China's battleground for robot application and market prospect

Robot is the pearl of the crown at the top of the "manufacturing", its research and development, manufacture, application is to measure a nation's scientific and technological innovation and the important symbol of the levels of high-end manufacturing.

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Chinese robot market is huge, no doubt will bring enormous business opportunities to the industry, which is a basic fact.

Robot is the Pearl of the crown of manufacturing industry, its research and development, manufacturing and application is an important symbol to measure a country's scientific and technological innovation and the level of high-end manufacturing industry. In recent years, the scale of China's robot market has been expanding, especially in the field of industrial robots, has become the fastest growing market in the world.

Vice president of the Dongguan robotics Association Luo Baihui believes that the current use of the robot is still far below the global average level of the global average, the core component is heavily dependent on imports, the market is still in cultivation period. In 2015, China put forward the "made in China 2025" strategy, the robot industry as one of the nine strategic priorities and tasks.

Under the stimulation of the market and policy, China's robot industry will usher in an important period of development opportunities.

Dividend policy

Revive manufacturing industry has become a major industrial countries race to implement the national strategy: the United States proposed "re industrialization" and "manufacturing regression, to adjust and upgrade the traditional manufacturing industry structure and competitiveness; Germany announced" to ensure the future of German industrial base status, plans for the future industrial 4.0 "implementation advice", target is 8 ~ 10 years to achieve industrial 4.0; Britain announced the British industrial strategy for 2050; Japan released to manufacturing industry white paper and the new robot strategy; South Korea launched a manufacturing innovation 3.0 strategy...

In recent years, China's policy level to continue to strengthen the support of the robot industry, the relevant planning and special policies have been introduced, the industrial robot industry is facing a good policy environment.

In May 8, 2015, the State Council officially issued "made in China 2025". "Made in China 2025" is the first ten years of the "three steps" strategy of China's manufacturing powerhouse.

"Made in China 2025 proposed, to accelerate the fusion of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing depth as the main line, in order to promote the intelligent manufacturing as the main direction to construct information under the condition of industrial ecological system and new manufacturing mode.

Plan proposed many focus on the development of key technologies, the core components, new sensor technology, advanced control and optimization technology, model of the sensor and its system, intelligent control system of fieldbus, industrial robots and special robot and servo control mechanism, directly relate to machine industry. The high-end CNC machine tools and robots, has also been listed as one of the ten key development areas.

Greatest demand country

In recent years, with the development of the robotics industry and local government subsidies and other industrial policies to promote the robot in the field of various industries to obtain a more widely used, is the formation of the normalization of manufacturing sector.

Robots in some of the low end of the market, the rapid expansion of the application. For example, in the 3C industry (computer, communication and consumer electronics), due to the high accuracy of the operation, fast production rhythm, labor intensity, the robot is popular. Aviation, aerospace, logistics, shipping and other fields, but also increasingly become the main battlefield of the robot application.

International Federation of Robotics (IFR) released in 2015 forecast report pointed out that China's industrial robot 2016~2018 sales will reach 78 thousand and 500 units, 98 thousand and 100 units, 122 thousand and 700 units, an average annual growth of about 25%. Expected before 2017, China's industrial robot has the volume will become the world's first.

International Robot Association released the latest industry report showed that 2015 all regions of the world industrial robot sales demand growth rate ranked in Asia, ranking the top, China with 59% of growth become the biggest demand of industrial robots.

Despite the rapid growth of China's industrial robot sales over the past five years, but from the use of density (per 10000 workers have the machine number) and application of the proportion of indicators, in our country and the overseas mature market compared is still in a low level, as of 2015, China robot using density is only 34 units, the international average level for 56. Horizontal contrast in developed countries, South Korea is the world's industrial robots to use the highest density of countries, each of ten thousand workers have 437 robots, 323 in Japan, 282 in Germany, 152 in the United States.

According to Luo Baihui estimates, by 2020, China's industrial robot annual sales will reach 200 thousand units. Assuming a single robot average price of 200 thousand yuan, 2016~2020 years 5 years, the total size of the sale of the robot market in China nearly 200 billion yuan.

Dual drive

At present, due to the slowdown in China's labor force quantity rising labor costs and the need of industrial structure optimization upgrading and production quality and efficiency needs to be improved. This double factors, is where the main driving force for the rapid development of robot industry in our country.

From the perspective of population structure, China's labor costs in 2009 compared with 2015, up about 83%, the demographic dividend gradually weakened, compared to the decline in competitive advantage, the manufacturing sector is facing a serious cost pressure. At the same time, the aging trend of the whole society is obviously increased. After 2015, the number of working age population decreased, machine substitutions has become the inevitable choice to solve the problem of aging.

From the perspective of the industrial structure, China's "12th Five-Year" actively promote the transformation of economic development mode, promote the depth of integration of information technology and industrialization, and transform the traditional industries to upgrade. A typical representative of the robot as a high-end equipment manufacturing is to achieve an important means of production, digital service, networked, intelligent, is to achieve the transformation and upgrading of the industrial base, will become an integral part of the adjustment of industrial structure is an important starting point.

In addition, according to Japan, Korea and other countries experience, when the country's per capita GDP reached about $6000, the application of the robot will start fast

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