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Channel is the national important public transportation infrastructure, strengthen the channel management and maintenance is the realization of smooth water transportation and the important guarantee of efficient, safe and green.Therefore teng expert team

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1. An overview of the


Waterway is an important public transportation infrastructure in the country, strengthening the management and maintenance of waterway is an important guarantee for the realization of the smooth, efficient, safe and green transportation. For this purpose, the expert team proposed the RFID industrial smart handheld terminal channel management solutions.

In the past 10 years of time, the cause of waterway has made great development, achieved remarkable results in waterway management and maintenance, significantly enhance the management ability, channel conditions improved significantly, significantly enhancing the level of maintenance, significantly enhance the ability of public service, a strong impetus to the water transportation and the economic and social development. In 2010, the national inland waterways navigable mileage 12.42 million km, maintenance mileage 10.22 million kilometers, Coastal Waterway Maintenance mileage of more than 10000 kilometers, mark more than 8000 seat; waterway maintenance special beacon survey ship, large dredge ship equipment and multi beam measurement system gradually put into use, increase the capacity of channel maintenance; electronic navigation chart, Pharos Remote Monitoring and control system, new materials, new equipment applied in waterway maintenance, part of the focus of the waterway maintenance realized informationization and digitization, waterway maintenance technology content continues to increase.

However, the existing management system is based on the PC terminal equipment to complete, channel cruise and facilities maintenance and management of the data, are the scene to collect information, back to the office and then from the PC terminal equipment input system.

Such management there are many problems, site management personnel lack of timely access to the latest news of the waterway facilities and the installation of the facilities, inspection, maintenance and other registration information site, an increase of labor intensity, reducing the efficiency of the work, is not conducive to the information management of the monitoring facilities.

Therefore, with the help of handheld intelligent terminal (including smart phones, tablet PCs, dedicated, smart equipment) has been widely used, through the development and existing digital fairway system coordinated consistent with the app, make RFID handheld intelligent terminal can be widely used in the front line of channel management, which is not only conducive to the waterway facilities on-site maintenance and management and under various conditions of waterway management at the scene to provide information support and improve the level of channel management.


2 main application content

The handheld intelligent terminal should be used in the waterway management, it must be the digital management of the waterway, the status of the channel monitoring facilities can be collected in real time, and the network management.

RFID industrial handheld intelligent terminal because of its easy to carry, universal, in the field of operation management or use of electricity is not convenient place, can play a very good supplement. Prior to the application of handheld intelligent terminal is due to the communication rate and communication costs limit, with the popularity of 4G, 3G network, as well as the decline in communication costs, and now these restrictions do not exist. The application of hand held intelligent terminal in waterway management mainly has the following aspects:

(1) the basic situation of the channel monitoring facilities.

Included in the map display all monitoring facilities of basic information (such as name, number, type, position, etc.) and dynamic information (including real-time location information, voltage, temperature, light according to the state information), query the information of monitoring facilities, showing monitoring facilities detailed information. According to the state information of monitoring facilities, on the low voltage and the position deviation alarm. Can be used to monitor the location of the track to monitor the location of the movement of the track, used to analyze the device positioning accuracy and tracking device drift.

By handheld intelligent terminal, the staff at the grassroots level can check the relevant information at any time and place.

(2) on site management of channel monitoring equipment.

Mainly included in the electronic map display monitoring device design position and the actual position of the deviation, to modify the position. When we need a beacon or other waterway monitoring facilities are placed somewhere, generally need to first in the electronic map design placed in the coordinate, after placing and field, from the electronic map see whether in the design point, if the position is not accurate, telephone refers to essential site personnel adjustment. In this way, you need to continue to coordinate the computer side staff and field staff, quite troublesome. Using handheld intelligent terminal, the site staff directly to determine the design point and the actual position of the deviation and deviation of the direction, they can immediately adjust. The same applies to the device after the drift correction.

(3) on site management of waterway inspections.

