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Generally speaking, the management of water resources, water drainage, gas and power line you need to use more advanced device, 7 inch tablet PC mobile industrial cloud data acquisition terminal nature is a good choice.In addition to the use of traditiona

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 Generally speaking, the management of water resources, water drainage, gas and power line you need to use more advanced device, 7 inch tablet PC mobile industrial cloud data acquisition terminal nature is a good choice.In addition to the use of traditional services, can also be combined with the application of geographic information system.Sunlight readable display screen, fast processors, simple operation interface and 3 g, is indispensable for the pipeline system management functions.


Drainage system maintenance, including a series of complex tasks, the need for high-quality personnel and precision technology. If these conditions are lacking, the drainage pipeline leakage may lead to pollution of groundwater and soil, and result in harm to the human body and the natural environment. On the other hand, if there are defects in the pipeline to transport water, pollution sources are more likely to penetrate into the water supply system. Therefore, the sewage must first be treated in the wastewater treatment plant.

In order to maintain the normal operation must be continually cleaning and maintenance of the drainage system, and regular supervision and pipeline condition, whereby found pipeline damaged by corrosion, intrusion of groundwater, waste water discharge, plant roots and broken tiles debris invasion, and try to solve. Today, for the management, maintenance and quality control of the infrastructure, such as the large urban drainage network system is so complex, it is impossible to rely on scientific and technological equipment.

Water resources system cleaning and discharging operation in addition to pay attention to high quality, also more and more pay attention to high efficiency, while portable reinforcement of industrial anti-corrosion tablet computer just to meet this demand.

The sontek fully rugged type 7 inch Industrial Panel PC, let the city water employees in even the harshest weather can also smooth the collected data, to the headquarters to read data, or the use of geographic information system (GIS) applications. This has greatly improved and improved the efficiency of personnel work.


For drainage system maintenance workers on site, need rugged industrial tablet computer, because the computer must be fearless moisture, dust, vibration, frost or high temperature in summer, under any conditions for stable operation, ensure data is read and correct and maintain efficient operation. Therefore, the sun readable screen, high-speed processor, easy to operate the interface and 3G online, are indispensable function. Shuo Tang in rugged computers have many years of work experience, the rock HugeRock Series 7 inch industrial tablet collocation quad core processor and the IP67 waterproof and dustproof certification.

Strong 7 inch tablet computer industrial solid sontek, also can withstand test even in the most severe climate. Compared to other competitors, master Teng device in terms of firmness, performance, display quality and battery life are superior. With ambient light intensity adjustment screen and keyboard lighting function, and designed for real-time data exchange design strong networking ability, let the device has become the ideal choice for sewer operations.


The series of rugged industrial tablet computers can perform UBI-Kanalmobil, a professional pipeline management system software, even in the pipeline in the work, also can effective management work. As the work place is usually in the vicinity of the ventilation shaft, so the device may need to operate under relatively difficult external conditions, such as water vapor, water mist, dust, sun, rain and other environmental factors test.

The sontek 7 inch fully rugged type three proofing Industrial Panel PC 0.65 kg weight, superior performance, and equipped with ambient light automatically adjust the LCD screen. The device is indestructible, reliability and stability of the excellence, suitable for use in any weather and geological conditions, for city water authority to deal with the extreme environment infrastructure is very ideal. The computer built-in cameras and Beidou receiver, let the application of geographic information system (GIS) unimpeded, strong networking capabilities include Bluetooth, WLAN and WWAN and various on-line selection. The sontek 7 inch tablet computer industry provides strong practical function and excellent convenience for sewer operation.

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