RFID handheld mobile terminal solution of medical quality control

Of medical informatization has transcended the medical records of simple function, synchronization quality, but also faced with their own design and practical application in various deficiencies, matching the RFID handheld mobile terminal hardware support

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 Of medical informatization has transcended the medical records of simple function, synchronization quality, but also faced with their own design and practical application in various deficiencies, matching the RFID handheld mobile terminal hardware support is also flawed, under the circumstances of medical data continuously through data security hidden trouble more.Medical information will for medical quality control in the process of problem solving play an important role in ascension.How to use RFID handset to improve medical quality is worth our discussion.


1 electronic medical record is an effective means of medical quality control

With the rapid development of medical information, medical quality control have been from simple text information extraction (such as examination of medical ledger) to the checks the electronic of diagnosis and inspection records of the direction of change. At present, in the quality control of the medical check relevant information, can according to the needs of the transfer of patients or relevant nodes of electronic archives, check the quality control requirements are to be implemented.

Electronic medical record as a means of treatment of the whole process of diagnosis and treatment, has been widely recognized by people. Medical institutions and medical personnel have gradually accepted the application of electronic medical records, the role of electronic medical records itself from a simple record of the patient's medical treatment process to achieve the medical quality control tracking. Electronic medical records from the beginning of the country to promote the application, to the current level of accreditation, has been reflected in the application is higher than the management of the requirements.

However, the electronic medical record review not only embodies the application requirements, but also reflects the quality of medical records and the requirements of the application process of the knowledge base to support the requirements of. But domestic hospitals to adopt electronic medical records, electronic medical records can basically meet or fail to meet the demands of applications can really use the data to analyze and mining or use of the system itself to control the medical behavior of hospital can be counted on one's fingers. Although hospitals also have adopted clinical pathway, hospital infection management, management of antibiotics and other medical quality control management system, but there is a certain distance from the system design and guide or specification, gaps in the data is widely used by the United States and other developed countries.

Although the system can also reflect a part of the quality control management needs, but at this stage the management of information management of the overall design and the use of limitations, there are differences in the understanding of management rules. This limitation and difference result in a great difference in the overall design of information system, and in the process of evaluation, management and data link, it is difficult to meet the technical difficulties. In addition to the standard of electronic medical record review there are many uncertain parts, and even some blind area, resulting in a large number of system development and application, there is the possibility of subsequent problems. The above reasons lead to the design and application of the electronic medical record system.

The development of electronic medical records although HL7 standards, but domestic developers can in strict accordance with the requirements of the development is not much, resulting in the history of data accumulation and no practical significance and some non structured data of medical scientific research and management of late there are hidden risks. Throughout in the electronic medical records in LIS and PACS, numbness in the hand records and ICU monitoring records and information of diagnosis and treatment on patients with more detailed and comprehensive conducted a series, and part of the medical unit for patients in the process of diagnosis and treatment of closed loop recording incomplete. This is due to the medical institutions of the existing development of the company's technical capacity or on the line after the system can carry the meaning of the medical records of the record.

At the same time, with the continuous development of electronic medical records, its function should be expanded from the field of health management to the field of life management, but also become a new topic. The birth of the National Health Planning Commission, the health and life of how to put on the agenda, so that we have a vision for the future of life management. In developed countries, from the beginning of life the moment produced medical records and management, for the life of archives management or for the life of the whole management, on human life to full health management, reflecting the demands of human nature.

At present, our country is still scattered in this area, the system of family planning and health management system are independent, there is no complete system links and mutual penetration. If you want to introduce life management files, first in the guardian Planning Commission set up the relevant lead department, responsible for the overall management of the country's life management file work plan to develop and promote. Electronic medical records as an effective means of medical quality control, can be used throughout the life of the whole process of health management.


2.RFID hand held terminal is a safe mode through nursing quality.

Nursing operation, often in the doctor's advice to check the link error occurred. Using patient identification is a simple and effective method of nursing quality control management, clinical application of the most is to use PDA for patient identification, and the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the coexistence.

