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"Wisdom city construction includes a lot of content, including medical, property management, community service and multiple systems such as office system after wisdom city construction will greatly facilitate public life needs."Yulin city Internet + wis

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November 27, 2013, the wisdom of Yulin top-level design "is passed in the review report by the Yulin City Informatization Leading Group Office of the organization held, marking the Yulin City Smart City construction started, nearly two years, Yulin has been moving to the wisdom of the city.

Do you think what? Is the wisdom of the future life? Do you believe a card can handle the basic necessities of life and pension and medical? These seemingly and we have a very far distance, but Yulin is step by step to the efforts towards. November 27, 2013, the wisdom of Yulin top-level design "is passed in the review report by the Yulin City Informatization Leading Group Office of the organization held, marking the Yulin City Smart City construction started, nearly two years, Yulin has been moving to the wisdom of the city.

Government work one stop for praise


November 27, 2013, the wisdom of the top design of Yulin in Yulin City Informatization Leading Group Office of the organization held a report meeting was passed, marking the start of the construction of smart city of Yulin. In recent years, the information construction of Yulin City achieved remarkable results, in e-government as a breakthrough, to integrate resources, information sharing, pioneering and innovative, focused, coordinate and promote, and laid a good foundation for carry out the wisdom of urban construction.

It is understood, to carry out the public card work, the public can achieve a number of shopping, transportation, medical insurance and social insurance and other services, holding public card members of the public can use a card to be possible to realize the basic necessities of life and pension, medical and social needs.

"Now Tuocheng already can be used in the bus. At the same time, it can buy breakfast, will be put into the market of public bicycle is the use of the card credit card use, greatly facilitate the public travel and life." Yulin city industry and trade information bureau chief Li Ming told the author that, at present, Yulin City Bureau of industry and information in accordance with the unified plan of the province, has completed the top-level design and construction of E-government public platform, to achieve the provincial, city and county level e-government platform for announcement of interoperability.

According to reports, the county government hall covering the civil affairs, health, health, industry and Commerce and other units, to provide convenience for the business of the people. Many county residents can clearly feel, now apply for housing registration, marriage registration procedures can be handled at the county level of government in the lobby.

The author from Yulin City Information Industry Bureau was informed that the current e-government at county level unified platform for the work is progressing smoothly, Jingbian, Shenmu, Suide and Mizhi and counties e-government platform has been acceptance by the labor letter department, Shenmu county for the first batch of business analysis and information resource design and e-government public platform design of the pilot units.


Comprehensively promote the construction of smart city

Recently, the author in the high-tech zone of yulin city unicom building Internet + wisdom "yulin city experience hall", according to the, wisdom city after implementation, can implement traffic, government, law enforcement, environmental protection, hydrology and industrial intelligent management.


At present, the city government emergency command center, information resources data center computer room, the electronic government affairs of CA authentication security platform, population meter, the labour and social security of digital engineering, "China's golden auditing", the "Golden Finance" digital engineering, traffic management digital phase II project was basically completed, fiscal, taxation, banking and the horizontal networking system the budget revenue and expenditure information sharing. The tax system has realized the automation office, and has established the on-line collection and management system and the on-line tax declaration system. At the same time to achieve the 110, 119, three, 122 of the unified integration of the police station.

Smart city construction includes a lot of content, including medical, property management, community services and office systems and other systems, smart city construction will greatly facilitate the needs of the public life." Yulin Internet plus experience the wisdom of the city hall staff Feng Yanyang said for example, how much area covers lost after the automatic alarm and notify the relevant units to carry out maintenance, parking in the garage can at a glance.

According to Yulin city industry and Trade Information Bureau Department staff introduction, education has established a educational information system, and implementing the remote education, initially built the "school to school" project.


Scientific and technological areas to complete the Yulin agricultural expert system (part of the red dates) construction, small and medium enterprises service platform has been built and run. "Yulin Energy and chemical database, Yulin comprehensive information service database and Yulin of geographic spatial information database is built, population libraries, corporate libraries, macro economic base database to build cities, the population base, the legal base has been completed, macro economic base under construction.


According to the deployment of Yulin City Bureau of industry and information planning and construction of the wisdom of the Yulin must strengthen coordination, the city's "unified planning, unified platform, unified management, funds, project co-ordination, co-ordination. At the same time, the construction wisdom Yulin cloud computing center, realizing the sharing of information resources.

Construction of the four major information service platform

In future work, Yulin MIIT Bureau will focus on "Internet plus city", "Internet plus government" and "Internet plus enterprise", "Internet plus" four in one of the smart city construction mode, enhance the city's competitiveness and attractiveness, realize the innovation of low carbon industry by government economy, green friendly the city environment, scientific and efficient, and ultimately public high quality of life.

While grasping the wisdom city construction of key projects, based on the wisdom of the Yulin cloud computing center, the four platforms: integrated information platform of e-government construction, urban management integrated information service platform, economic operation of the comprehensive information service platform and services to the people's livelihood integrated information service platform, on top of the platform is focused on the realization of educational wisdom, wisdom, health, integrity of the Yulin, city of peace, wisdom, environmental protection, intelligent transportation, enterprise cloud applications such as, promote wisdom Yulin comprehensive construction.


People hope to speed up the wisdom urban construction


The 26 year old Ms. Wang for a camel city bus pass card. Just when the card can only take the bus, but also can be used to buy breakfast, it is said that this card can be used to handle public bicycle rental procedures." Wang told China Daily reporter, hoping one card can provide more services, so that life becomes more simple.

Ms. Wang said, now pay water fees, gas fees, health insurance will have corresponding card and card package is always full, sometimes because of careless and lost part of the card, formalities is very troublesome. If you can achieve the public card service, then it is convenient, but also to bring great convenience to life." Ms. Wang said.

China Daily reporter in an interview found that many people have: I hope to speed up the construction of smart city, so that life becomes easy and simple. "

The public Geng Xiaomin told Chinese News reporters: "in Xi'an and some of the big cities, from the bus station distance and arrival time is clear, each parking field on the number of parking spaces are clear, is the embodiment of the wisdom of the city."

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