Custom 7 inch industry is three tablets in the oil and gas industry applications

Industry is three tablet technology application range is very wide in the oil industry.Teng customization of 7 inch to recognize industry is three tablets is selected at the scene of the nearby oil rig workshop use, in a place like this, common consumer t

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Sontek 7 inch industrial anti-corrosion tablet computer is applied in the exploration of the scene, for recording and analysis of data, such as: borehole inclination angle, range, depth and drill tool surface, and other equipment interconnection, to achieve data sharing. These tasks require very special physical device properties, and more important, but also have a suitable for their professional applications compatible software. The mainstream flat-panel computer and the previously selected laptop supplier of a problem is, the selected computer can never be used for a long time, a specification for a few months, but also can not according to the tailored to the specific requirements of customers.

HugeRock series of 7 inch industrial Tablet PC T70 and S71 are in line with the MIL-STD-810G and IP65 standards;

In its design and manufacturing process to fully consider the impact of environmental factors on the material throughout the life of the computer, the other with anti glare screen technology, in all kinds of weather conditions are able to work under normal conditions. With the serial port design can fully meet the needs of data transmission.

Application on the oil rigs of tablet constitutes a major challenge. Therefore, and anti-corrosion technology professional company cooperation is very wise choice. Sontek 7 inch tablet computer industry three working environment is very bad. There is an inevitable dust and suspended particles in the air, and they are easily attached to these devices if they are not designed for dust control.

Shuo Teng Tablet PC with a sealing cap and door cover, can be avoided on site damage, prevent accidental fall caused by damage. Customers choose sontek custom 7 inch industrial anti-corrosion tablet computer of a main reason is the as the standard configuration of the rugged function.

In the field work, the customer has to face some unexpected circumstances, of course, there are inevitable weather conditions. Sontek three tablet computer can work in all kinds of weather conditions. If the pouring rain, customers do not have to busy to take shelter from the rain, if the sunlight is very strong, because of anti glare screen technology in Industrial Panel PC, customers can still see the screen of a tablet.

In order to send data to in other equipment used, the technology of serial port is a major means of communication between these devices, but between serial port connection is very difficult to achieve; many mainstream equipment no longer uses the serial port but replaced for USB technology. In order to meet the needs of different groups of customers and sontek 7 inch industrial anti-corrosion tablet computer uses is combination of serial USB interface communication mode. With different ports, of course, is one of the important reasons for the customer's decision to choose a tablet PC.

Sontek 7 inch industrial anti-corrosion tablet computer, can significantly reduce maintenance costs, help users save time and budget. In addition, it provides the customized customized services, to meet the special needs of a variety of professional industry, to ensure that customers can get the equipment needed for work.

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