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Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is a kind of automatic identification and data acquisition technology based on wireless technology, its application in identification of friendly aircraft during world war ii.Along with the computer informa

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Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is a kind of automatic identification and data acquisition technology based on wireless technology, its application in identification of friendly aircraft during world war ii.Along with the computer information technology and the maturity and development of very large scale integrated circuit technology, radio frequency identification technology in various fields has been rapid development.Especially in the field of military logistics, represented by the us department of defense military organizations, as improve logistics management digitization booster, caused widespread attention and comprehensive study, rfid technology is practical and scale.


In the field of military logistics, the U. S. Department of defense summary in Gulf War to guarantee the material of experience and lessons, that in each link of the supply chain master material position, number and status of supply capability has the extremely important influence. In the subsequent development of logistics strategic transformation in the new period six goals of "joint total asset visibility" plan in, radio frequency identification technology as an important part of into, and that the technology is to supply chain implementation valuable insight and to ensure that forces ready to do battle ready to use a logistic transformation tool.

Main application of radio frequency identification technology in military logistics

At present, the application of RFID technology in military logistics is mainly focused on the way of transportation, monitoring and control of equipment and material, the management of storage and the search, distribution and so on.

1 visual management of material transportation

That in a container or loading large equipment, container trailer to install radio frequency label, also in each node on the transport starting point, the end point and the transhipment station configuration of fixed or portable data acquisition terminal and a background computer system. When installing RFID container or transport vehicles passed, the RFID reader read stored in RFID tags information and transmits it to the backstage computer system to store and display. If necessary, RFID reader can also according to the instructions of the RF tag to update the contents. Computer system by wired and wireless network or a communications satellite will be equipped with, material information is transmitted to higher level central database, logistics personnel at all levels and the relevant units through the database can be timely access to transit all material position, changes in the number, damaged goods and complementary changes etc. information.

Storage management of the 2 materials gathering place

Radio frequency identification technology except for transit goods location, quantity, status tracking applications, in material to build temporary opened the field freight yard and all kinds of permanent goods warehouse storage management also play a important role. In the temporary field yard, and all kinds of permanent warehouse material warehousing operations, transit of goods, cargo distribution, re packaging, shelf management and other aspects, RFID technology and bar code technology can also play the recording information, the identification of goods, and has the range and operation of bar code optical reading farther than the more simple and easy.

3 specific items to find the system

In temporary air staging areas, or ordinary warehouse, when the need to search for an item, operator start handheld RFID reader transmit radio frequency electromagnetic wave activation tagging, installed in the container or pallet RFID tag will respond, beeping and flashing indicating the location of the goods, also to RFID reader feedback the information of goods, operator Xunsheng light can find the container. If acousto-optic prompt failure, or not suitable for acousto-optic prompt occasions (such as the noisy environment or an acousto-optic control case), can also through the handheld RFID reader built-in positioning device to find.

4 articles distributing device

Radio frequency identification device can also be used for personal supplies, daily necessities, the issuance of management. Before U. s.forces are using barcode technology grant clothing, clothing company will bar code stickers issued in military uniforms, combat service, sent to the recruitment center or in a camp. In the recruits to try on, managers using a scanner to scan the tag will fit recruits wear combat uniform size, color, style, and other information into the computer, the computer will spread information defense soldier support center, then conveyed to the clothing company by the center, used to make production plan. The application of RFID technology in the distribution of items such as clothing, drugs, and other items, in the past need to be completed in a number of steps can be completed, not only saves the manpower and improve the efficiency.

The application of RFID technology in military logistics field, effectively improves the efficiency and guarantee, improve the material tracking, inventory management ability and labor productivity, greatly reducing the repeated application and loss of goods, the internal business process is optimized.


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