RFID android handset about parking difficult problem solution

With the help of intelligent terminal products, particularly teng technology production of RFID to recognize android handset, is not only a product of modern information technology and Internet technology, but also improve the traffic situation, resources

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"Parking" are not limited to the influence of the park itself, has also led to a series of urban management issues."Parking" traffic congestion.Zhongguancun in Beijing, nanjing xinjiekou, guangzhou tianhe bustling business circle, such as short of parking has caused serious congestion of traffic."Parking" public disputes.Put to lock in recent years, due to the private, from the lawn, roadway taking-up wall road neighborhood disputes, caused by vehicle parking problems such as cut, not a few, parking problems caused by security incidents and violence also happen from time to tome.How to solve the parking problem, alleviate traffic became the first focus, government of all levels and the citizens.RFID安卓手持终端关于停车难问题的解决方案

First, the background of the program

Along with the growing number of household cars, traffic congestion, vehicle safety, chaotic stop misplacing, environmental pollution and other issues has become increasingly prominent, especially the "indiscriminate parking, parking difficult" it is a constraint to the city's economic and social development of the "bottleneck". How to solve the parking problem, ease traffic pressure has become the focus of the government, the first concern of the public.

Two, program significance

Of vehicle for unified planning, optimization and management, is conducive to the rational planning of vehicle parking resources and mining parking new resources; the vehicle stop chaos misplacing phenomenon to rectify, is conducive to the expansion of parking resources and improve the traffic phenomenon; reasonable toll lane and parking on the roadside, is conducive to the realization of parking resources efficient utilization. With the help of intelligent terminal products, especially sontek production of science and technology, RFID Android handset terminal is not only the product of modern information technology and networking technology, but also improve the traffic and parking resources optimization, uniform vehicle management of the magic weapon of choice.


Three, RFID Android handheld terminal

Teng Technology RFID Android handheld terminal is an industrial grade intelligent terminal equipment, relying on sophisticated radio frequency technology and development and design, is currently on the market to read the most stable RFID devices. Can realize the vehicle information automatic recognition, automatic reading, automatic data storage, historical data query and other functions. At the same time, provide SDK development kit, available for users to develop and use two times to meet the special needs of users, so the technology of this section RFID Android handheld terminal, can be applied to the various scenarios of vehicle management.

1 business super car park;

2 the parking lot of enterprises and institutions;

3 public parking lot; 4 roadside temporary parking spaces;

5 residential area vehicle access

Four, Teng Technology RFID Android handheld terminal features

1.RFID radio frequency technology: in the label to write vehicle information (owner, license plate number and other information), and then in each car affixed to the corresponding electronic tags, to effectively prevent the parking behavior.

2 wireless remote identification: whenever the vehicle is close to the car park, the RFID Android handheld terminal will feel the tag, so as to automatically read the RFID tags within the vehicle information, to achieve automated management.

3 support a large number of recognition: RFID Android handheld terminal to support the same time segment read the identification of vehicle information, and guide the vehicle to quickly pass, to avoid clogging, improve the efficiency of vehicle traffic.

4. Outdoor work: taking into account the outdoor parking lot, RFID handheld machine special through three proofings IP67 waterproof test, body more work in - 20 DEG C to + 70c DEG C environment, the service life of up to 8 years.

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