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At present, most oil field Wells scattered distribution, well site environment is very bad, if the wiring way to transmit data will cost a lot of resources, so still rely on artificial acquisition oil well parameters, manual record summary then through co

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At present, most oil field Wells scattered distribution, well site environment is very bad, if the wiring way to transmit data will cost a lot of resources, so still rely on artificial acquisition oil well parameters, manual record summary then through computer processing.This way of data processing to increase the labor intensity of workers, cost a lot of human resources, more important is to extend the data acquisition cycle, huge amounts of data consistency to guarantee the authenticity, accuracy, not with the time closely related production data.Based on wireless handheld terminal data collector was developed to this end, oil field solution.


1 system principle

Wireless handheld terminal by the ZigBee gateway, Wifi gateway, Android system terminal equipment, Android applications, server applications and database composition. Handheld data collection terminal through ZigBee gateway read with ZigBee enabled wireless instrumentation data and data acquisition time, through the 3G, 4 public (or WiFi, wireless network, such as MCWILL) the data transmission to the server. Hand held terminal application also has a manual input interface, support for the operator to manually enter the display data in situ instruments, and automatically record the time of entry. The information collected through the processing terminal is transmitted to the server, for the relevant personnel to use.

2 application scenarios

2.1 oil inspection wells and pipeline patrol line management and data collection and input pipeline installation of wireless instrumentation and automatic meter identification number, and automatic data acquisition; no wireless instrumentation site, through manual data entry or the entry time access to data, and take according to the evidence, in preparation for inspection; at the same time, by compass records geolocation and patrol line trajectory. The data through the wireless network or 3G/4G network upload to the server. If you encounter third party construction, can take pictures upload, such as leakage, etc., can also take pictures upload.

2.2 oil station inspection management and repair management

If the local instruments were replaced with ZigBee enabled wireless digital instrument, lineman would not have to manually transcribing meter data and can avoid copied the wrong and missed copy problem. If the standing field instrument is a traditional local instrument, it can use the manual input of the hand-held terminal, taking pictures and other functions to achieve data collection. At the same time, the inspection found that the problem can be photographed in a timely manner, to generate a maintenance request, upload to the professional maintenance department, in order to arrange for maintenance. After the maintenance is completed, the maintenance can be completed by the end of the completion of the inspection and acceptance of the completion of a single.

2.3 mobile monitoring terminal

The mobile monitoring terminal can access the data server, and can monitor the production dynamic data, alarm information, historical trends and so on. In the inspection process, the operator can be more targeted to observe the key parameters and take appropriate action, timely grasp of the area of combustible gas concentration, toxic gas concentration, alarm and other information.


3 server background software

3.1 user registration management

Software uses user registration and management system, enjoy the privileges of the user to successfully enter the system in, and can choose their desired function in the menu on the left side of the system main interface; without the permission of the users can not enter the system, and at the same time message pop-up login failed.

3.2 data acquisition and input function

The user can enter the system main interface through the login system, using the data entry options on the left side of the interface to enter the relevant window, and can increase the relevant information, and deposit it into the database.

3.3 data comparison and query module

Handheld terminal through the acquisition and inspection of data and the remote meter automatic acquisition of data according to the time of automatic alignment error exceeds the limit when the automatic alarm, suggesting that maintenance personnel check. Users can query reports, data and curves.

3.4 Automatic Report

In the report management module, the user can complete the processing and production of the report.

3.5 system management module

Through the authentication of the user to enter the management interface to carry out a variety of management operations, including the organization of the user's rights management, as well as the analysis of the log and other analysis, archiving, management operations.

Wireless handheld terminal data acquisition system for oil field solution is mainly used for oil wells, pipelines, station field acquisition parameters, greatly simplifies the data hand copied collection, the original paper statements printing costs, personnel and material management cost is saved at the same time, reduce the inspection personnel and after line data entry work, ensure the timeliness and accuracy of data. In addition, the production management process, mode changes, production personnel, management personnel after a simple instrument operation and training can be correctly used. The use of the terminal to optimize human resources, to promote the field of automatic operation management will also play a role in promoting; more importantly, the transformation of the cost is less, no need to replace the existing wells and metering instrument.

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