Beidou hand-held power digital forestry management solutions

Pegatron teng technology based on the aspects such as its own Internet of things technology, combining the most advanced sensors, RFID, three areas such as advanced technology, combined with the big dipper of the mature technology, has developed a special

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Facing the increasingly serious ecological environment, strengthen the management of forest resources, forest fire prevention, forest survey, natural forest protection, windbreak and sand and is an urgent need to adopt new technology means such as forest pest control service for its development.


Shuo Teng technology based in its networking and other aspects of the independent technology, combined with the most advanced sensor, RFID, anti-corrosion and other areas of advanced technology, combined with the mature technology of Beidou, research and develop a specifically for forestry management digital networking Beidou handset S50, can help people always intuitive of regional forests management state and development trend in the form of graphics, data tables and clearly demonstrated, visual spatial analysis, data visualization and geographic analysis and practical application of integrated, so as to promote the forestry of the camp management embarked on the modernization of the road of sustainable development.

Forest regular inspection work is the effective guarantee of the security of forest and timely grasp of the basic work of forest, and how to inspection personnel for effective management, to ensure the quality of inspection in the forest has become the main problems faced by forest managers.

In recent years, with the application of computer technology in forest patrol system is more and more widely, the Beidou technology has been applied in forest patrol system gradually. Inspection data recorded in the Big Dipper handheld, after the completion of the inspection will be held in the data into the background management of the PC machine in order to manage personnel supervision and inspection. In this study, how to correct the data recorded in the compass handset, the PC has been studied, and the software and hardware implementation method of the PC machine is given.


Checking the advantages of application of beidou handsets


1. To solve the missed or wrong examination: in the forest inspection work in the past, due to the forest environment is complex, inspection personnel regular factors such as mobility, resulting in forest patrol officers on line do not quite understand, missed or wrong detection problem. Beidou handheld machine applied to forest patrol officers provide line inspection tips, so that inspection personnel can smoothly arrive at the polling place, to avoid the occurrence of missed or wrong examination.

2. To improve the accuracy of the inspection data: in the previous forest patrol, patrol personnel often use the way of written records, this man-made factors, prone to error records, inspection data statistics, summary is easy to produce secondary error. While the Big Dipper handheld machine applied to the collected data is stored directly to the handheld machine, when after the end of the inspection work to the stored data downloaded to the backstage management, completely solve the prone to error and is not easy to keep a written record of problems, effectively improve the accuracy of the inspection data.

3. To improve the effectiveness of inspection personnel management: management of forest patrol officers in the past usually need inspection personnel make written records, and handed over to the forest managers, but this cannot be guaranteed the authenticity of the record and real-time, which can not make accurate and qualitative assessment of the work of forest patrol officers. Beidou handheld machine application can be forest patrol officers work time, location and inspection of the number of direct deposit Beidou handset in that forest managers came back through the backstage management computer software dedicated to the analysis of the stored data and graphical track inspection, to improve the effectiveness of inspection personnel management.

Through the use of a hand-held machine Beidou intelligent inspection terminal, can timely and accurately grasp the exact location of the region's Rangers, convenient regulation, benefit evaluation, intelligent, electronic, accurate, standardized management. At the same time, once the danger, to facilitate the timely accurately locked position of the Ranger, timely scheduling rule out the danger, a Ranger's personal safety and national security of people's property security, Beidou handset applications greatly improve the forestry digital management level.

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