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Handsets are combined with the bar code technology, PDA and GPRS technology of bar code acquisition device.In the express logistics project, to help express company of accurate and fast service for our customers.In the express delivery business, how to ac

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Project background

Along with the rapid development of national economy and society, the logistics industry development and competition fierce degree presents an unprecedented situation, customer demand also showed the development trend of diversification and individuation, existing logistics system to the development requirements has become powerless, so urgent construction of an integrated logistics information platform. And automatic identification technology, which is an important ways and means of data information automatic recognition, automatic input computer, we provide the fast and accurate data acquisition input of effective means. Fully solve the problems in the logistics industry.


Industry status quo and difficulties:

With the maturity of the express delivery market, express company between the increasingly fierce competition and also launched the next day, Tingri, and other services, in order to better attract customers, can in the first time update shipment status information and let the client on the company's website at any time query shipment information, become a important content service and the means of competition.

Express industry is currently one of the largest in the world in the field of bar code application market. But the goods transit links and more, low efficiency of manual sorting; bar code application more, but in actual operation in the utilization rate is not high; most of the original data by hand entry and is difficult to search; raw data acquisition and transmission means is limited, it is difficult to meet the enterprise's needs; of parcels, mail and goods of whole process monitoring and tracking means backward.

At present, logistics and express industry most of the use of Ordinary Express documents, by way of manual entry of, general business personnel after delivery back to the documents record by, low efficiency, error prone, the efficiency is not high, with the development of economy, logistics and express business has become increasingly busy, the increase of the number of notes, manual inspection, management has not adapt to the requirements of the development of the modern era, the industry is also a growing need for a set of advanced, high efficiency, perfect cargo tracking management system.


System overview

Handheld machine is a combination of bar code technology, handheld computer technology and GPRS technology bar code acquisition equipment. In the express delivery of the project, to help express the company accurately and quickly for the customer service. In the express delivery business, how to accurately grasp the tracking of the delivery process; effective analysis, management of the work of the courier. And customers in a timely manner to understand their own delivery of the delivery of the situation, these are the evaluation of the level of the courier company a factor. We can with the help of the Internet technology, bar code technology, SMS platform technology and GPRS new technology can quickly grasp the information, to speed up the service accuracy, improve work efficiency, reduce the error rate, reduce operating costs.

Express industry advanced logistics automation equipment and technology, and good information system platform to rely on in order to play a role, automation equipment and technology can from the hardware to improve the work efficiency, reduce the human operation error rate, and information platform from the software for flow enterprise provide a lot of data and information management, to serve as a basis for management decisions. The integration of automation equipment and technology and information platform, especially the application of hand-held machine can greatly improve the timeliness, accuracy and real-time of information acquisition.

System characteristics

Through the scheme combined with the computer system, using bar code and RFID automatic identification technology, mobile handheld terminal technology to build integrated logistics information processing platform, the full realization of Express items of information input, the entire share; for users provide full real-time dynamic tracking; information processing, system operation conditions, the quality of operational monitoring and management, at the same time for managers at all levels to provide real, effective and timely management and decision support information, to provide support for the rapid development of the business.

After the application of the system, no longer need to manually find a lot of documents, each clerk's daily business is clear, every customer's daily, monthly hair pieces of the situation at a glance.

Bar code scanning of the access to improve the speed of transfer, reduce the rate of error in the way of hand copied. Comprehensive, economic, practical express logistics management system, the realization of the logistics tracking and fast and accurately grasp the information flow in the process of the flow, capital flow and improve the management efficiency of enterprises, reduce the overall cost of the company, reduce the transmission and transfer error, to achieve business process closely tracking and financial accounts clear control, improve the management level of enterprises, strengthening the capacity of the enterprise, improve the accuracy and timeliness of enterprise information, provide services for the enterprise decision-making. Such as delivery of real-time data is transmitted to the bar code management system, transit can be based on these data arrangements in advance of delivery vehicle or aircraft cabin seat or berth reservation; delivery of data can be directly into the accounting system, to facilitate financial sector statistics courier of performance, salary and other financial calculations such as.

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