7 inch tablets industrial forest resources planning survey solutions

In order to solve the boundary of the forest management unit, and within the scope of the operation and management to operate or adjust the regionalization;All kinds of forest land area;The accumulation of various types of forests, trees;On the natural ge

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1 overview of related technologies

1.1 forest resources planning and design survey technology

In order to solve forest management unit of the division boundaries, and within the scope of management or management zoning adjustment; the area of all kinds of forest lands; of all types of forests, forest; forest resources of natural geographical environment and the ecological environment factors, Shuo Tang, Shenzhen City Science and technology was proposed based on 7 inch industrial tablet forest resource planning survey design solutions.

1.2 "3S" technology

"3S" technology is referred to as remote sensing (RS), the geographical information system (GIS) and the global positioning system (Compass), is a combination of space technology, sensor technology, computer technology, satellite navigation and positioning technology and communication technology, the multi-disciplinary highly integration of spatial information of data acquisition, data processing, data management, spatial analysis, expression, information dissemination and application of the modern information technology. 7-inch tablet industrial computer as the platform for the application of "3S" technology, based on the "3S" technology, through a variety of professional software for media tools, to implement the survey information acquisition fast, flexible, accurate and timely update to play its due role.

1.37 inch industrial Tablet PC

Industrial Panel PC, also known as industrial control computer, is a small, portable personal computer, the touch screen as the basic input device. It has the touch screen allows the user to operate through the stylus or digital pen.

7-inch tablet industrial computer as a product of the development of computer technology, notebook computers in some ways has obvious advantages compared to: have anti-corrosion properties, can be handwritten input, relative light compact, battery capacity, can perform various actions in the mobile environment, to facilitate the access to the wireless network or communication network for data transmission.

At present, the main operating system of the 7 inch industrial Tablet PC is Windows operating system, Android operating system operating system. Windows operating system to get started is low, can be used in the application of software resources is the most abundant in all operating systems, and its hardware, software compatibility is the best. But due to the failure of users in the use of the inertia of thinking habits and Microsoft in product strategy, resulting in multiple aspects of it from both the hardware and software with or use feeling, cannot satisfy the requirements of users demanding, so 7 inch industrial tablet is only part of the windows operating system.

Android system is a very open system, it can not only realize the user the most commonly used laptop features, but also to achieve like a mobile phone with a specific point of operation, and it is specifically for mobile devices and the development of operating system, in the system resource consumption, human-computer interaction design have inherent advantages. At present, not only in the mobile phone operating system in the dominant position, but also in the 7 inch industrial Tablet PC market most models are also installed Android system.


2 application and promotion

2.1 desktop client development

Desktop program is mainly running android as a 7 inch industrial tablet computer program and computer windows system running in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Forest Resources Management Information System between the data conversion tool, can be finished at the same time according to the actual production situation of survey area for each sub compartment data distribution, according to the investigation of the squad number is different, different regional survey flexible task assignment. Can also be based on different needs of the the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region forest resources management information system set up a good data dictionary into 7 inch industrial Tablet PC for small size factor input.

2.2 data management

Survey task involves data format is more complex, in the course of the investigation, in order to ensure the reasonable division of subcompartment boundary and need to load on a manager of second class survey data, the forest resources distribution map and forest map, contour lines and the new administrative area boundary, remote sensing image data, and sometimes also need loading more than a variety of annual planning survey design class vector layers. In order to effectively manage and use these data, you need to 7 inch industrial tablet computer program can directly call multiple data formats, matching multi-source image data and the different data sources are dynamic projection to achieve a seamless integration of spatial data.

2.3 layer management

The development layer management including add, delete, color management, label text, layer order of adjustment, enlarge narrow, map display a series of operation of various vector layers. According to the need of investigation, for Industrial Panel PC rigid conditions for the development of the eagle eye map mode can convenient to load more than one satellite, and to improve the efficiency of the satellite loaded.

2.4 geographical coordinate system conversion

Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Forestry monitoring planning institute to develop a 7 inch industrial Tablet PC program mining value using the WGS84 coordinates, the system can automatically according to the real-time conversion between WGS84 and set the user coordinate system is required. In the "coordinate system" set up the interface, you can set the coordinates of the system, the method of zoning, projection ratio and other information. Desktop terminal conversion can be realized according to the actual needs of the WGS84 coordinates, Beijing 54 coordinates, Xi'an 80 coordinate system between the real time conversion.

