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Due to the actual power facilities in the inspection process, there have been some problems to be solved, for the protection of power grid security, Shenzhen City, Teng Technology Co., Ltd. to promote the application of Beidou navigation and positioning h

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First, the system background

Due to the actual power facilities in the inspection process, there have been some problems to be solved, for the protection of power grid security, Shenzhen City, Teng Technology Co., Ltd. to promote the application of Beidou navigation and positioning handheld. Beidou inspection is not only to ensure that the inspection personnel are in place to ensure inspection quality and power grid safe operation and also to facilitate the inspection personnel of the inspection and submit the inspection results, reduce the risk of human error, and the generation of automatic inspection tasks and efficient data analysis statistical functions, can effectively improve the inspection team of the management efficiency and management personnel dealing with the defect of efficiency.


The problem to be solved in the course of electric power inspection:

1) in order to prevent the special situation of individual members can not normally carry out equipment inspection, the basic inspection work is not smooth, unable to effectively carry out the monitoring and management of equipment.

2) to prevent in the inspection process of individual inspector responsibility heart is not strong, not according to the requirements of the climbing pole inspection, maintenance and repair, resulting in short circuit, a large area power outages, equipment damage.

3) due to the wide distribution of the line, a large number of inspection, it is impossible for everyone to have senior engineer's technical ability, resulting in improper handling of the site, causing the accident or cause trouble.

4) after the accident, the cause of the accident is insufficient to identify the evidence.

The inspection of power facilities can grasp the operation status of the circuit and the changes of the surrounding environment in time, and find the hidden danger of the facilities defect and the line safety, ensure the safety of the line and the stable operation of the power system. With the increasing length of the line, it is difficult to guarantee the quality and efficiency of the inspection by the method of the past tour lines.

Two, Beidou Positioning and inspection management system:

Beidou Positioning patrol management system relies on the Beidou Positioning System and information feedback system, can be effectively carried out patrol command, inspection playback process, inspection process evaluation, enhance the inspection work stability, reliability, controllability, improve the quality of the inspection work, effectively reduce the accident rate, to improve the efficiency of the work of the power sector.

Three, Beidou Positioning and inspection management system:

Beidou patrol management system by the software platform of handset Heshuo teng.

Four, Beidou Positioning inspection management system workflow:

In the process of inspection, the inspection personnel must carry a handheld machine according to the inspection plan, arrived at the designated site and automatic or manual inspection information reporting, information will be through GPRS to send to the headquarters management center, the inspection data, headquarters of the patrol system software will automatically for processing, analysis, statistics, report making etc., managers and users to provide a science, accurate inspection information and query based on, and also can greatly enhance the management of work efficiency.


Five, Beidou Positioning and inspection management system

1, through the system can effectively carry out the area map view, quickly locate the location of the relevant power facilities.

2, related to the geographical location of power facilities

3, line settings

The server can reasonably set up the patrol line of the inspection personnel, improve the efficiency of the inspection work and reduce the work intensity of the inspection personnel to the maximum extent.

4, inspection site

The current position and status of the inspection personnel can be viewed in real time, and the historical track of a certain time period can be viewed, and the scene can be reproduced.

5, inspection and observation

Through the inspection personnel return in front of the picture can be the command center to effectively understand power facilities, reasonable inspection guidance, improve scientific inspection.

6, inspection and repair processing

When the inspector found that electric power equipment in case of an emergency, by triggering an emergency alarm button return images or voice calls, be alert to the command center. When the command center after receiving the alarm, the police will quickly set the alarm point. Command center according to the GIS map query alarm area near the patrol personnel and vehicle location, arrange the nearest patrol personnel, emergency equipment to the scene. Query can be deployed near the resources, according to the police point to the nearest patrol personnel and vehicles to the scene.


Six, Beidou Positioning patrol management system

1, development advantages

Compass intelligent inspection management system by Shenzhen Shuo Teng Technology Co., Ltd. independent development, in will be the first time the user needs to convert into real products, effectively improve the compass intelligent inspection management system for convenient, integrity, a better service to power inspection.

2, accurate coordinate information

Beidou intelligent inspection management system based on Beidou Positioning, can accurately locate the relevant power facilities geographic coordinates, to ensure the reliability of GIS map.

3, inspection equipment to buy, carry convenience

Due to Shenzhen Shuo Teng technology production by compass intelligent inspection management system for the inspection of Android handset, the company can unified procurement, reduce the cost; inspection staff can be convenient to carry, the self weight of equipment is reduced, and reducing the intensity of the inspection.

4, inspection and repair of the intuitive

When the inspector found unable to independently solve the power equipment maintenance, not only can by voice and command center to contact and seek help, also can through the ways of image will be on-site equipment situation directly back to the command center, the command center of the experts can be more accurately the solution on the, effective power equipment repair work, greatly improve the equipment repair of intuitive, controllability, scientific and security of.

5, inspection and repair of the rapid processing

Due to the use of the compass intelligent inspection management system, effective and intuitive for alarm, alarm, the police and other aspects of the work, greatly shorten the response time after the accident, a reasonable allocation of resources to effectively repair equipment, rapid completion of the repair work, fully demonstrated power industry "quality service, caring service" concept.

6, the accurate positioning of return images

Inspection personnel through the Android handheld machine system return inspection scene pictures of, inspection system will automatically for the picture to add camera position where the geographical longitude and latitude coordinates, senior management personnel to facilitate the accurate positioning of the image. The picture where geographic coordinates and camera time inspection work of effective management to improve the controllability of the inspection work, and timely evidence to improve the efficiency of the inspection work, save time, lower cost, high efficiency of dealing with emergencies and automatically create emergencies trace file.

Shuo Teng technology according to the actual situation of customers for the two development and customization.

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