Teng industrial data collector power to recognize road rescue service

For relief patrol motorcycle, you must use reliable, rugged industrial data acquisition unit, the equipment should be allowed to the operator quickly locate the fault occurred and connected to the back office immediately.Rescue the patrol now are using th

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 Now society in the face of various emergency vehicles on city roads, road rescue service is particularly important, how can deploy the driver for any position in urban road for rescue, a rescue team can be the fastest speed to respond, the emergence of the industrial data collector based on the Android operating system just meet the needs of the rescue team.


City Motorcycle patrol is the main component of such a response, the staff members rely on communications equipment should be able to immediately access the Beidou mapping function and can be connected to the background support department. They need to use industrial data acquisition system should also be able to withstand the harsh environmental conditions of the patrol, and be able to respond to the continuous vibration in the city on the highway slope and downhill.

When some vehicle failure, they hope can be quickly found, and hope that the patrol staff must be used with instant connection function and fast processing ability of reliable mobile communication equipment, at the same time, such equipment must be sufficiently durable, so as to adapt to the driving in the road network of the city wide bumps in the road. Road rescue patrol motor teams need to work in some of the largest towns and cities, so they are looking for a full reinforcement of industrial data acquisition.

For the rescue patrol motorcycle, it is necessary to use a reliable, rugged industrial data acquisition equipment, the equipment should allow operators to quickly determine the location of the fault occurs and immediately connected to the background support department. Patrol rescue teams now use the sontek fully rugged type three proofing industrial data acquisition HugeRock S50, the device can speed and processing capability and reliability is a perfect combination of the.

Patrol motorcycle team has equipped with sontek of the rugged industrial data acquisition, including phone functions, including a variety of communication performance. Equipment of a large keyboard is very suitable for patrol staff in the case of wearing gloves to operate, not by the restrictions of the working environment of the staff.

Shuo Tang three proofings development team of experts designed for urban roads and rescue design and customization of industrial data acquisition is rock series HugeRock S50, help to improve response time and road service quality. The equipment protection grade IP67, through custom power supply base solution installed on a motorcycle, and can provide a built-in compass receiver, electronic compass, altimeter and 800 megapixel autofocus camera, can be described as a kind of integrated solutions for patrol.

The high performance of industrial data acquisition system with easy company in patrol HugeRock S50 with shockproof, anti fall and crash characteristics, and can provide a patrol staff and colleagues communication required for all functions, and can quickly and efficiently locating the caller, so it can improve the response time of members. This solution can make urban road rescue workers easily reach the demand for speed and connectivity functions of their patrol motorcycles, while helping to improve the response time and customer service quality. The Luo team daily work environment and reliable performance requirements. S50 HugeRock connected to the Bluetooth interface, so that road rescue workers can manage the road on the motorcycle patrol, and to ensure that the patrol can work as efficiently as possible.

Shuo Teng industrial data acquisition system help road rescue services

The rugged HugeRock S50 industrial handheld terminal with mil-std-810g standards, the reliability and durability of the products have obtained good reputation. At the same time, also has high speed HSDPA wireless network function, can provide the premier connection and processing functions. Due to the deployed patrol used to the weather, terrain and other conditions of the ignorant. Therefore, they on the road must to be used after dustproof, moistureproof sealing treatment of durable and reliable communication equipment.

4.5 Inch Touch Screen in the sun straight sunlight readable, combined with the anti glare function and anti reflection function, can realize the corresponding function on the road. At the same time, up to 9 hours of battery life, ensure the patrol team staff on duty during the stay in touch. Equipment operating temperature range of - 20 DEG C to 65 DEG C, the compass working time for 10 hours, the working time of the mobile phone for 6 hours, the data transmission time is 4 hours, therefore, HugeRock S50 very suitable for road rescue staff use.

S50 HugeRock compact (197x92x26.5mm), the weight of only 380 grams, easy to carry and use. Equipment also has a comprehensive Bluetooth, WLAN, 3.5G voice and data connectivity, optional PDA or digital keyboard, through a variety of on-site settings to provide customers with comprehensive functions. The mobile industrial data acquisition system is equipped with RS232 serial port and USB equipment, which can provide a series of industrial applications with highly compatible and flexible connection. S50 1GB HugeRock memory can be extended to 16GB through an external SDHC card, therefore, the patrol team staff can perfect the speed, processing function and durability of the combination of reliability.

HugeRock S50 是专为道路救援人员的摩托车巡逻队定制的工业数据采集器,其外壳坚固耐用,防护等级达IP67,并具有内置的北斗接收器和电子罗盘,同时还具有电话功能。这种解决方案可使道路救援人员轻松达到其巡逻摩托车对速度和连接功能的需求,同时有助于提高响应时间和客户服务质量。

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