2.5 coordinate navigation

Industrial Tablet PC program to achieve the current position of the Beidou navigation function. Open 7 inch industrial Tablet PC Beidou port, the program interface to show the current position of the compass coordinates of the spot, and in small classes in accordance with the WGS84 coordinates of the card. This can avoid small angle point layout, standard sample does not match the requirements in technical specifications for the layout and survey zone, can also ensure that the investigators in the field investigation does not occur disoriented, beyond the small scope of work and so on.

2.6 compartment layer zoning

7 inch industrial Tablet PC can be a simple division of the boundaries, modify, mainly including the following tools: small size, small size, small size, small size, etc.. In the actual operation mainly on the computer of the forest resource management information system of subcompartment division, through desktop program into 7-inch tablet industrial computer, according to the actual situation of the in situ simple modification or re zoning of subcompartment boundary.

2.7 small size factor input

Because of the second class investigation involving the survey factors. In order to improve the outside the industry survey subcompartment factor input efficiency, technical personnel to survey factors were classified as three page entry and angle gauge tree measurement, standard test tree, made seal fly design a separate entry page. Function of joined the subcompartment area and small volume automatic calculation, the angle point of the Big Dipper values and standard sample with coordinates of the starting point and ending coordinates Beidou value, simple logic examination.


3 technical advantages and existing problems

The following conclusions are obtained by summarizing the application and optimization of the industrial tablet computer program in the process of investigation.

3.1 hardware environment advantages

The use of 7 inch industrial Tablet PC as the hardware environment of the two kinds of investigation procedure is more advantage than the traditional palm computer PDA. 7 inch industrial tablet computer screens, flexible operation, battery capacity high standby time is long, the greater storage capacity can carry more data, the hardware configuration of the high, can do more complex operations, stronger seismic performance of solid state drives more suitable for wild carrying and operation. 7 inch industrial Tablet PC applications to second class survey work, not simple as records, data collector to use, we should give full play to its advantages through to gradually improve the 7 inch industrial tablet computer program, data entry, data collection, data processing analysis becomes simple and high-efficient.

3.2 investigation process without paper

7 inch industrial Tablet PC operation of the two types of survey system can be achieved throughout the entire process without the operation of the entire industry. Outside the industry in the process of investigation no need to carry topographic map and all kinds of remote sensing image, need only on 7-inch industrial tablet to the required data are loaded and view, investigators can optimize travel route survey according to the current position of the Beidou navigation and improve the efficiency of the field survey. At the same time, preliminary data processing can be of some factor for early entry, on-site verification and simple modifications to minimize field investigation time, improve the accuracy of the survey data.

3.3 to achieve the data synchronous transmission

7 inch industrial Tablet PC has a communication module, can easily access the wireless network or communication network for data transmission, which makes it possible to synchronize the transmission of data. Through data synchronous transmission, the production technology department can keep abreast of the work of the survey staff, and can promptly deal with and solve various technical problems occurred in the process of investigation.

3.4 good application prospects

7 inch industrial Tablet PC program has a good scalability, in the future can be used in other forestry survey planning and design. In the forest the inspection work with 7-inch tablet industrial computer, by loading forest resource survey data, calendar year data of afforestation project design class and the latest remote sensing images, can avoid duplication plots, plots of the shift. However, the application of the 7 inch industrial Tablet PC in the forest resource planning survey also has the following problems.

Is compared to the geographic information software running under the windows system, in industrial tablet of subcompartment division is difficult, especially large amount of data, map loading more, which is likely to cause a crash, also need to further improve.

Second, civil tablet devices do not have three features, field work environment easily of equipment damage, need to backup the forest resource survey data in real time. Therefore, the industrial Tablet PC is undoubtedly the preferred mobile intelligent mobile intelligent data collector.

By investigating the work of the use of the situation, the 7 inch industrial grade Tablet PC fully capable of two types of investigation of the survey task. Through the comparison and summary in other sectors of the industry survey software, can the small card in the second class survey 7 inch industrial tablet apps add photo framing function, to facilitate the control of local real situation, for a variety of forest inventory and planning design and inspection to provide solid block scene. Communication network, strengthening anti-corrosion function and urban WiFi network wide application and rapid development, the Industrial Panel PC were second class investigation bring broader application prospect, and proposes new ideas for the realization of the goal of automatic updating of forest resource data in the future.

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