Teng 8 inches to recognize three tablets fishery producers weighing solutions

Fish farmers always upset such a problem: the weight of the actual fishponds shipment weight and delivery market existence very big data is poor, has just come out from the bottom of the pond fish over time and with the loss of moisture in shipping will u

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Fisheries farmers always worried that a problem: pond actual shipping weight and delivery market weight are very large data difference, just from the fish ponds to salvage the fish with the loss of moisture in time and distribution sectors will ultimately affect the actual weighing.

In order to solve this problem, through in the NBC tablet installed plus total average algorithm software, able to effectively measure each batch weighing the time valid data.

Shuo Teng Technology of 8 inches of three proofing tablet has relatively high bad environmental adaptability, can in water under 1.2 meters, waterproof rating of IP67, meet the sun visible terminal demand.






Digital measurement system is widely used in all kinds of farms, for special breeding industry, because of the limitations of the environment requires a certain environment to adapt to the ability of equipment to achieve.

Digital measurement equipment, is the measurement of the car on the integrated water measurement called weighing, data recorded on the car through the industrial serial port on the tablet PC. Through the corresponding software to achieve the data and the total average algorithm to effectively calculate the weight of the product being weighed.

Strengthening anti-corrosion tablet computer to calculate the data after measurement confirmed automatically generate corresponding code and data. Through the Bluetooth printer to print labels stick attached to correspond to the transport box. At the same time, the tablet PC through the 3G model will be the data generated form model in real time back to the server for the record.


As an important part of the background data receiving and processing the sontek T80 three 8 inch tablet computer plays an important role.


1) T80 through the MIL-STD-810G army standard certification and IP67 waterproof grade certification. Has excellent waterproof performance. Can withstand the system in the fish farm climax wet environment to work, to ensure the stability of the system data.

2) T80 display with the sun under the visual technology. Brightness up to 420 cd/m2. In practical measurement, the outdoor light does not affect the staff's real-time operation, increase the convenience and accuracy of the work.

3) efficient multi-mode wireless communication module (WiFi, Bluetooth, 3G), to ensure the rapid and seamless connection between the front-end equipment and the background.


1) the sontek T80 provide industrial grade serial, to facilitate data collection, on-site installation is simple and convenient, high reliability, simple maintenance, battery life can be up to 8 hours, high brightness of the screen up to 420 CD / m2, can provide daytime sunlight visible for weighing measurement personnel's operation. At the same time have a powerful analysis of statistical functions, can be calculated in real time. Analysis, output results.

2) lightweight, compact design. Can be easily arranged on the mobile measurement car set up.

3) equipped with portable 3G communication function can be as weighed output results of real-time data return at the scene, and after data collection and the backend server for data docking, realize paperless processing, decrease the statistical and record background input operation, convenient energy saving.

4) efficient Bluetooth device. Can strengthen the tablet PC and printer couplet. Automatically generate the bar code, to achieve each measurement data and bar code printing. Can effectively track the data status of each measurement. Application of T80 measurement data operating terminal system can quickly and accurately reflect the measurement data, for the main efficient, accurate and objective to provide the corresponding measurement data. To reduce the measurement management of blind spots, reduce data deficit, increase income.

Sontek three 8 inch tablet computer weighing solutions based on farm households, farmers can save labor and improve efficiency. To a great extent, it ensures the interests of fishing ground and promotes the benign development of fishing ground operation.

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