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As people, vehicles, road and environment changing and traffic construction day-by-day expansion, the public security police use of the traditional paper map traffic accident scene, and take photos to keep the way already can't meet the needs of traffic

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With the daily expansion of human, vehicle, road and environment changing and transportation construction, traffic police the traditional pen and paper traffic scene diagram drawing, and photographed leaving permit processing way already could not satisfy demand of traffic management accident disposal. The course of duty often occurs in the bumpy road, will encounter quite harsh climate and environment, such as rain or sun, general computer work unable to meet demand for bad environment and climate.




Shenzhen Shuo Tang specialized R & D Android explosion-proof industrial tablet T80, passed the stringent environmental testing, and obtain mil-std-810g and IP67 certification, have the protection of the quality of waterproof, dustproof, shockproof, can work under extremely harsh environment, general computer operation can not change the drawing, paper and pencil drawing to express clear defects.


The sontek T80 Ann Zhuo explosion-proof industrial tablet worthy is the current market the most reliable solution, can provide users with the most complete service, the most excellent quality.

The sontek T80 weight only 0.86KG, is currently on the market the lightest 8 inch Ann Zhuo explosion-proof anti-corrosion Industrial Panel PC, can improve the traffic police on duty at the time of the mobility and ease of use.

In addition, T80 is equipped with 8 inch sunlight readable touch screen, collocation to buy ultra high brightness sunlight readable anti glare screen and 420 CD / M L backlit LCD screen, readability and use convenient interfaces are on the market other tablet computers to replace the.

Can avoid the general computer in the light because the screen is reflective and can not read the problem, a substantial increase in the field staff of the data collection, form fill in and drawing efficiency.

In addition to the police for help in a variety of harsh environments quickly complete accident scene diagram drawing work, T80 also provides optional 800 million pixels camera and Beidou 2+GPS satellite navigation can direct shooting scene and at the same time record latitude and longitude geographic information.

Back to the control center, the T80 high connectivity can help users quickly the data through USB or RS232 connected to analysis system, back-end data identification and accident liability attribution analysis, lets the work time is reduced significantly, identification results more accurate and reliable.


To choose a sontek T80, traffic accident processing is no longer collect and record fragments, but through electronic mode of operation will each work process more closely linked, greatly reduce the investment of manpower, material resources and time.



In addition to the cost and efficiency considerations, is more important, important body for the traffic accident processing units, all of the identified results are likely to have a significant impact on the parties, if there is no precise and correct judgment, influence on people.

T80 Android explosion-proof industrial Tablet PC can help the traffic police more accurate grasp of the situation of the crime scene, a substantial increase in the correctness of the responsibility to judge. Reduce damage and repair costs T80 sturdy performance greatly reduce chances of damage, to reduce the maintenance cost, also avoid computers unusable or loss of data, a major deficiency occur in times of emergency.

A reduction in accidents scene sketch of the setup time to pen and paper assignments of data implementation will not only have had doubts about the correctness of, because of the subsequent need to reenter the system, resulting in repeated time and working procedures.

T80's user-friendly interface and lightweight design, you can significantly reduce the live time, but also simplifies the back-end data integration program.

Enhanced data correctness of past paper notes recorded easily because of the bad environment and accident scene image fuzzy problems, so in the documentation and back-end analysis need to spend more time to verify data authenticity. Through the Android explosion-proof industrial Tablet PC, not only to make the process more efficient, the results can be more accurate identification.

This section of light, explosion-proof industrial Tablet PC can make the task of the implementation of the traffic police work time to shorten, efficient, but also significantly reduce the frequency of damage to the equipment, reduce maintenance costs. More important is, through the field of quick search card, people will be able to faster access to the accident arbitration and solve, improve people's quality of life, through the equipped with sontek Android explosion-proof industrial tablet computer greatly improve traffic management by the Public Security Bureau Traffic accident processing digital level.

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