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The international brand sweet factory is China's largest confectionery company, is China's largest manufacturer of chewing gum.Candy production mixing plant belongs to the high dust environment, fill the air with fragrance and ingredients, general elect

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 The international brand sweet factory is China's largest confectionery company, is China's largest manufacturer of chewing gum.Candy production mixing plant belongs to the high dust environment, fill the air with fragrance and ingredients, general electronic products in this environment is easy to produce static spark and explosion.In such a harsh environment, therefore, to realize teng 8 inch of dust strengthening industrial tablet certainly come in handy.


The above work process not only in time to spend twice the time to build a data file, and manual operation is likely to cause the wrong data, for the management process and the time management efficiency is obviously insufficient.

Shuo Tang HugeRock 8 inch reinforcement industrial tablet T80 with IP67 dustproof and waterproof certification, more through the UL explosion-proof test, under the high dangerous working environment to provide a safe and reliable solution, the raw material of feed signals to be transmitted to the T80 quickly, by 7.85 inch touch screen using more clear and convenient form, field data input and material management.


In order to make sales, production and material third sector more closely, make production and feeding occurred disjointed phenomenon, special electronic materials management plan in after a long time study and searching for machine through proof test computer. Finally, the sontek HugeRock 8 inches of dust in the reinforcement of industrial tablet T80, have UL explosion-proof test, can completely replace manual operation, let the factory safe reliable introduction of electronic operation system and process.

HugeRock 8 inch reinforced industrial Tablet PC is the lightest industrial tablet in the market, weighing only 0.86 kg, but as strong and durable as heavy products. In terms of durability and protection performance meet the military standard mil-std-810g and IP67, easily cope with may cause serious damage to the general business computer a variety of adverse environmental factors, including dirt, dust, moisture, moisture, vibration, temperature etc.. In addition, the sontek HugeRock T80 more through UL1604 explosion-proof certification, even in the dust filled with mixing plant, it can be safely operation will not lead to any risk of accidental and significantly improve factory electronic operation level and work efficiency.

Integrate the sontek HugeRock T80 solution for accurate and effective materials to enhance the management efficiency and the candy factory selection HugeRock T80 8 inches of dust in the reinforcement of industrial flat screen computer monitors production line material usage and configuration function of bar code scanning, through one-dimensional laser barcode scanner into rows of data collection, production line production staff can be material, through the bar code scanning method for the first time rapid integration to Shuo Tang HugeRock T80.

In addition, the sontek HugeRock T80 with 7.85 '' sunlight readable touch screen, collocation to buy ultra high brightness sunlight readable anti glare display and 800 nit backlit LCD screen, readability and use convenient interface is on the market other tablet computers to replace. Production line personnel can quickly fill in the screen to fill out the form, to carry out a simple data set up, and import ERP system to provide management decisions.

In the production process of site if it is found that the any raw material problems, such as lack of material or waste, production line staff can also site directly through the T80 to query, reporting and management to the back-end management who can more rapidly controls and problem solving, substantially increased the flexibility and efficiency.

In addition to ensuring the safety of the working environment, HugeRock T80 to special environment of factory management can enter the E, in material management increases the time efficiency, cost efficiency, data reliability and flexibility, greatly enhance the overall management efficiency.

Work with the introduction of HugeRock T80, material management in the production flow of the enterprise into the electronic and complex collar, approval, purchase, and urge, inventory, storage to complete more simple and rapid way, the departments to improve efficiency, all material data transfer rapidly, communication much easier.


Past the factory to create a file are by online staff to pen and paper records, because of the harsh environment dust, often ambiguous data, so in back-end computers built file will produce a large number of errors, also the joint caused by material inventory and collar with inconsistent data. By the current material management Shuo Tang Industrial tablet HugeRock T80 solutions, the accuracy of the information can be significantly improved, so that materials unit and inventory information quick links and keep consistency and reduce repeated inspection checking efficiency.

Pen and paper assignments of data implementation will not only have doubts about the correctness and also because subsequent need to reenter the system, resulting in time and working procedures of the repeat. HugeRock T80 itself with the bar code scanning engine to data to establish procedures to simplify and reduce 40% of the data input and form fill in work time, all the material number and form fill can be in production line completed quickly.

Phase compared to the past management model and sontek 8 inch dustproof strengthening industrial tablet T80 can real-time collect the material information, and the scene through the network reporting any unexpected situations, managers can quickly grasp the plant materials, and directly into the query system, provides solutions to solve the decision-making reference. Let the production line can maintain the efficiency of the production process, no longer because of the material problems and affect the production line operation.

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