Teng is three reinforcement to recognize tablet application in forest fire prevention solutions

Bad in such a difficult environment, forest armed police informationization plan is limited by multiple test and, generally, gauge computer has been unable to meet demand, what is needed is a strong type of three reinforced tablets, can easily carry climb

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Forest fire prevention and fighting, protect the national forest resources, is the key role of the armed police forces.In recent years, the forest fire situation is very serious in our country, the number of armed police troops involved in fighting forest fire increased year by year, only 1999 years since the last ten years, they put out the forest fire more than 3500, to complete the work of more than 23000 times, to protect the national forest resources has made an indelible contribution.On August 25, 1948, the northeast people's executive committee issued orders, such as mountain, longjiang, songjiang, jilin to form four armed forest protection team.


Forest police forces to fulfill the duty of the 100 million 6 million hectares of forest and grassland and fire extinguishing task, a daily average of at least 400 forest armed police officers and soldiers who fought in the line of fire. The main service includes guard forest, forest fire prevention, and ecological protection. From the Changbai Mountains to the snow covered plateau, from Yunnan to Wuyi Mountains, forest police forces must be to in the storm protection forests, flutter in the wind and snow in the fire and in the slow and difficult mountain road struggling to move forward to perform the task. In addition, in order to will be all the way to collect information or disaster scene status and progress of the detailed record, on the shoulders of the machinery and equipment is unwieldy, camera, a radio transmitter, maps and so on is exacerbated by the hardships of the journey.

In such a difficult bad environment, forest police information by multiple tests and limitations, the general rules of business computer has been unable to meet the demand, need is a rugged proofing reinforcement tablet computer, can be convenient to carry and climb steep mountains, able to withstand the storm of rain and snow, can continue to operate in the low temperature, without affecting the relief work. For more professional personnel of the special work request and sontek rock series HugeRock T80 Sanfang reinforcement tablet computer can provide a full range of solutions and a successful forest police forces informationization project plan. HugeRock T80 by magnesium alloy casing, anti glare glass protection layer, seismic and shatter resistant design, having a sealing type I / O protection cover and a protective plate, and by the US military standard have 810g and IP67 certification, waterproof, dustproof, shock proof and high and low temperature resistance, not only can help forest police daily patrol duty, can also meet the forest fire emergency.


In addition, HugeRock T80 Sanfang reinforcement tablet computer for industry's first Taiwan provides with a glove is multi touch solutions, using 7.85 "HD IPS/AFFS display, emergency relief, troops of the forest side with gloves on relief, while at the same time can be an important data input, fast and convenient industrial operation of three proofing tablet, time is efficiency. In addition, T80 HugeRock battery life is high, can support a long time relief work, so that the front-line staff and control center at any time to maintain close contact.

In order to make the combat command decision and management more convenient, relief personnel at the scene can reinforcement Tablet PC link radio transmitter using HugeRock T80 anti-corrosion and transmission field of geographic information and disaster data back to the command center. In addition, the combatant commanders as long as gently press the mouse, you can quickly get meteorological data, the disaster situation and distribution, and fire analysis and on-site command dispatcher and counsel relief strategy. Through these information solutions, let the crisis can be faster and safer lift and relief workers don't need to carry too much equipment, as long as in the HugeRock T80 Sanfang reinforcement tablet machine for the task can be.

HugeRock T80 provide forest Armed Police Corps of the most complete information solutions, whether it is general forest patrol observations, conservation, or forest fire emergency rescue, can greatly enhance the working efficiency, reduce the operation time, more important is, through the HugeRock T80 strong solidity can and data transmission capability, can let control center to grasp the front the latest information, to provide decision-making and resource scheduling, a task to extinguish the fire.

Reduce maintenance cost

The past use of the computer for non rugged, often in harsh environment impaired cannot use, cause huge maintenance cost, more serious may also will hamper relief efforts to produce significant errors. HugeRock T80's introduction of extending the reinforcement of three proofing tablet can use fixed number of year and can be used in the range, but also greatly reduces the cost of troops.

Reduce equipment carrying, improve efficiency

Past forest troops in performing their duties must bear many devices to record or access to information, which contains the camera, computer, maps and other. HugeRock T80 will be integrated into a machine, can convenient carrying and operation, computation and analysis. Light and convenient design to help the first time arrived at the scene rapid relief.

Enhance management flexibility and reliability

Through HugeRock T80 three proofings reinforcement tablet computer transmission function, operational commanders can obtain the real-time data from the front line of disaster relief, and then analyze the disaster and disaster plans, significantly enhance the management function, manpower and material resources can obtain the most appropriate deployment, and quickly convey instructions. Also because of the decision based on the increase, the decision is more reliable than in the past, shorten the task time.

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