Solution for the laboratory management system of mobile handheld terminal with two dimensional code

Laboratory equipment management in colleges and universities is a systematic and operational stronger work, in order to deal with the continuous development of higher education enterprise, the deepening of the education management system reform, the fast

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Laboratory equipment management in colleges and universities is a systematic and operational stronger work, in order to deal with the continuous development of higher education enterprise, the deepening of the education management system reform, the fast growth of the number of experimental equipment at university, have been put forward for the equipment management work, qr code mobile handset laboratory management system solutions.


It is very important to realize the system, standardization and information of experimental equipment management, and to maintain the validity and reliability of the experimental equipment. But in the traditional laboratory management, managers only pay attention to the use of, ignoring management, there is no from management system and give full play to the equipment efficiency highly regard the work of equipment management, despise equipment fault prevention, equipment maintenance and maintenance, repeat purchase lead to equipment use benefit is low, not only to use the equipment itself bring great error, also affect the laboratory equipment effectiveness of play and the waste of resources caused by.

In addition, in the daily management of laboratory equipment are generally by the use of laboratory administrator to manually record the experimental equipment and the way for the written records records, this way is easy to cause loss of information of defect. Faced with a wide range of data and reports, manual processing has been difficult to keep up with the pace of modern management.

With the popularization and development of Internet technology, higher requirements for the management of equipment in Colleges and universities have been put forward. Aiming at the above problems, we by means of information, based on mobile Internet technology, establish and improve the laboratory management system, the design and implementation of two-dimensional code mobile handheld terminal based on the laboratory management system, the laboratory related characters were the latest information and convenient access to the laboratory equipment through the system, management, borrow, query and other operations. Not only reduce the human consumption of laboratory management, laboratory equipment to enhance the management efficiency, but also can use the computer program management advantages, integrate and optimize the laboratory teaching resources to enhance the service level of experimental teaching, improve the teaching quality and teaching efficiency, then can let the students give full play to the ability of independent innovation, cultivate high-quality talents for the society, improve the modernization level of education.

1 system overall design

In this system, between a server and a laboratory device uses serial communication technology communication, then through the wireless radio frequency transmission command signal; industrial mobile handheld between terminals and servers adopt socket communication based on TCP / IP, in the wireless environment send command transmitted by the layer 3 switch to server where the layer 3 switch, and then send data to the server.

In addition to the above process, the server receives the command parse and execute the corresponding operation, deposited in the corresponding database, if news of experiment operation, through the wireless radio frequency transmission to slave device connection end by connection circuit equipment of relay control system equipment simple switching operation.


2 equipment information records and traceability

System with the use of two-dimensional code tag as a laboratory equipment identity, including two-dimensional code contains information from the device number, the device model. In addition, the two-dimensional code tag is also used as the carrier of information transmission, and the communication between the handheld terminal and the server, and the interaction between the handset and the database.

When a newly acquired experimental equipment, we according to the sequence number of devices and equipment types of two information generated the device that uniquely identifies the two-dimensional code and in the handheld terminal input after the submission of the other specific information stored in the database, print and paste on the instrument.

In after all the operation of the equipment, as long as through the system handheld terminal software to scan about two-dimensional code label can obtain the device identification information, and then enter the other requirements of the operation data and submit deposit should be corresponding to the number of data in the table.

When equipment failure or other unexpected circumstances, you can scan the two-dimensional code tag, call the server database information, access to all the historical information of the device. For tracing the source, more efficient to identify the fault.

After the laboratory administrator login system, through the identification of the identity, giving them different access rights. Administrator to enter the device to query the user interface, by scanning the two-dimensional code, the equipment information storage, use, management and other operational information uploaded to the data server.

Shuo Tang mobile handheld terminal equipment information input and information source query, as well as the experimental equipment of the remote control; the server realized system management module (including role management, user management, password reset, lab Journal of management, resource management module (including the entry, checking, repairing, booking, traceability, borrow), the operation of the public affairs module (including the relevant rules and regulations, course experiment, the experiment teaching plan, query results, experimental equipment pay attention to matters such as information browsing) basic functions.

Sontek two-dimensional code mobile handheld terminal lab management system solve scheme greatly reduces the workload of the laboratory manager, and has better performance in the stability of the system and data transmission in time.

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