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Recently, the yunnan province's first "digital grain" pilot demonstration project by the expert committee review, officially put into use.Among them, based on the RFID handset Internet of things is one of the most popular technology of radio frequency

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 Recently, the yunnan province's first "digital grain" pilot demonstration project by the expert committee review, officially put into use.Among them, based on the RFID handset Internet of things is one of the most popular technology of radio frequency identification technology has been widely applied, its are helping yunnan food industry transformation and upgrading.


Can monitor every grain of food


On March 25, located in Kunming city through the open area of Kunming grain reserve center library, a car loaded with food truck parked in the grain depot loadometer station near, waiting for weighing. I saw the truck slowly approaching the pound has just stopped, the electronic voice broadcast device reported a car weight. LED electronic display at the pound also showed erect wagon weight and arranging in words. In the pound around, the installation of vehicle detectors, sensors, RFID (radio frequency identification) reader, camera and other things, such as sensor equipment and automatic control equipment.

The reporter was attracted by the small blue pendant car mirror hanging. "This is a car with RFID tags, in the grain to Hong sampler detection completed, grain cars and trucks carrying food information were recorded in the electronic label in, including varieties, grades, dry humidity, the serial number of the granary service etc.. With it, after weighing, drivers no longer need to get off to take the documents, direct the food to the barn can be specified." Provide technical support of airlines for digital grain day Information Co., Ltd. technical staff Feng Xianze said loadometer weighing system, get rid of the previous hand written number, registration account, statistical backward way, realizes the automatic data acquisition, automatic business process, business processing fast and accurate. You can view the administrator in the Office Depot Vehicle Weighing, real-time monitoring of weighing.

Grain vehicles arrived at the designated barn, the warehouse keeper will be using RFID hand-held machine to scan the truck on the hanging, read the two-dimensional bar code. Successful "docking", the barn door automatically open release. Otherwise, it will "disappear", refused to enter the door.


Can be induced per grain change


According to the Aerospace Information Co., Ltd. in Yunnan, the only authorized the project to undertake party Yunnan sea Luther Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Assistant Yan LaSalle, digital grain from the grain to port, warehousing, storage, even tone dial, inventory, retrieval, delivery, and monitoring platform can see in real time. Digital grain with visual, documented and controlled several advantages, in the information platform, all nodes information at a glance, as long as had known can be found, not only to the security work added a line of defense, also to the construction of a clean and honest administration and the defense line, can effectively avoid the human food "and" corrupt grain. "

Feng Xianze said that networking technology to grain depot to bring the magic is that networking data do not false, all save the how much food, data will be automatically recorded to national background data system and the data without authorization who can not change. This is of great significance for food security.

According to the Kunming grain and oil purchasing and marketing company responsible person, before, the temperature inside the warehouse requires warehouse personnel to take a specific instrument into the barn to monitor the grain storage temperature, the day is very hard, and difficult to achieve real-time monitoring. Today, the networking and the modern information technology, through in the barn laying temperature, humidity, pressure, gas many dedicated for granary sensors and automatic device, the realization of the real-time monitoring of food preservation state. Various sensors will be the grain pile top, middle and bottom of the related data to the computer, the temperature is more than a warning value, the system can automatically open the ventilator and the doors and windows for ventilation cooling operations; when pest is found in the system, they can prompt for recirculation fumigation for industry.


The integration of digital grain, integrated, intelligent management, greatly improves the efficiency of the management of food, so that every grain of rice can be induced to, also can be protected.

Can protect every grain of food security

Digital grain construction will drive the Kunming city throughout the food industry to a new level. At the same time, but also will promote the transformation and upgrading of the food industry. " Kunming City Grain Bureau deputy director Yang Yajuan, grain as the main carrier of grain storage is an important part of the grain circulation, grain depot informationization construction become the trend of the times and social progress, to enhance the ability of macroeconomic regulation and control of grain, to ensure that the city's food safety has important significance.

In fact, from 2012 onwards, "digital grain has been incorporated into the the Kunming 1025 food circulation industry development plan" as key projects for the support. Since the pilot project started in 2014, the construction of a substantial step forward. In the Kunming City 45 grain circulation industry development plan "," digital grain will also as the highlight is key construction support, to the end of the "45", the city's municipal reserves granary storage will realize digital management.

"In the past, the informatization level of grain depot system in Kunming city is relatively low." Yang Yajuan said, at present, the grain depot information system construction to take two steps, first of all to with RFID handheld prophetic digital grain "for demonstration, and then gradually pushed, in this based on the lifting grain depot overall informatization level.


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