Teng to recognize mobile data collection terminal power hidden perils in coal mine system solutions

At present most of the coal mine enterprise informatization technology is used to establish the hidden perils in a set of complete system, but the downhole conditions, complicated geological conditions, there are many blind spots.Underground network at th

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At present most of the coal mine enterprise informatization technology is used to establish the hidden perils in a set of complete system, but the downhole conditions, complicated geological conditions, there are many blind spots.Underground network at the same time, the system fails to extend to all areas, and in the hidden mostly rely on manual record entry system again, easily lead to hidden trouble information distortion and information transfer is not described in sichuan.Proposed in this paper in the process of hidden trouble closed-loop management application of mobile data collection terminal, using mobile data collection terminal for hidden information fast, photographs, and other functions of the input, and through the WiFi or bluetooth to upload data, thus can reconstruct the hidden danger, shorten the hidden dangers in closed loop process cycle, improve the efficiency of removing hidden, reduce hidden perils in coal mine enterprise cost.


1 coal mine hidden danger investigation system

Coal mine hidden investigation system is hidden information database, hidden closed-loop management, "three violations" management, early warning management, data analysis, terminal display set in one of the ex ante risk control information system, its core is based on the proposed American quality management expert Deming PDCA (plan do control action plan implementation - check - processing) cycle concept of hidden closed-loop management. At present, a number of coal mining companies have put forward the model of closed-loop management of security risks, increase security risks to monitor the rectification efforts. According to characteristics of the coal mining enterprises, hidden closed-loop management mode mainly refers to on the safety in production of coal enterprises in the process of all kinds of hidden dangers for timely collection and reporting, and notify the responsible units of the deadline for rectification, the relevant person in charge of site management according to a predetermined risk management measures, after the completion of the notice the supervision and administration of production safety department, safety supervision department in a timely manner to oneself management risks for on-site review, through the review of closed the risks and new closed loop process, did not pass the review shall be the responsibility of the relevant units to governance. A complete hidden closed-loop management process including risk reporting, risk audit, risk management, recovery management, on-site review 5 steps, did not pass the review site hazards will continue to enter the risk management process.


2 underground mobile data acquisition terminal hidden investigation function

Shuo Teng mobile data acquisition terminal is equipped with an embedded operating system for portable data processing terminal, according to the use of the field can be divided into industrial and consumer mobile data acquisition terminal. The underground mobile data acquisition terminal is an industrial grade, which has the characteristics of strong, durable and continuous working in harsh environment, and it is necessary to obtain coal mine safety certification. The mobile data acquisition terminal how to carry the Android operating system based, using closed type design, with waterproof, shockproof, dustproof, high temperature resistant characteristics, is easy to use in harsh environments; besides have WiFi and Bluetooth communication and other commonly used functions, in order to adapt to the underground hazard investigation work need, still need to with LED fill enhanced camera function, built-in RFID (radio frequency identification, RFID) read card function, infrared temperature measurement, automatic detection of gas concentration and function of Sichuan]. Mobile data acquisition terminal is the link between the hidden danger investigation system and the hidden danger in the well, and it plays a great role in the 3 steps of the hidden trouble report, the management reply and the on-site review.

2.1 basic information maintenance

By using the mobile data acquisition terminal to carry out the hidden trouble before, we must synchronize the basic information of the hidden trouble shooting system on a regular basis to the mobile data acquisition terminal. The basic information including personnel information (RFID staff card), location information (RFID card), Department of information and library information security risks. The information department mainly includes the responsible units, rectification unit, review unit information, personnel through RFID card, RFID Card Association. Library of safety hidden danger information includes risks (coal mining, tunneling, "one pass Three Preventions" professional, measuring water prevention and control, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, transportation), risk level (ABC), hidden description (text, pictures, video and related corrective measures. An implicit patient repository can be divided into common hidden information base and standard hidden information database according to the categories. Common hidden danger information library according to the coal mine enterprise's own situation, the historical experience summary usually high frequency of hidden danger information; library of standard hidden danger information according to the experiences and lessons of the large coal enterprise risk management, forming a complete risk management standard system.

