Explosion-proof industrial tablet power ink factory digital metering control solutions

With the popularization of computer technology, more and more ink factories use computer control production line, in order to improve production efficiency. But the ink products and their raw materials are flammable and explosive chemicals, the production

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With the popularization of computer technology, more and more ink factories use computer control production line, in order to improve production efficiency. But the ink products and their raw materials are flammable and explosive chemicals, the production line safety requirements are extremely high. Traditional printing ink factory on the production line control electronic equipment safety measures: using a lot of flameproof box device to ensure that the explosion-proof safety control of electronic devices, but it often in the existing workshop reformation design is not satisfactory.

Therefore, the digital measurement and control solution of the printing ink factory based on the anti explosion industrial tablet computer meets the needs of enterprise production.

The existing methods have the following problems that have plagued the line designer:

1 traditional industrial control computer output terminal is relatively large, occupy a relatively large space, and carry not easy.

2. Due to the inside environment requirements, ordinary IPC no explosion properties, the second transformation when in use, such as with flameproof box device is needed in the traditional industrial control computer, to achieve the explosion-proof requirements, occupy the space, and increased the cost of.

3 need to install the isolation control room to carry out terminal monitoring, not real-time field, control is not directly.





The stringent requirements of the mobile computing sontek HUGEROCK series industrial tablet reinforcement fully meet the severe environment, not only has the characteristics of portable, with waterproof, wide temperature, earthquake and other reinforcing characteristics, especially the T80 explosionproof characteristic fully resolve customer safety worry.

1. The design of portable, explosion-proof industrial tablet T80 by aluminum magnesium alloy design adequately address the problem of robust and lightweight, covers an area of small, can be deftly as raw material production process measurement detection terminal, guarantee the standardization of the ink formulation.

T80 UL1604 certified by the third party 2.HUGEROCK, in line with the international standard of explosion protection, direct in place of the explosion-proof design, can be exempted from the two modification and other requirements, greatly reducing the cost of plant renovation equipment.

3 Teng products have a complete range of data interface, through the external connection of other devices to form a set of monitoring and maintenance system. In the tablet PC platform can be field operations, real-time reading, recording and summary of the relevant formula and modulation results, real-time monitoring of production line production status, and fully improve the production efficiency.

4 pressure sensitive touch screen design, to ensure that the gloves can touch operation, to protect the safety of the human body at the same time also increase the purity of the ink, to ensure the quality of the ink.



Shuo Tang explosion-proof industrial Tablet PC ink factory digital measurement and control solutions not only greatly enhance the customers in preparation of raw materials in the process of work efficiency, improve the production process quality and customization equipment and reduce the cost. More importantly, to make the plant more secure, so as to ensure the continuity of the production line.

Shuo Tang Industrial tablet with explosion-proof characteristics and relatively complete data interface, through the outer connected consisting of a set of ink formulation of metering equipment, completed in the notebook platform of synthetic ink various formulations of real-time field loading.

Real-time deployment of work possible, and save a lot of manpower and material resources, these are and tablet is connected through scale numerical interface through a, completed in the tablet computer operating platform, effectively improve the ink production precision and ink products quality and working efficiency.

T80 HUGEROCK explosion-proof industrial Tablet PC itself has explosion-proof characteristics, and the volume is relatively small, portable and good. Can be carried out at any time to carry out lifting detection, to meet the needs of multiple production lines at the same time, reduce the procurement costs, enhance the flexibility of the plant production equipment.

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