Uhf explosion-proof handsets steel logistics warehouse management solutions

This article will focus on uhf explosion-proof hand-held system is introduced in this paper.Industrial system for mobile handsets using automatic identification technology, wireless communication technology and database technology, complete the automatic

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In the light of the characteristics and needs of steel mills of the ERP system was put forward and the overall scheme of the uhf explosion-proof hand-held inventory management system.


Industrial mobile handheld machine system with automatic identification technology, wireless communication technology and database technology, complete the material information automatic acquisition and real-time transmission, to realize the interconnection of the material management system and achieve human-computer interaction and improve the automation level of the steel.

1 ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine management system overall structure

PDA wireless inventory management system is composed of ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine, wireless AP LAN, data server and so on.

Ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine through the wireless LAN will command is sent to the web server, through the web service data service interface from the database query refined two-dimensional code, bill of lading number and other information and return, UHF explosion-proof hand-held machine receives the data perform warehousing, stack, outbound instructions.

Data server as a ERP and inventory management system, responsible for the ERP in the finished product material information, warehousing information, the library information, and the reservoir area of the implementation of the material feedback to the ERP system.

Through the wireless inventory management system, the real-time synchronization of field data, database data and MES system data is realized. At the same time, but also to enhance the work efficiency and management level of the plant.


2 ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine system data acquisition

Mobile ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine can scan two-dimensional code, the information contained in the two-dimensional code is the material number. Two dimensional bar code has the advantages of large amount of information and high reliability. In recent years, two dimensional bar code technology has been widely used in industrial control field. Mobile ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine can identify QR code, QR code has obvious advantages compared to other two-dimensional code.

2.1 dimensional code selection

Two dimensional bar code is used in the plane according to a certain law of distribution of black and white graphics to record the data information symbols. The two-dimensional code is superior to one dimensional code in many aspects: first, the two-dimensional bar code in the horizontal and vertical two dimensions to describe the data information, with a higher density of information. Secondly, two-dimensional code verification and error correction function is strong, even if the 2D barcode image defaced correctly reading information.

At present, the main two dimensional bar code are: Matrix QR, Code MaxiCode, Data, 417 Code, Code 49 and l6K Code.

This system uses Code QR matrix two-dimensional bar code as the laser logo bar code, based on the following reasons:

1) QR code has the characteristics of large capacity, high reliability, good safety performance, and can be expressed in a variety of information, such as the number of Arabia, letters, Chinese characters, etc..

2) to support the full range, ultra high speed reading. QR code can support 360 degree recognition, recognition speed up to 30 / sec.

3) fault tolerant ability, and have certain error correction function. When the local area of QR code is 50%, it can still recover the data contained in the code. In addition, it has a very high decoding ability, and the bit error rate is less than 1/10000.

2.2 dimensional code reading process

Ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine steel logistics warehouse management solution using the INTERMEC's 2D image scan engine EA30 scan a 2D barcode, by scanning engine will be filmed image conversion for handheld computer can identify data, the completion of the acquisition of material information.

Two-dimensional bar code scanner began to work, the first collection of QR code image and actual steel UHF mobile explosion-proof handset in the iron and steel logistics warehousing management application factory collected at the reservoir area of QR code image usually is not ideal, caused by two factors, on the one hand, image itself damaged, area of the two-dimensional code label because of the pressure of a pile of time is too long, soiled, such as scratches, dust cover, oil covered; on the other hand, in optical acquisition process, the uptake of 2D barcode image due to inclined, light does not affect the equal, are introduced into a lot of noise.

These are not conducive to the correct translation of the code word, and therefore need to be collected to the two-dimensional code image noise reduction, correction and other processing.

QR code is composed of black and white modules, the recognition of QR code is converted into determined corresponding to the two-dimensional matrix in different locations of the black and white modules is "0" or "1" bits, so we need for the acquisition of color image gray processing.

Gray image is obtained according to the processing, the image to extract the target and background in grayscale characteristics differences, through the appropriate threshold to determine a pixel in the image into object and background, resulting in the corresponding binary image. Due to the acquisition of the QR code image is usually by the shooting angle, with a certain degree of tilt, increasing the difficulty of reading. Therefore, it is necessary to locate the QR code. The positioning of QR code is mainly to determine the angle of rotation of the image and the position of the symbol.

The main method is used to determine the symbol rotation angle of QR code and the Hough of the four vertex coordinates.

Transformation method and method for determining the position of a symbol rotation angle and a central coordinate. The code word recognition can be carried out after the orientation of the gray map. The QR code of all the code word segmentation, and then in the codebook to find the corresponding value, you can correct the encoding data. In order to ensure that the scan is valid, forward error checking is required. According to the error correction level, the data code word error correction, to restore the correct information.

Finally, the data transmitted to the handheld computer is transmitted to the handheld computer, and the data is processed further, and the data exchange of the ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine and the database is realized through the wireless local area network.

2.3 material code rule

In order to standardize the management of materials, according to the actual situation of steel mills, using QR code coding and according to certain rules of the material coding, laser marking software generated two-dimensional code printed on the aluminum tag.

In practical application, according to need to determine the length of the two-dimensional code, such as is 21410000101 2014 October 1, the production of the first batch of bars in the first bundle of rods of two-dimensional code number design. Through this the only bar code can query to the material grade, specification, weight and other information, convenient steel inventory management.


3 the software design of the ultra high frequency explosion-proof handset system

The PDA wireless data transmission inventory management system software mainly includes the ultra high frequency explosion-proof handset software as well as the system server software.

3.1 ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine software

Ultra high frequency explosion-proof handheld software developed on the VS 2008 platform, running on the Android 4.4 operating system based on PDA.

Reservoir area wireless ultra high frequency explosion-proof handset as ERP system terminal through wireless way and the monitor and computer communication, to finished product storage, finished goods warehouse, stack, library etc. function.

1) the finished product storage function: scan the QR code or manually enter the material coding; refined two-dimensional code query storage product stamping information according to the; according to the actual product storage location, artificial input the actual stamping, hierarchical information, complete the warehousing operation such as confirmation.

At the same time, the data will be sent to the data server.

2) product warehousing functions: according to the number of the bill of lading for bill of lading information query and display of information of the bill of lading, including plan, plan number, factory, factory number, delivery of cargo from storage reservoir; the library to confirm operation: according to the number of the bill of lading and query information, information on the corresponding plant license plate number, grade, weight confirm.

3) stack management functions: two-dimensional code scanning finished, query and display materials related information; hand-held stamp, the information of the hierarchy of modified operation is completed, at the scene of the reservoir area implementation of material storage location tracking.

4) transfer management function: scan the two-dimensional code, confirm the information of the reservoir area, and transfer the material to the other area of the steel plant.

4 performance evaluation of application examples

Wireless ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine system with a stable and reliable QR code to describe the specific material and information, read two-dimensional code decoding to obtain material information, collected data through the web service data service interface to achieve ultra high frequency explosion-proof hand-held machine and database data exchange, complete the automatic acquisition, processing data and other functions, in order to achieve automation of inventory management.

At the same time, using the web service technology to achieve distributed steel application integrated system, which can well solve the steel logistics informationization construction the problem of information isolated island and in the succession of cross enterprise application, smooth the transition to upgrade.

At present, the PDA system of Web Service has been applied in the reservoir area based on the two rolling Huaiyin steel group. UHF explosion-proof hand-held machine system of inventory management, and other functions, in to ensure the accuracy of inventory information and real-time premise, reducing the workers daily traffic volume, improve work efficiency, better adapt to the logistics development needs of steel mills.

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