2.2 hidden information collection and reporting

Mobile data acquisition terminal through the text, pictures and other quick and accurate description of hidden locations, hidden dangers, hidden information collection can be divided into manual collection and automatic collection. Automatic collection is mainly aimed at the gas concentration monitoring. Safety personnel in mine hidden investigation, gas concentration generally requires sampling in some areas or exceed the standard. Mobile data acquisition terminal automatic acquisition data such as gas concentration, when abnormal, mobile data acquisition terminal according to gas concentration exceeding the level of automatic alarm, and in view of the high level of regional automatic forming a hidden information, so that the relevant departments to timely treatment. Manual collection refers to the safety supervision personnel carrying mobile data acquisition terminal RFID RFID scanning cards, card collecting relevant information. In to reproduce the real situation on the site, due to the dark underground, network limitations and other factors resulted in a video shot is not clear, can not be timely upload, safety supervision personnel through pictures, fast input hidden code or level to determine the hidden information. Safety supervision personnel after collecting the hidden information in need will upload it to the well to timely review and notify the responsible units of the deadline for rectification. Safety supervision personnel can be in the vicinity of the underground station via WiFi upload data, but also in succession via Bluetooth to realize two sets of mobile data acquisition terminal point to point data transmission, a in uploading data well, another Taiwan continued to mine hidden investigation work.

2.3 hidden information management reply and on-site review

Mobile data acquisition terminal in the governance of the reply, on-site review step role is basically the same (governance reply by the responsible units responsible person, on-site review by the safety supervision personnel). When the responsibility of units rectification people after the governance risks, is responsible for the relevant personnel to check whether it meets the requirements of governance, if the line is safety supervision personnel are on-site review, if not by governance will inform the accountability unit rectification continue to govern. Safety personnel in front of the well, first through the WiFi network synchronization and the related risk management information, if well after the letter to be solve the hidden information, well hidden danger investigation system can be attached to the personnel positioning system active sending data to the corresponding well

Mobile data acquisition terminal, and the voice of the telephone to inform the relevant personnel. Safety supervision personnel can also according to the picture and text to determine the results of the review, if the review by the end of the closed-loop management, if the review did not pass to enter the risk management process.


3 mobile data acquisition terminal underground application related suggestions

Establishment of 3.1 hidden information database

The hidden information library is an important guarantee for the enterprise to carry out the hidden danger investigation work, and it is also an important prerequisite for the application of mobile data acquisition terminal for quick and easy entry. From mobile data acquisition terminal point of view, a complete risk information database and to hidden code, level and other convenient safety personnel fast retrieval corresponding with hidden information, and improves the efficiency of hidden trouble collecting and maximum to reduce and manage the delay time, and related personnel will not because risks do not clearly describe caused by delays in risk management. From the perspective of the coal mining enterprises, relevant personnel of enterprises with well hidden danger investigation system or other means high frequency of hidden danger information analysis, describe the establishment risks, hidden consequences, preventive measures, rectification measures, and in pictures or video, forming a complete hazard information recorded in the common risk information database. From the national point of view, the relevant departments should be according to the national or other large coal mines of state enterprise risk management experience and lessons, forming a set of risk management standard system, convenient coal mine enterprise fast query, determine the governance measures.

3.2 hidden location

Usually with the help of personnel positioning system to determine the location of the hidden danger. First by the mobile data acquisition terminal sends a signal to the base station, signal after the base station receives and processes through the network sending back and monitoring center, with the help of personnel positioning system to the mobile data acquisition terminal return the location information trapped. The author believes that the accuracy of the personnel positioning system is the density of the base station layout, and the hidden point. RFID technology can identify specific targets and read and write related data through radio signals. RFID tags can be divided into low frequency (125 kHz or 134.2 kHz), high frequency (MHz) tags (13.56), ultra high frequency tags (MHz 868~956) and microwave tags (2 45GHz) according to the radio frequency. RFID because of its non contact recognition characteristics, very suitable for coal mine underground harsh environment. Mine hidden investigation personnel to collect, location information, using UHF RFID tag has long identification distance, the literacy rate high, strong anti-collision ability characteristics. In view of the mobility of base station layout cost and underground mining channel, it is recommended the relatively cheap price of UHF RFID electronic tag, is responsible for the relevant personnel can be by means of geographic information system (GIS) through underground mine map subdivision of each region and fixed in every corner of the underground, via mobile data acquisition terminal scanning electron label identified hazard locations. The method is simple and practical, and is more accurate.

Sontek mobile data acquisition terminal by pictures, video, text mode solves the coal mine hidden investigation and field distortion and transmission of information is not timely, improved the traditional hidden investigation work mode, to improve the level of coal mine enterprise risk management. At present, mobile data acquisition terminal has been used in Henan Shenhuo Group in Xuehu Coal Mine hidden investigation system resolve scheme so as to obtain a good application effect, in the expansion of the work and investigation coverage at the same time, greatly reduced the hidden closure process cycle, hidden rectification rate increase by 5% to 10%. With the coal mining enterprise personnel awareness of the hidden dangers and technological progress, the use of mobile data acquisition terminal will really realize the hidden investigation work accurate, visual management, to provide protection for coal mine enterprise safety production

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