Teng industrial mobile handsets to recognize the station ticket solution

At present, based on the passenger passive way station station ticket ticket with consciousness difference problem, in order to ensure the station ticket business smoothly, shenzhen teng to recognize science and technology by combining its own characteris

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At present, based on the passenger passive way station station ticket ticket with consciousness difference problem, in order to ensure the station ticket business smoothly, shenzhen teng to recognize science and technology by combining its own characteristics for industrial mobile handsets, a thorough research on the technology and equipment, puts forward the industrial mobile handsets station ticket solutions to meet the needs of the business the passengers convenient and quick.


1 system introduction

The station mobile station ticketing system is divided into industrial mobile handheld machine replacement ticket subsystem and station mobile ticketing management subsystem. Station mobile ticketing management subsystem is composed by a mobile ticketing management server and related software, is based on client / server (C / s) model by Sybase database technology to develop the application system, to achieve with the existing ticketing system data sharing and exchange, completed the opponent to mobile ticketing terminal subsystem support and management of data, and is compatible with the existing station ticketing system data and the consolidated financial statements. Industrial mobile handheld machine system consists of the handset terminal and deployment related software in the computer, station ticket business is realized by adopting a off-line operation mode based on data file. Industrial mobile handheld machine based information file generated by the station mobile ticketing management subsystem, via a communication line download to handheld terminal. Based on these data files handheld terminal to achieve automatic analysis on the reasons and the fare calculation function, complete the various station ticket business needs. Handheld machine operation data (stub and log) after the completion of the station ticket business, through the communication line to upload it to the mobile station ticket management server and through service program to import ticket system to fill database statistics and checkout.

2 system structure

2.1 hardware structure

Station mobile ticketing system hardware mainly includes: the station station mobile ticketing management system server (a), handheld mobile ticketing terminal (a multi station and Taiwan), communications equipment (communication base or communication lines).

Sontek industrial mobile station ticketing solutions of locomotive

2.2 software structure


Core applications 1: station mobile ticketing system management software, the software mainly completes of the station to repair the database management, ticket system is implemented to fill the database and industrial mobile handheld machine database interface, for industrial mobile handheld machine database and excess basic database to provide support.

Core application software: handheld terminal replacement ticket software. The software mainly completes the fare calculation, ticket system, recording stubs.

Other software: operating system, database management system, Pb runtime environment, database interface software station mobile ticketing system management software.

3 main functions of the system

3.1 basic data maintenance

Basic data maintenance functions include: shift definition, ticketing operation management personnel, management of ticket machine, battery management, team plan to define the.

3.2 ticket data conversion and maintenance

Mainly the ticket based data conversion mobile ticketing system generates the required basic data, including ticket train data conversion and train data maintenance.

The 3.3 ticket handheld terminal communication

The main mobile terminal online communication processing functions to achieve, including: downloading data, receive data, handheld ticket terminal initialization and exception handling.

3.4 checkout statistics

Mainly include: to meet the needs of the railway revenue management functions, including the stub, log query, all kinds of statistical reports and data interface.

3.5 monitoring module

Mainly include: the use of the unit definition, window definition, system operator definition, definition, query log train ticket.

The 3.6 ticket handheld terminal function

Makeup, by (1) the sale of various types of ticket types, all kinds of other normal tickets; (2) can sell all kinds of transit visa makeup ticket and change; (3) can be sold not price character, super high, overreach more seats, no tickets and other premium tickets; (4) on the sale of the train I do not change tickets; (5) can be sold free use, visiting tickets Tickets; (6) ticket use query; (7) audit user management function; (8) invalid input and print; (9) stub query statistics; (10) password changes; (11) according to the authorization Piaohao adjustment; (12) income of query and passenger inquiry.


4 system advantage

Shenzhen Shuo Teng technology proposed industrial mobile handheld locomotive station ticket solutions can be based out of the station number and the number of the station is equipped with multiple, mobility and strong pertinence, with the following characteristics: (1) connects seamlessly with existing station ticketing system, to achieve the consolidated financial statements; (2) ticketing system data structure with the ticket system consistent, through to the compensation management system to realize the exchange of real time and complete information; (3) with the existing ticketing system is convenient to carry, and meet the needs of the station ticket business; (4) with the existing ticketing system compare input cost is lower.

Industrial mobile handheld locomotive station ticketing solution is combined with the need of the passenger train service work, to the existing station ticketing system structure based, through mobile ticketing equipment for passengers is arriving fast and convenient replacement ticket design. After a period of time the station field test shows that the technical scheme can significantly reduce the workload of the station staff, improve work efficiency, and for the majority of visitors to bring more convenient service. Follow up, we will continue to improve the system and technical solutions for the passenger and passenger management department to provide better information services.

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