Intelligent handheld terminal power iot industrial inspection patrolling management system

Based on intelligent handheld terminal of Internet of things industry inspection patrolling management system, is the realization of equipment reliability, maintainability, economy, and make the above three aspects to achieve the best management mechanism

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System overview

Handheld terminal networking patrol patrol management system based on intelligent industrial is equipment reliability, maintenance, economy, and the three aspects to achieve the best management mechanism, in accordance with prescribed technical standards, fixed, fixed, regular, fixed method, standard to check the equipment of a management method.

The traditional equipment inspection methods usually take the inspection personnel to fill in the paper inspection form to carry on, fill out the paper inspection form needs to be input to the computer, in order to carry on the maintenance send one or the further statistical analysis.


This method mainly has the following problems:

Cannot ensure the authenticity and accuracy of inspection data;

Use paper form to report manually, need to enter the system two times, the information collection efficiency is low;

Data feedback lag, unable to inform the first time to repair, may cause potential damage;

To develop equipment inspection report timeliness is poor, and cost a lot of manpower and time cost;

Network equipment inspection data can not be centralized management and query at the headquarters level;



In order to further improve the efficiency of the inspection of equipment, Shenzhen Shuo Tang launched a handheld terminal data acquisition intelligent patrol patrol management system based on intelligent industry, through the intelligent handheld terminal equipment to realize inspection of mobile devices that help equipment maintenance personnel control equipment status in time, after the use of intelligent inspection system, inspection personnel and don't need to fill in the various forms of inspection, the system can automatically record the patrol personnel, time, equipment, inspection and other information, and in accordance with the requirements of the user query, report printing, truly realize the paperless inspection work.

Based on integrated intelligent inspection management scheme in the inspection process of security related information, the system can effectively eliminate the inspection tour personnel due to take off the gang, empty class, missing and cause accident hidden dangers can not be timely discover and solve the problem, and to point inspection personnel safety do effective protection. The effective supervision of the inspector of equipment inspection work of implementation, to ensure that the press provisions of the line, time, place, content and the number of checks in place, the timely discovery and hidden dangers, so as to ensure the safety in production.

Advantages of smart industrial handheld terminals:

1) intelligent inspection device using high performance industrial handheld device;

2) the inspection device with high durability and reliability;

3) good man-machine interface, easy to operate personnel to master and operate;

4) with the corresponding water proof, dust-proof, anti drop and seismic capacity;

5) screen with high brightness, achieve reliable performance reading under the sun;

6) inspection device to support the digital button and other functions;

7) patrol location identification;

The location is identified by RFID patrol RFID tags.

The surface patrol positioning mark containing logo, standard unified and standardized management.

Positioning patrol] logo should adapt to the harsh environment of outdoor substation equipment, withstand high temperatures, the effects of low temperature, rain and snow weather and dust without the need to maintain; in UHV electromagnetic environment, in the frequency of the over voltage and lightning wave, pulse interference, electrostatic discharge, radiated electromagnetic fields, switch equipment operation, fault system and fast transient change interference can be normal and stable operation; not easy to copy; damage rate is less than or equal to 2%.智能工业手持终端助力物联网巡检巡更管理系统


System characteristics

1) system based on mobile computing technology, the use of advanced and reliable data acquisition terminal, to achieve the automation of the equipment inspection business management, so that the work efficiency is greatly improved, and reduce the error caused by human factors. At the same time, the implementation of standardized management of internal staff, to facilitate the evaluation and summary of staff, more clear responsibility, improve the work provides a basis.

2) system careful design, business logic and database access by middleware, as business needs change just modify the middleware and data migration very convenient, to ensure the system scalability; using the technology of COM + transaction management and object buffer, greatly reducing the connected to the database and the number of connections, greatly reduces the burden on the database server, improve the efficiency of the system.

3) is adopted in the system based on B / S structure of the distributed multi tier application system, to facilitate the implementation of installation, upgrade and maintenance; user friendly interface, simple and convenient to use, with great ease of use. The system has strong practicability and is very high to price ratio.

Application range

Industrial handheld terminal can be used in the industry of gas pipeline inspection, natural gas pipeline patrol, forest forest fire prevention inspection, telecom inspection station, railway inspection, electrical inspection, substation inspection, factory equipment checking.

Applicable to buildings and residential properties, shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, buildings, factories and mines, enterprises and institutions, such as fire, theft, security patrol patrol.

Oil: oil pipelines, gas pipelines, oil reservoir, oil field facilities patrol patrol

Electric power: transformer substation, transformer, high voltage towers, poles, high voltage transmission line, power plant, electric energy meter readings, and safe appliance patrol patrol

The railway roadbed, tracks, bridges, hydropower, locomotive, warehouse, waiting hall, police patrol patrol patrol

Telecom: cable, telephone line, telephone booths, wire rod, the transmitter station patrol patrol

Police: police, patrol, police, guards, guards patrol and patrol patrol

The Army: border guards, ammunition, military patrol patrol patrol base

Grain: fireproof, waterproof, pest control, temperature and humidity control patrol patrol

Forestry: forest fire prevention, police patrol, animal and plant protection, anti hunting patrol patrol

Mining industry: coal mine safety, coal well facilities, vehicles, patrol patrol

Hospital: nurse rounds, body management, personnel assessment, security patrol patrol patrol

Post: mail, warehouse, train frequency / time limit management of patrol patrol

Airport waiting hall, runway inspection, fire inspection, patrol patrol

School campus, teaching building, dormitory, laboratory building, library patrol patrol

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