Teng reinforcement beidou handsets to recognize the forest fire prevention and emergency solutions

In the forest fire fighting and rescue command, not only need to fire for precise positioning, but also master the accurate position and posture of fighting team, this requires to establish a set of rely on mobile data collection terminal command monitori

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1 application requirements analysis

In the forest fire fighting command system, not only the need for precise positioning of the scene, but also master the fighting force of the precise position and situation, which requires establish a rely on mobile data terminal of forest fire prevention rescue collecting solution command and control system. Past, through GPS and radio used to solve to determine the location of a range of forest protection personnel and communication problems, over the past few years started in some areas equipped with satellite phones, but due to the limited distance of radio communication, satellite phones use expensive also limits the scope of application.

Beidou satellite navigation system with independent intellectual property rights, can also provide the function of positioning and communication, the Beidou terminal in obtaining the position of the machine at the same time, the command center can be through Beidou command user machine or the compass operators network supervision received under the position information of the terminal, to achieve the purpose of monitoring. At the same time with the Beidou SMS function, can realize the information exchange. So it is suitable for the forest fire department to carry out a wide range of applications.

2 application system function

2.1 mobile target monitoring and scheduling

The fire comes can realize the dynamic monitoring of the firefighting force, the command can be according to subordinate nodes location, take on the current task issued instruction dispatch command to achieve the personnel, vehicles, and aircraft scheduling command; also can assist for firefighting team to provide the best path to choose, guidelines for firefighting teams with the fastest speed arrived at the scene of; at the same time, tracking subordinates in performing tasks, executive tasks through Beidou terminal timely report the relevant circumstances. At ordinary times, the inspection personnel can supervise whether the inspection in place, the vehicle management and scheduling, to provide information for the daily management.

2.2 fire fast positioning

Inspection personnel to enter the scene surrounding, fire information sent to headquarters, and with the reinforcement of Beidou navigation positioning results, the headquarters can quickly establish the fire location, according to a plurality of inspection information and even roughly reflect the scope of the fire, in the command platform visually display on the electronic map, the command can be combined with the local situation and meteorological science reasonable deployment of firefighting force.

2.3 mobile target emergency alarm

Vehicle, aircraft from the scheduled route, the command center issued a warning signal and corrective instructions. In case of emergency, the command center, according to the location and characteristics of each node, quickly determine the rescue plan and issued a directive.

3 Beidou system features

3.1 independent intellectual property rights

Beidou system is based on China's first generation of satellite navigation and positioning system, with independent intellectual property rights, by the dominant policy of our country.

3.2 all-weather, seamless coverage

Beidou satellite navigation system with all-weather seamless coverage of all regions of mainland China and sea, latitude 5 degrees to 55 degrees, 70 degrees east longitude to 145 degrees. Compared with the telecommunication cellular network or the cluster network for the real sense of seamless coverage.

3.3 terminal small size, low power consumption

Compass terminal equipment integration is high, suitable for mass production, small size, short burst mode, short duration, low average power consumption, safety and stability, ease of installation and maintenance.

3.4 unique two-way communication

Beidou terminal support point to point digital message communication, the command machine can also broadcast information to subordinates.

4 Beidou handheld terminal

4.1 functional characteristics

Strengthening Beidou handheld machine S50, is a set of Beidou RDSS short message communications, the Beidou RNSs navigation and positioning, GPS navigation and positioning, GPRS mobile communication and GIS Integration Design of "5S" intelligent information terminal, the product has the advantages of small volume, light weight, full function, standby time is long, as a single soldier portable equipment or application in forest fire prevention, emergency rescue and disaster relief and many other fields. Reinforcing compass handheld S50 user support Beidou /GPS navigation capabilities, built-in large capacity FLASH memory, integrated national navigation map, support for a variety of formats electronic map.

Shuo Teng strengthening compass handheld S50, as a flexible mobile data acquisition terminal, set bar code scanning, ultra high frequency RFID UHF identification, GNSS multi system satellite positioning system and other powerful features in one. Mainly used in power meter reading, power inspection, asset management, logistics, transportation, drug safety supervision and management of industrial processes, and other fields. With wide area wireless communication and large capacity storage capacity, industry of high grade and high performance characteristics by Android and other mainstream operating system, can run a variety of powerful applications, is professional industries within the set in one of the "industrial handheld terminal.

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