Barcode scanning handset power inspection solutions

Based on the most power production enterprises is still in the artificial registration, statistical information model.Does not guarantee the accuracy of the work already so, also difficult to ensure the continuity of the work;Huge workload, management cos

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1, overview

Based on the current majority of power production enterprises are still stuck in the manual registration, statistical equipment information work mode. This can not guarantee the accuracy of the work, it is difficult to guarantee the consistency of the work; workload, management costs are too high, can not meet the needs of equipment safety, stability, economic operation. How to solve this problem? To this end, the design of a set of bar code scanning handheld terminal power inspection solutions!

2, system positioning

Scan the bar code of the hand-held terminal electric power inspection management system target localization applications in electric power enterprise production operation and maintenance department provides a for inspection equipment, equipment defects of total process management system software.

The development direction of the product is: to provide a complete solution to the transformation from the regular maintenance to the condition diagnosis and maintenance.

3, system design objectives

] the enterprise all the main production equipment basic information to achieve a comprehensive electronic management, including: equipment foundation information, technical parameters, main spare parts, conventional project inspection and defect standard library, defect history records, equipment maintenance records etc..

The implementation of strict and standardized production of personnel and equipment inspection work management. Can complete the user to define the inspection equipment and the inspection route.

] integrated bar code printing, scanning recognition technology, through the use of a hand-held machine data acquisition mode to achieve rapid and accurate entry of inspection data and improve the inspection efficiency.

The implementations of equipment inspection and defect management synchronization. Establish standardized equipment status and defect library, as the standard of monitoring equipment status. In order to ensure the reliable operation of the equipment, the overall process control of the existing defects is used as a dynamic basis.

The accumulation of detailed and original data specification, used as a reliable basis for the quality management of electric power equipment. Through the analysis of a large number of data, to master the operation of equipment, in order to achieve the equipment maintenance system from a regular overhaul to the state overhaul, lay a solid foundation.

To realize the of the], a completely open type equipment safety inspection management system and provide access interface of the third party software support (such as MIS).

4, system function

4.1 system structure

条码扫描手持终端电力巡检解决方案 条码扫描手持终端电力巡检解决方案

4.2 overview of system functions

Power Patrol inspection system by industrial handheld terminal, equipment inspection data acquisition program, server (network of workstations), equipment inspection data management procedures consisting of a computer management of inspection operation management system.

In the handheld terminal according to the inspection site or on equipment operation inspection work when, through the scanning equipment coding input the inspection data and defects, the data acquisition time automatically generated using barcode scanning, need can be real-time query, modify or delete the data collector. In the process of running data entry, data validation will be conducted, if the data is illegal or variable is more limited, will prompt the operator to confirm the input or modify.

Then using the COM port transmission mode, the data can be quickly and quickly uploaded to the server in the background. When the data is received from the data acquisition system, the received data can be stored on the network server in order to realize the network resource sharing.

Through the network can realize the operation data query and print, when necessary can be edited and realize the operation data statistic and analysis ability, a variety of reports and graphics function, and can self defined to generate the required curve, timely provide auxiliary information necessary for managers and decision makers.

Equipment patrol management system is put into operation, to avoid the before holding a bunch of table to the scene, after come back also every single word or phrase to input the computer. Using bar code technology and communication technology, both to reduce the labor intensity, and increase in real-time, for electric power enterprises operation and maintenance to find relevant information is provided to help, for electric power enterprise real-time data archive provides convenient operation function.

System has the management function of equipment defects, through the occurrence and treatment of equipment defects in the process of monitoring, so that the production staff to understand the operation of the equipment in a timely manner, to ensure the safe and stable operation of power production. At the same time, through the statistics and analysis of the defects of the equipment, the maintenance personnel can accurately grasp the operation rules of the equipment, so that the scientific and reasonable arrangement of equipment maintenance.

Advantages of this based on barcode scanning handheld terminal power inspection system is undoubtedly the power industry, "Gospel", based on industrial 4.0 background, barcode technology into the bar code scanning terminal inspection management, for different devices and variables of different bar code, using the standardized management of bar code, bar code scanning handheld terminal is convenient for carrying and large amount of data storage and process can be programmed and developed this set will help to control the management cost and improve the efficiency of management, auxiliary management decision-making handheld terminal power inspection system.

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