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Based on the reinforcement of GPS surveying and mapping tablet is gradually replace with Angle, distance, the measuring level for a long time as the main body of the conventional ground positioning technology, at the same time positioning range from land

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Based on the reinforcement of GPS surveying and mapping tablet is gradually replace with Angle, distance, the measuring level for a long time as the main body of the conventional ground positioning technology, at the same time positioning range from land and offshore expansion into the oceans and space;Positioning method from static to dynamic;Location services has been extended from navigation and surveying and mapping to broad areas of the construction of the national economy.Especially in recent years of continuous operation reference station system (CORS) around the successively established, has made great use of GPS positioning technology.


However, in the era of informatization of Surveying and mapping, with GPS technology, the rapid development of digital photography measurement technology and the computer auxiliary equipment, aerial control survey, within the industry gathering efficiency has been significantly improved. But as an important part of aerial work, aerial outside the industry survey and mapping work due to harsh environmental conditions is limited, in the past few decades did not with the rapid development of computer technology and go hand in hand.

Traditional aerial field working, whether as control survey, annotation, or repair test need with a print of the aerial map, with the small pen dipped in color on the paper photo plotted; several processes to use paper photos, paper photo management, search, and industry group resource allocation and actual production inconvenience; furthermore, the image content limited to finite size paper photo, resolution is limited, to the naked eye identification, thorn or plotting will bring difficulties; also in the management and preservation of paper data exist residual loss and so on a series of problems have become a problem.

At the same time on the other hand back to the industry and the need for the transfer of foreign data transfer and digital, not only the loss of precision, but also the data exchange difficult, complex process, the amount of work. The traditional means of production and in phototopography industry digital measuring technology of the integration of the contradictions in the increasingly prominent. Mapping units have been aware of traditional photogrammetric field annotation model has to aerial production efficiency cause greater constraints and try to update the means of field annotation, digital auxiliary facilities project has been put on the agenda.


At present, the use of handheld devices for external processing. But handheld machine screen size usually at about 4 inches, memory capacity is too small, processor performance is weak, for need based on high resolution image of large data quantity of field annotation work, operation and speed limitations, can not completely solve the problems encountered in the field annotation, medium size proofing reinforcement GPS Surveying and mapping tablet is undoubtedly the aerial survey and mapping industry, a good choice.



According to the requirements of the surveying and mapping units of aerial surveying and mapping, the sontek specialized independent research and development a 8 inch full rugged tablet PC to replace the current handheld machine. T80 by mil-std-810g American military standard environmental testing and certification and IP67 dustproof and waterproof grade certification, with the characteristics of waterproof, dustproof, shock resistance, wide temperature, in aerial operations, effective against the changeable weather and helicopter flight when the bump and vibration problems.

In the field of Surveying and mapping, whether in the hot and cold climate and dusty or rainy area, both of them can be normal use of the boot. T80 GPS Surveying and mapping tablet by LG full view HD IPS display with sunlight visible technology, brightness up to 420 CD / M L, in the sun are not reflective, let long-term outdoor tone paint job, you can clearly see the display of information and improve the comfort, increases work and convenient, greatly improves the accuracy of the calibration data.


Military grade computer has high reinforcing properties and stability, superior design of balance weight and sturdy characteristics, reduce surveying portability, effectively reduce the time cost caused by the frequency of maintenance and repair period, and avoid the risk of loss of important information.

GPS Surveying and mapping tablet designed for aerial survey and mapping industry, the amount of customers tailored for outdoor use solutions, in Pingbian touch and to increase the number of functional keyboard, in the annotation can be used as a tablet computer, after the data collection, as a laptop computer for data editing, a machine dual utility.

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