Rugged tablet android industry application in vegetable supply chain management process

Vegetables as the important agricultural product, indispensable in People's Daily life.With the improvement of living standards and the development of society, security and fresh vegetables also has to be the concern of the people.Vegetables from product

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Vegetables, as an important agricultural product, are indispensable in people's daily life. With the improvement of the living standard and the development of the society, the problem of the safety of vegetables and the preservation of vegetables have been concerned by people. Vegetables from the production link to the sales link to form a more complete supply chain system, there are many intermediate links, low efficiency, a series of problems. We should focus on the efficiency of vegetable supply chain, and discuss the way to improve the efficiency of the vegetable supply chain, and then put forward the solution of the optimization measures of the vegetable supply chain based on the strengthening of the Android industrial tablet PC.


Headquarters is located in German Yuri hopes Zutra designed for sugar beet production supply chain services, company will harvest the sugar beet from farms shipped to factories, sugar beet in the plant will be processed into a variety of sugar products.

It is essential to ensure the efficient operation of agricultural products, which is very important to ensure the efficient operation. In the past, the work involves a lot of paperwork. In order to improve production efficiency, the company hopes to develop a method of using mobile data acquisition terminal equipment can be operated without paper sugar beet transportation supply chain process, thus ensuring that the work can be fast and efficient implementation.

However, digital equipment used in the trade of agricultural products logistics must be able to withstand falling or impact. Outdoor job nature of this work also means that the sun will bring trouble, because the traditional device of the screen is difficult to read in direct sunlight.

Sugar beet harvest the farm work means Zutra need in about 100 days time all-weather uninterrupted transport of agricultural products, so equipment will never to stop. Zutra Logistics Manager Rainer Emmerich said: "we can't afford any fault consequences, so we need to can fully meet the application requirements of professional equipment, and rapid response when necessary. '


Therefore, business need to ensure that the equipment is not only the most rugged durability of the equipment on the market, and even if it happens probability is very low, also can rapid repair or replacement, thus maximize the relationship downtime.

Sontek provides rock series HugeRock T70 reinforcement Ann Zhuo industrial panel PCs, these devices installed in harvester cab our car base, they will in the harvesting process of collecting, processing and displaying information. T70 HugeRock reinforced Android industrial Tablet PC with 7 HD display, quad core 1.5GHz ARM frequency processing technology, compatible with LTE. The equipment also uses the new 3D aviation technology, equipped with a dedicated Beidou Positioning and navigation module and two heat exchange batteries (battery life of up to 8-10 hours).

T70 MIL-STD-810G also passed the HugeRock certification, which means it can withstand the impact of falling to the concrete ground, and can prevent dust and water into the. Emmerich said: "the system must be able to seismic, dust, anti fouling. Vehicle applications, vibration is a big problem. The common mobile communications system and the compass and other integrated interface used to be the main reason for the use of the equipment, because the shock port will become loose. Since T70 HugeRock has been equipped, we have been completely out of this problem."

T70 IPS/AFFS also uses the HugeRock technology, the display is not only energy-saving, but also to read in the sun. The field application engineer said: "Zutra will be the technology into the harvest process for the hardware to put forward a very specific requirements, these requirements can only be achieved through the real strengthening device. Drivers need to a tolerable cab in the harsh conditions of the equipment. The equipment can be on the big screen clearly display data, and in all the outdoor conditions are clear and readable. HugeRock T70 undoubtedly is the most suitable solution. "

The driver to complete the harvest and the agricultural products shipped to the factory, will carry a load weighing, then, the relevant information will be transferred from the driving room of the T70 USB to the HugeRock data key. Driver will be the key to the factory, and in accordance with the number of delivery to get compensation, the plant can fully confirm the harvest and origin.

T70 HugeRock completely changed the way the Zutra's operation. Emmerich said: as part of the future development, we also increase the compass coordinates, which can more accurately determine the location of the land. Before we can add navigation and tracking function, help us operation system is an important part, so that we can clearly identify and track goods using UMTS and compass, can also through the compass coordinates to calculate the distance freight transport. "

Enderling Zutra, an operator from Matthias, said: "the strengthening of the Android industrial Tablet PC is a real value, which helps us to get rid of the tedious paperwork and allows us to make more efficient use of time. Receiving season, we probably want to send 7000 to 10000 copies of the goods, you can imagine how we use the touch screen frequency is high, but still do not stop using the clock. But with T70 HugeRock, everything is easy."

Shuo Teng T70 HugeRock reinforced Android industrial Tablet PC is very suitable for the project requirements. Mettenmeier company sales manager Mazoud Zandieh said sontek and Mettenmeier support team effort trying to find a solution, to satisfy all technical requirements, and provides a feasible solution for the Zutra. To meet the technical requirements of the complex, this point is very important.


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