Under the industrial age 4.0 mobile intelligent terminal and robot new opportunity

With the "4.0" industrial era, global demand for robot show explosive growth, as a hand-held mobile intelligent terminal industry has gradually become the Internet of things "new favorite" of The Times.

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 With the "4.0" industrial era, global demand for robot show explosive growth, as a hand-held mobile intelligent terminal industry has gradually become the Internet of things "new favorite" of The Times.

1. The power policy, to promote industrial and service robot market growth


Industrial powers the industrial policy of the robot, such as the German industrial 4.0, robots in Japan new strategy, the United States advanced manufacturing partnership program, China 45 planning "and" made in China 2025 "and other national policy, into robot industry development important connotation, not only will lead to the industrial robot market continued to grow, has also led to the development of professional and personal / family service robot market rapid growth.

2 automotive industry is still the main users of industrial robots

Now stage auto industrial manufacturers still is the largest user of the industrial robot, by 2014 the automotive industry robot density, Japan, Germany, the United States, South Korea per 10000 personnel in using more than more than 1000 sets of industrial robots, and China is 305 Taiwan. Due to Japan, Germany, the United States and the Republic of Korea is a country of automobile industry, the future industrial robot main demand is still the automobile industry.

3 arms collaborative robot is a new industrial robot market


With the continued growth of the cost of personnel, including personnel cost burden on assembly OEM manufacturers and small and medium enterprises relatively heavy, with population aging serious national labor shortage, making arms cooperative robots become the reducing personnel costs, improve production efficiency and supplemental labor gap solutions. Tokyo International Robot Exhibition in 2015, the world will vigorously promote the cooperation of Dachang robot robot.

4 service robot market growth momentum is very


Service robots, at this stage to sweep the floor, entertainment robots and medical care machines and other support the overall market. For the advancement of artificial intelligence to make service robots have interactive communication with human and make life companion service robot market will become a new force. In addition, some of the country's agricultural aging is becoming increasingly serious, so it also led to the growth of agricultural robots demand.


"Industrial 4" products are gradually commercialized, and cooperative robots are promising.

5 mobile intelligent terminal open network era Prelude

Information and communication innovation drive mobile intelligent terminal application of explosive growth, opened the prelude to the era of the Internet of things, but also to stimulate production to industrial 4.0 "concept, launched a comprehensive industry upgrade motion. As of the end of 2015, Germany, Japan, the United States manufacturers exhibition industry 4.0 solve scheme or products, mostly still in the show occasionally laboratory stage not yet commercialized push.

Some products in the first commercial, into the future market acceptance index

National institutions in most of the R & D industry 4.0 technology is not yet mature, distance can be transferred to manufacturers, there is a period of time, relatively speaking, robots and machine tool manufacturers in collaborative robot and networking tool machine rapid development. After the commercialization of the market, the real growth of the market to wait until after 2016-2017 years to achieve.

At present, the first category of formal commercial products is a collaborative robot". Swiss ABB launched two arms "Yu-Mi" cooperative robot, the German KUKA launched "LBRiiwa", FANUC launched "CR-35iA", YASKAWA launched "MOTOMAN-HC10" and so on, most of the 2015 years to launch. The product price from 16 thousand euros to 10 million euros.


Collaborative robot appearance less acute angle, and touch before they are able to reduce speed or stop, safety; system built in visual, direct drive robotic arm movement and teach motion, the robot will track memory automatically after the operation, with intelligence and operator to work together.

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