Channel staff in the channel course of routine inspections and need of waterway facilities maintenance and maintenance, using a handheld intelligent terminal can be timely recording process for maintenance and maintenance, including damage to registration information, maintenance records, maintenance and replacement of records. As always, the process of this work is to use pen and paper records related information, such as back to the place where the computer is then input into the information system.

Using handheld intelligent terminal, the management is in place, but also can reduce the workload, improve efficiency.

(4) on-site forensic management.

Many handheld smart terminal has a high definition of camera and video functions, recording function is also very powerful. Now ordinary mobile phone camera can reach 13 million pixels, which in the past can not be achieved. Waterway management personnel in the daily cruise process, if there is damage to the waterway management facilities, people or things in the field can use handheld intelligent terminal through photos, video, audio and other ways to retain evidence. After the optimization of the data compression processing, you can immediately upload to the server, you can also go back to the place where there is WIFI.

(5) information push service.

The use of hand-held intelligent terminal, through information push service, you can receive timely warning information, unit notification, work arrangements, etc.. Through a simple reply, the system can know who watched the notice, who did not see, easy to replace other notification methods. Information push service can also push voice, photos, video or web site, very convenient.


3 difficulties in technology implementation

3.1 handheld intelligent terminal parameters are not uniform

Now the handheld intelligent terminal parameters are not unified, mainly reflected in the operating system, the screen and some hardware. The use of the operating system is mainly Android, apple and Microsoft three, so the development of APP applications when you need to consider, is the development of the three systems are one or the development of a most widely used system. According to statistics, Android's market share of more than 80%, the development of APP applications should give priority to the Android system, the other two are the development can be depending on the situation. Other parameters are not uniform is mainly reflected in the hardware, the most obvious is the screen. Small mobile phone is 3, 4 inch screen, a large flat is 10, 11 inch screen, so the development of the time is very difficult to unify. There are no need to support all models for the two or three versions of the existing widely used device parameters.

3.2 interface with the original digital channel system

According to the original digital channel system development framework is different, there will be a different interface program. Old method is the direct use of socket communication protocol self to realize communication terminal and the app server. The drawback of this method is need to deal with their own communication protocols, slow development, the advantage of development of more freedom, efficiency is very high. In order to speed up the development of speed, and now a lot of development are directly using the soap protocol or HTTP protocol, such as the use of a relatively more WEBAPI PHP+JSON, Web, Service RESTful, etc.. In order to restful WEBAPI as an example, it is a kind of expression of state transfer, for us to build the next generation of high performance, highly scalable, simplicity, transplantation, the reliability of web applications provide an architecture style guidelines. Web is simple, Web is programmable, REST uses a simple HTTP, URI standard and XML language to build a lightweight Web services, thus greatly improving the efficiency and performance of the development process. As REST design philosophy becomes more and more popular, more and more framework to support the Rubyon, more famous framework Rails Apache, Axis2 Python, Django RESTful, etc.. Specifically how to choose, to look at the development of the use of language and the structure of the original system to set.

3.3 call of the electronic map

Now electronic map based on intelligent terminal equipment can choose Baidu map, High German map, Google maps, 51 maps, these electronic maps have adopted the open interface for app to call, use rise very convenient, but there is a disadvantage, map accuracy is not high, generally in more than 10 meters. If the map is very accurate, it is necessary to own map compilation and use the map platform to support the app, for example Beijing hypergraph I server. Their own preparation of the map is more difficult to develop, a lot of things you need to deal with, it is recommended for the accuracy of the APP application is not sensitive to the use of third party electronic map on it.

In summary, based on the sontek design of RFID industry intelligent handheld terminal channel management solutions, through the development and existing digital fairway system with the same app, can improve the channel of digital management level, solve the grass-roots staff computer problems and is not convenient to carry with, and at the same time, improve work efficiency, shorten the accident response time and processing time. This is also the bottleneck problem of digital channel extension and application.

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