The United States, Japan, China produced PDA mobile handheld terminal there are some problems, such as the requirements of the network signal on the defect. Regular laptops, tablet computers are able to search to the area enough network signal, but in using PDA, but often will appear the problem of packet loss or signal drift, PDA acquisition terminal card of birth defects enable many products are unable to meet the requirements of clinical nursing. Panels by the battery charging times. Panels of endurance would drop if repeated charging, resulting in PDA use time is very short, and clinical nursing of patient identification and medical check. PDA is persistent. PDA is a niche product, less selective, prices are also relatively high, manufacturers are reluctant to invest too much to optimize the product R & D, affecting product quality unstable, application is not ideal.

With the rapid development of mobile information technology and the corresponding hardware technology, the market has been a number of stable products can be used to replace PDA. Such as Shenzhen Shuo Teng technology has launched in nursing cart placed RFID industry three proofing Tablet PC data acquisition terminal solutions, or is some of the information transmission function of smart wearable devices.

With the continuous development of medical information, the requirements of terminal battery life, information storage and transmission capacity and other aspects of the continuous improvement, the use of better and more comprehensive performance of the RFID handheld terminal is the future development trend.


3 data collection and analysis through the management level.

Now almost all of the data generated in the form of digital, collection, management and analysis of data has become the focus of network information technology research. At present, the medical data is growing exponentially. In the medical process, in addition to the patient's course of disease records, all kinds of inspection data is in the form of images, data exists, and some hospitals produce less than a year, the amount of hundreds of GB, more than one hundred TB. How to eliminate the information isolated island, the release of large data energy, the use of huge data resources become an important topic.

America's investment in information technology has made it very effective in the use of information. Similarly, we should also use the data mining and analysis to strengthen the management of quality control, improve the level of medical research. The generation of good data is the rationality of the system design and the standardization of data collection. It is always a difficult problem to realize the rationality and the standard of the system.

In clinical practice, medical personnel to the informationization development and awareness of the need for a process, spent this is not only the financial resources and rational use of talents and the data acquisition of standardized mandatory. The effective use of data dependent for acquisition and analysis of our accurate, this is a double-edged sword: well used, the decision has a positive significance; will not or can not be used, to medical management rationality bring devastating damage.


4 important guarantee for the quality control of traditional Chinese Medicine

With the widespread implementation of mobile terminals, APP, WeChat, websites and other popular in the field of medical field, manufacturers have begun to compete for free software development. But they are only for profit, and the profit point is to use the data generated by these software, that is, through these data to understand the needs of users, for more manufacturers to use. Data security issues will be prominent, the operator to collect the data information will does not produce legal problem is one of the problems we worry about.

RFID mobile handheld terminal intervention so that the original pattern of physical isolation of the hospital and outside the network is broken, the so-called window breaking wall effect has been gradually revealed. In order to get the space of survival and development in the existing medical information, medical institutions are actively involved in the process of medical information network.

However, due to the destruction of this pattern, the security of the data itself is greatly increased risk of foreign aggression, technical staff can easily get a variety of medical units of data. Medical unit itself on the Internet demand increasing, required to get through the growing calls at home and abroad, the hospital managers more consider the convenience of staff and application will not be too much to consider data security risks.

In addition, there are multiple medical unit data reported the problem, leading to data leakage is the most prominent issue in data security.

A series of problems arising from the medical quality control caused by hidden dangers, in urgent need of solution. Firstly, laws should be for patients using a mobile phone terminal to seek medical information generated in the process of medical service security escort, so that to use standard business application, correctly to obtain patient information and ensure personal privacy is not compromised. For medical personnel and other personnel involved in medical information data, should strengthen the legal concept of education, from the concept of blocking illegal and other issues arising. Secondly, use dedicated network connection for medical information between local area networks and build a similar public security information network information protection special data network architecture, you can prevent data in the open network transmission run the resulting leakage problems.

Finally, the hospital information security and other items should be included in the assessment of the management of the hospital, the assessment does not meet the relevant standards of the rectification.

RFID handheld mobile terminal is the most powerful medical quality control assistant. Through the integration of information and standard data sets. The data can be that the hospital management department from a series of real and effective medical behavior data see medical units in the medical management of all aspects of the advantages and disadvantages, and find out the improvement measures.

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