first, batch storage; two, a single box storage.

Bulk storage, the first need to put in storage of the meter box as a unit, through the RFID mobile handheld terminal, when all the required storage of all the electricity meter is completed, and then carry out data upload, check the work. Batch storage mode operation is convenient, fast, but the bulk storage mode without the box label bundling guarantee, all the bulk storage of the meter is stored in the default 1 meter box. Batch storage is likely to cause the failure of the meter appears in the warehouse is difficult to identify, the investigation, only in a strict inspection of the library can not be cleared for the meter to re storage. For bulk storage of the meter must be carried out in bulk storage operation.

Single box storage of bulk storage at a slightly slower pace, the operation is relatively simple. Single box storage is the biggest advantage is that the meter and the casenumber bundled storage, this operation ensures that the storage meter accurate operation, the unqualified meter in storage aspects of the investigation out prohibited to enter the warehouse, in order to ensure warehouse meter for all qualified ammeter. In the warehousing link strict checks to the maximum extent can reduce the workload of the library link, reduce the error of the library operation, improve the efficiency of the library.


5, electric meter inventory

Meter counting is mainly to see the amount of electricity meters and meter coding in the warehouse. The meter counting only need to use the sontek RFID handheld electrical meter number on it can view the meter is in the library, the number is complete.

6, the meter out of the library

Electricity meter out of the library can have a variety of modes of choice, is the most convenient link. For bulk storage of the meter must choose a batch mode. Bulk out of the library to find a little trouble with some of the trouble, so a little bit to increase the workload of the field staff. In general, it is recommended to minimize the use of bulk delivery mode.

For single box bundled into the storage of the meter can choose two modes of the library is very convenient and fast. The first single box storage meter can be used for scanning RFID handset number single box library, so the operation is very simple. RFID handheld scanning box electronic tag number requires staff to enter the warehouse to scan the box label operation, so that the operation can be carried out on the warehouse of the meter out of the library to carry out an effective library planning.

Third out of the way is in the marketing system interface direct input box electronic tag number can also be directly carried out a library operation. Direct input box number in the library just need to take a library of meter container number according to the order can be in office warehouse operation does not require staff to scan in storage, but this mode of operation to staff placed on warehouse meter and meter be familiar with the location will not bring trouble and mistakes to the warehouse management. Above the situation can be seen, the use of RFID management technology in the meter out of storage management greatly reduce the workload, greatly improve the efficiency of warehouse management, reduce the possibility of error operation.

7, meter inquiry

Meter of some of the relevant details of the query can be completed in the Power Grid Corp marketing system. The marketing system can display the detailed information of each meter in the warehouse to the staff, and make the correct judgment for the next step of the staff.

8, data center

The data center of the management system is created, maintained and managed by the marketing system developer. The RFID warehouse management system only needs to send the important meter data to the data center. The data center is responsible for the safety protection of the data in the warehouse.

9, interface software

Interface software in the project which also bears a great role, interface software is a RFID scanning equipment and Power Grid Corp marketing system combined bridge. Interface software is mainly responsible for the electronic tag information through the RFID handheld machine to send all the information to the data center to record and save.

This interface software has a batch out of storage, a single box out of the two models for the warehouse manager. Interface software startup when the default is a single box out of storage mode, if the user needs to bulk out of storage, then you need to carry out the mode selection. The software interface is friendly, easy to operate, easy to master the operating skills of software.


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